How to Avoid a Wholesale Supplier Scam


May 1, 2012  by: Meghan Faye Wolff

If you’re an e-commerce merchant planning to re-sell tangible products, law requires you to have a supplier’s agreement. This is an agreement that states the terms and conditions between you and your wholesale supplier. However, if you’re a start-up e-commerce merchant or you’re thinking about selling products online, you need to be aware of the wholesale supplier scam.

What Is a Wholesale Supplier Scam?

Just like any other type of scam, a wholesale supplier scam comes in different shapes and sizes. The most important thing you need to know is that the scammer created their website to trick you into thinking they’re going to offer you a great deal on wholesale products. Here are the top three most common wholesale supplier scams.

1.       Replica Scam

Not all replica merchandise suppliers are trying to rip you off. However, there are several wholesale suppliers who claim they’re selling you an authentic product—Louis Vuitton handbags, Nike sneakers, Rolex watches—when it’s actually a replica. If you want to sell replica items, that’s fine, but make certain you’re advertising your goods as replicas to avoid any legal problems.

2.       Pay First Scam

You call your wholesale supplier and ask for a shipment of Dell laptops, but they claim they’re out of stock. Before they can re-order their stock of Dell laptops for you, they ask you to pay first. If you run into a situation like this, you should definitely err on the side of caution. While you feel like you can trust the company, this may be a wholesale supplier scam trying to swindle you out of your money without delivering the goods.

3.       Drop Ship Scam

It’s rare to find a wholesale supplier who will drop ship your products for you, but it’s not impossible. You find a supplier, receive a product sample of what you’ll be selling, and its quality is great. However, here’s where the scam kicks into play. When your supplier starts shipping items to your customers, the products they receive are of poor quality. As a merchant, you get stuck with a chargeback as well as having to pay your wholesale supplier for shipping your products.
Warning Signs of a Wholesale Supplier Scam

Spotting the warning signs of a wholesale supplier scam is easy, but takes a little investigative work. However, it’s worth the time and effort if you want to save your business money in the end. Warning signs… (to continue reading article, please visit origianl blog)

About the Author: Meghan Faye Wolff is the senior copywriter and marketing specialist for Instabill Corporation. Instabill provides international and offshore payment processing solutions to e-commerce and MOTO merchants worldwide. Meghan writes about social media marketing, tips for start-up businesses, and e-commerce and payments industry news on the Instabill blog.


Maliki Pledges to Meet Iraqiya's Demands for National Conference – Or Does He??!!!


Happy Thursday! This article looks encouraging….


Maliki says he will: “meet all of Iraqiya’s demands on the condition of being constitutional.”

Now, why does he always say “constitutional”??? Because currently the Power Sharing Agreement (where he loses 2/3 of his current power) IS TECHNICALLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!

Why??? Because Maliki has NOT ANNOUNCED the Power Sharing Agreement yet!!! Once he announces it, it WILL BECOME CONSTITUTIONAL!!!

Maliki is a REAL STINKER!!! This is why he is pissing everyone off. He clearly wants his full power and wants to be a Dictator! So, he uses this Constitutionality TECHNICALITY to avoid Announcing the Power Sharing, etc.

Why do we really care??? Well, Shabibi (and now Parliament) Will NOT trigger the RV of their IQD currency until Maliki announces Arbil and the Power Sharing Agreement!!!

Friends, this is a political stand-off, and the real Citizens of Iraq are the people who are losing and suffering the most right now!!!

~ Mr. IQD

03/05/2012 11:21 BAGHDAD, April 3

(AKnews) – Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki today called on Iraqiya List to attend the national conference and pledged to meet all of the party’s constitutional demands.

Maliki said during a joint press conference with the leader of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI) Ammar al-Hakim in Baghdad late last night that Continue reading