Send Us Your Hot Tip on a Hack Guru – OR – A Con Artist who is Stealing from Dinarians!

Hello, we know you have just been itching (like a bad case of the poison ivy) to send in your Hot Tip on a Hack Guru!  You want us to Hunt them down like the hacks they are!

But, you want to stay “Anonymous” – that is not a problem with our form below.  We only reveal handles (i.e. Captain RV Dinar or Sparky De LaRUE) when asked specifically to do so.  Therefore your privacy is assured. 

Tip:  To best protect your privacy, just in case we do get hacked by one of these very pissed off and angry Hack Gurus, send us your tip using a new, anonymous Hotmail, Yahoo, or Gmail account. 

This will help to double assure you of your privacy, and never use your real name.

Okay, that said, post your info in the form below – please provide as much documentation and references, links etc that you can.

We do get a lot of tips and emails, so if we don’t get to your specific email, be assured it is appreciated, and may be posted later, or addressed with another post.

~ Mr. IQD

Welcome to Mr. IQD….

Welcome to Mr. IQD….

We are YOUR Sensible Iraqi Dinar (IQD) News & Information Regurgitation and Commentator!  Also, we hate hack “gurus” probably as much as you do!!!  

We proudly are YOUR Hack “Guru” Hunters and will show NO mercy to those hack “gurus” who intentionally mislead the Dinarian Community! 

We say it is time to stop being “polite” to them!  And NOW start calling them out as the con-men/women they are!  We will expose their pumping or their scams!  They are either just egotistic assholes who want to bask in their own self righteous bullshit, or steal from us good-hearted trusting Dinarians!!!