Bluewolf Calls RV @ "$5.25"!!! This Day In RV History – July 05, 2011

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Hope you all had a GREAT 4th of July and were able to spend time with your family or loved ones.  🙂

Well, our new feature “This Day In RV History” seems to becoming really popular! 

So, to continue the saga, lets take a laugh at that hack guru Bluewolf and his absurd chat 1 year ago when he was calling it…

Take a look at what we highlighted in “RED” below – his last line is just so “perfect” and “typical” of a HACK GURU!!! 

Have FUN reading their trash – and remember, the crap they are saying today, is recycled from 1 year ago!!! LOL!!! 

~ Mr. IQD


* proteus (BLUWOLF CHAT): DV 7/4/11 7:53PM

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Bluwolf 7/04/11
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[bluwolf] Watch out for banks they have been inform to say that do to the fact that the gov.does not have sufficient monies for this exchange,that they will cash you in at a rate of 2.39 now how lame is this
[bluwolf] A7 if a bank agent was to offer me this rate knowing for a fact that the official rates are 5.25 bank and around 8+ CBI I would spit in his face

[suebuilder] Anyone hearing any different as far as cashing out this week….what is with the $ 2.39 RV rate..where did that rumor start?

[bluwolf] Sue bluwolf does not work with rumors period just with confirm facts


ANNOUNCEMENT… Dinar Daddy Breaks Opinion Silence!!!

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We welcome another Friend in our Dinarian Community who is willing to speak Out!

We hope that Dinar Daddy will also join us in “shouting down” those ridiculous Hack Gurus (especially those that were created by Beth Ogle) who bring harm, heartache and extreme stress to our fellow Dinarians!!! 😉


~ Mr. IQD


I have thought about it for quite some time but have come to the conclusion I need to end much of my silence and start commenting on subjects within the Dinar-following community that need true clarification and explanation. So many are confused and/or mislead and need help.

I will be providing a weekly analysis through my online radio program, Tidbits Radio. I intend to take on one MAJOR subject each week. Some will be controversial… others will be long-overdue explanations and info-share… yet more will be extremely Continue reading

Kurdistan Presidency: Maliki must put Article 140 into Action

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Okay, so why is this article of interest to us?

Well, simply Barzani and the Kurds don’t want Maliki’s “slight of hand” trick to work and make the Kurdish people think that he’s not a “bad” guy!

Maliki made this move in Kirkuk to try to appease the Iraqi people and try to use it to stop the clock for the No Confidence Vote!

So basically they are telling Maliki – nice try bozo! Announce the 140 and the Power Sharing agreement – NOT just small portions of it!!!

~ Mr. IQD

May 9th, 2012 01:54 pm · ERBIL, May 9 (AKnews) – If the Iraqi Prime Minister wants to solve the issue of disputed areas between Erbil and Baghdad, he must implement Article 140 of the Iraqi constitution, said the office of the Presidency of Kurdistan Region.

The presidency’s comment comes after Iraqi Prime Minsiter Nouri al-Maliki’s visit to the city of Kirkuk, which is one of the most prominent areas of conflict between the regional and federal governments.

Maliki did not reveal his true intentions regarding Article 140 of the constitution during his visit to Kirkuk yesterday. He did not mention and ignored any reference to article.

The presidency alleged on their website that Maliki had intentionally selected the city of Kirkuk, in a maneuver to win over some chauvinists’ heart.

If Maliki wants to solve the problem of the disputed areas, he should allow the people to choose through self-determination.

Maliki arrived in Kirkuk yesterday early morning to meet with army officials.



HAT TIP: Dinar Daddy

Okay Dinarian Friends, we need to have us a little “INTERVENTION” cause we’ve seen far too much of this UTTER CRAP hit the boards recently and today!!!!

Now, are all the hack pumper gurus all smoking the same dope that Okie is passing around???!!!….

REALLY A RATE OF $40+ for each IQD!!!!


It is insane that all these sheep hack gurus just sing out their agreements with whatever crap Okie pulls out of his ass!!!!

The truth is that Dr. Shabibi, the current Governor of the CBI, has clearly stated that he will restore the IQD to its original strength (~$3.32 : 1.00 IQD).

These hack gurus are lying to you with any rate that is over $5.00 : 1.00 IQD.

It has been stated by Dr. Shabibi that his currency according to audit could eventually support a rate of ~ $12.00 : 1.00 IQD ! However Dr. Shabibi also clearly stated that HE WOULD NOT USE SUCH A HIGH RATE!

Lastly, WTF is this constant crap about “Whale Investors” being in Reno!!! Have you ever been to Reno??!!!

It is an ARMPIT, a dirty city that is not really a nice place to visit in our opinion!!! Certainly these “Whale” Investors will not hang out in Reno!!!

They WOULD Stay in Las Vegas, NOT Reno!!! Now watch these hack gurus change it to Las Vegas, Phoenix, Palm Springs, or Miami!!!! LOL!!!!

These hacks have the crappiest lies, right!!! LOL!!!!

~ Mr. IQD

APRIL 30, 2012
4:00 PM CST: 3sIntel [GENERALS64]

[generals64] FIREPROOF..the Reno cash out guys told us that THEY had moved the Rv until tomorrow as it is the international Socialist Day…Do what??

[rockfish40] Didn’t I read that Shabibi had said Iraq could handle up to $50 based on Continue reading