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updated 6:57 PM EST 12.10.12
Nuri al-Maliki – Fast Facts
By CNN Library

(CNN) – Here’s a look at the life of the Prime Minister of Iraq, Nuri al-Maliki.

Birth date: July 1, 1950

Birth place: Hindiya, Iraq (some sources say Hilla)

Birth name: Nuri Kamil al-Maliki

Marriage: Married

Children: four daughters and a son

Education: Usul al-Din College, B.A., Islamic Studies, 1973; Salahaddin University, M.A., Arabic Literature, 1992

Religion: Shiite Muslim

Other Facts:
Prono: NOO-ree al-MAA-lick-ee

Changed his name to Jawad al-Maliki while he was in exile.