Prepare Yourself Better with my “Post RV” Survival Tips & Hack Guru Warnings!

Happy Thursday Dinarians,

Yesterday we had a really good discussion on our Skype “Hack Guru Room” Group Board – and I decided that it would be a good idea to share it with you to help you better prepare yourself for “Post RV” and the GARBAGE you will be getting from the Hack Gurus, especially from idiots like: Tony TNT, Okie, Blaino, Adam Montana, Bondlady, Breitling, Dan Atkinson, Dave Schmidt, and etc.!

If you too wish to participate in my Skype “Hack Guru Room” Group, it is FREE and all you need to do is go to this LINK and follow the instructions. 

[9/3/2014 3:10:52 PM] Mr. IQD: @ Everone – Please don’t ever mention how much IQD you are holding – not here, not anywhere! The “wronge” people have long memories for facts like that, and they will use it to their advantage later on, if given the chance.
[9/3/2014 3:11:39 PM] Peter W: Good point Mr IQD.
[9/3/2014 3:16:47 PM] Mr. IQD: @ Everyone – I actually take it a step further – I don’t tell anyone I work with or in my Family that I hold Dinar. There are only a very few people that are really close to me, who also hold dinar, that even know that I have some for myself. I do this because Post RV, every person I would have told, that said I’m crazy and to buzz off, will be back calling me and asking me for Money! Well, I don’t want that problem. So, I’m very careful, and I encourage you to be so also.
[9/3/2014 3:18:13 PM] Blackrose: Neither did I Mr. IQD
[9/3/2014 3:23:00 PM] Mr. IQD: @ Everyone – If you have already told all your friends and family and blabbed to everyone that you got Dinar – hopefully you never told them exactly how much! At this point you can talk alot about it being hopeless and that you are thinking of selling back some (or all) of it.  You can also try just telling them that you got “some” like a few hundred thousand IQD, and that was all. Don’t tell them that you purchased more than that if at all possible.  This way, if you live modestly, and don’t fill your new Mansion with Ferraris you can live a comfortable life.  They will not hound you for more, maybe you gift them say the legal amount of aprox $15,000 USD and they and you don’t need to pay tax on that amount. And you can then tell them that is all you can afford since you only had a little IQD.
[irrelevant content removed]
[9/3/2014 3:26:41 PM] Mr. IQD: @ Bill – I recommend you listen to the IQD Team Connection’s call “post RV” they will be compiling all the rules, locations, etc. The BEST strategy you can have immediately after the “RV” is to be normal, don’t do anything, stay calm. If you have a few bucks in your bank account, take a vacation – to just get used to the idea of now being RICH!  There are articles on my website which I re-posted – you can also Search for “Sudden Wealth Syndrome SWS” and learn more about how to overcome the shock of being suddenly wealthy!  

The fact is – SWS will cause

60% to 80% of people to loose

all of their money within

only 6 to 9 months!!!

