RANT! VJ calls Tony TNT and Okie flat out liars!

Happy Christmas Eve Dinarians!

It is really amazing how many people I know who have their birthday either today, or on Christmas day – so, happy birthday to you!  🙂


Well, we found logged deep in our Mail Bag our new friend VJ’s Rant!  

Read for yourself – I’m too busy wrapping Christmas presents for Mrs. IQD to do a long elaborate introduction…

Anonymous Name / Handle: VJ
Comment: This an open letter to TnT Tony and Okie and their followers. Please stop.

Those who are listening to them need to stop.

There is something wrong with everyone. The first lie that was told and accepted was WF was going to let Oakie announce the rv. Do you really believe WF does business like that? Payday loan operaters do not do business like that.
Once that lie was out, this gave these two a Continue reading