[9/3/2014 3:29:04 PM] Mr. IQD: So, educate yourself and thereby protect yourself from being a victim of SWS!!!   It is a real problem and we will hear horror stories “post rv” from our Dinarian Friends – please don’t be one of those who tell a sad story “post RV”.
[9/3/2014 3:29:30 PM] Blackrose: Good advice Mr. IQD
[9/3/2014 3:30:05 PM] Bill: i heard that when the RV hits..they will start with a “sucker rate” to get it started is that true?
[9/3/2014 3:31:21 PM] Mr. IQD: maybe – who knows – and what if that “sucker rate” is $1.00 USD to 1.00 IQD??? I’ll be a sucker at a 1:1 rate – but, I will only cash in a small amount to take the immediate pressure off.  Dr. Shabibi a few years back talked about the CBI bringing in the rate which would be close to that of Kuwait’s current rate. – But, it may start 1:1 then via a managed float (which Shabibi also talked about) work its way up to a 3:1 rate, which could take a few years. I’ll wait for that. 🙂
[9/3/2014 3:33:58 PM] Bill: okay…sounds like we are on the same page
[9/3/2014 3:37:11 PM] Mr. IQD: The key is to be patient, own what you can afford, and “Post RV” don’t rush to do ANYTHING!!! The hack gurus will be throwing out all kinds of GREAT Stories trying to convince you they have the best rates, and they are the only ones, etc. Forget them – they are all liars and con artists in my opinion, which is supported by the gross amount of lies they have told their followers over the years! Once it is a currency with a high value, like the Saudi Rial, or the Kuwaiti Dinar – you will NOT have any trouble finding local Banks and Currency Exchange Counters at the Airport to take your IQD.
[9/3/2014 3:39:43 PM] Bill: true…I am sure the airport or any other legal currency exchange place would be a save bet – but we might get a smaller price for these places…but I would be okay with that
[9/3/2014 3:42:42 PM] Peter W: Even with a “sucker rate” i would be happy
[9/3/2014 3:44:39 PM] Mr. IQD: The Airport Exchange counters have always been expensive – I’m going to go to the Banks first, after checking the current Buy/Sell rate on the official website for the CBI ( and then go from there. I belive after waiting a few weeks “post rv” the Bank’s personnel will be trained and up to speed with the IQD and what that Bank will be willing to offer. Since I intend to purchase some real estate post rv, I will be putting down at least 20% and financing the difference – so, with mention of that at the time I’m negotiating the IQD exchange rate for myself – well, I’m sure you can guess what the Bank will do!

Please also note that I have posted many Articles over these few years on how to PROTECT YOURSELF “Post RV” from Con Artists, Scams, etc.  – Just search under the categories: “How To Avoid Investing Scams” as well as “Post RV Survival Tips“.  

Now that I feel that “again” we are drawing near to the significant increase in value of the Iraqi Dinar – Maliki is GONE (yea!) and Abadi is seating his Cabinet and forming the new GOI, as well as having the new CBI Governor nominated – friends, I will be posting more “post rv” survival tips and info.

~ Mr. IQD


BLAINO – Still spewing out complete “CRAP” to his Followers!!!

HAT TIP:  Dinar Recaps (Dec. 7, 2012 – LINK)

Well, today we felt a little “fisty” and decided to do a little BASHING  of one of our Favorite Hack Gurus “Blaino” a true piece of work and consistant with mis-informing his followers!

If you have been following this “idiot” (in our humble opinion) then do so for entertainment value only, he has been only topped by the likes of Okie Oil Man for complete CRAP that is spewed out to the Dinar Community – frankly it still amazes us that reposts their garbage….

Have a good laugh reading the filth below – we have also added our own snarky remarks just to intensify your laughs!!!  Have a GREAT weekend!    🙂

~ Mr. IQD

BLAINO-279x300[Blaino] standby::::::::::::::::::: possible major breaking news!!!!!! Information in a few minutes! pandaexpress and texastom(okie’s smarter brother) are on this as we READ….  in the EVENT…. We will go to the phones to illuminate the facts for all!! [gee thanks you idiot!]

[Blaino] iqd “MAY”….. “may” now be tradeable  [is “tradeable” even a word you illiterate dumbass!!!  How about “tradable“? Jeeze, its not that difficult to use a dictionary or the built-in spell check!!!] …. We are on top of that issue NOW…. Hope this is not “SMOKE”….  no price changes so FAR… $3.22 (iqd) and $.29 (vnd) showing [Umm, Showing on what???  On “bank screens” – you are using that old recycled Bull-S!!!  Idiot!!!] and with a ust HOLD…. In the executive end of the foreign currency div of a MAJOR BANK. [Just more lies!!!  He has no more Continue reading

This Day In RV History – On July 12, 2011 – 5 Gurus Basically Call The RV because of Ramadan!!!

HAT TIP:  Dinar Daddy (Archive: July 12, 2011)

This Day In RV History – On July 12, 2011 – We Feature 5 Hack Gurus: Blaino, Delta, Frank26, TonyTNT, and 8ball who all in their own “spin” basically Call The RV because of Ramadan!!!  (see copies of their posts from July 12, 2011 below)

So, read for yourself!!!  Today, July 12, 2012 and all this week and even next week up to Ramadan you will be hearing these and other Hack Gurus claiming that it will happen because of Ramadan!!!

Letting History be our guide, the Hack Gurus were saying the same things about Ramadan last year!!!! So Don’t Be Fooled!!!

Think of it this way, if the Hack Guru’s were right, then it would have happened due to Ramadan a FULL YEAR AGO, or even 2 or 3 or 4 years ago!!!  So, obviously it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH Continue reading

HAMMERMAN ACCUSED of Living with Parents, A Thief and a Liar by A Mod Caller Last Night!!!

Well friends this is a post that even Blaino will love…. HaHaHa!!!  The “Planet Dinar” World Turns drama, back stabbing and hype is better than a daytime soap opera!!!

We have the link to Hammerman’s Conference Call last night, you can find that below!

So, we tortured ourselves to listen in last night, to save you the trouble, and when we were just about ready to hang up… Something amazing happened with one of Hammerman’s Mods around the 15 minute mark….!!!!

After all of his “fake” Mods who were singing his praises (and making us want to throw up with disgust)!

But then, AN UNPLANNED EVENT,  a lady Mod of his, with a mysteriously deep voice, quickly got her words in before Hammerman was able to MUTE her!!! 


He responded with a bunch of “oh poor is me I’m a victim” crap that makes you just want to choke!

Next, on the call Hammerman is saying that he believes it will “RV” this Wednesday or Thursday.  Huh?  How many times have we heard that before???!!!

Okay, so, lets pretend that Hammerman is correct, that it will “RV” Wed or Thur….

Then WHY IN THE HECK IS HE ASKING FOR “DONATIONS” AND YOU TO BUY HIS CRAPPY “PINK T-SHIRTS” for $19.99 to help him get money because he is out of work??? 

We have to ask!!!  How many of you are also out of work and need money too???

Folks, first, why should we feel sorry for him being out of work, that is NOT an excuse to lie and steal from people!!! 

His arguments just DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE!!! 

If he truly believes it will “RV” on Wed or Thursday, and he will become a multi-millionaire – they why does he need you to buy his crap pink t-shirts or send him your hard earned money for donations???!!!  He is obviously a con man and a liar!!! 

Well, below is the call link so you can torture yourself with his hype and self love! 

Just be cautioned that we believe he is a 100% con man and time and history is proving its self out even now!  So, don’t get lulled in to his lies and rhetoric!!!

~ Mr. IQD

Hammerman call July 9th Playback numbers and recording:

REPLAY:  760-569-7699  PIN 753055#

TIP:  We highly recommend you put a *67 in front of this number to BLOCK your Caller Identity.  These Conference Services, like Free Conference Call HD sends a “Caller’s Report” with phone numbers to the person that owns that original call.  So, if you DON’T want Hammerman (or any other Hack Guru) to get your Phone Number, then use *67, then the phone number. 

EXAMPLE TO DIAL:    *67 760 569 7699 on your phone, then the PIN#

HOT! Blaino ("Draino") Calls RV – 1 Year Ago Today! – MrIQD's This Day In RV History!

HAT TIP:  Dinar Daddy (Archive: June 28, 2011)

Blaino (“Draino”) sent out an email today (June 28, 2012) stating that there is an urgent call tonight because has reached Dinaricon Level 5!!!

Well, we quickly did an internet search, and found several other times including in May 2012, and December 2011, that he has already called for a “Dinaricon Level 5” – which is his “code” for its gunna RV NOW!!!

But, the gem for our new feature “This Day In RV History” is found on DinarDaddy’s website’s Archive reprinted below (with direct link), and the screen shot provided. 

Blaino calls for RV on June 27, 2011 – yes folks, he was saying the same ‘urgent dinaricon level 5’ garbage a full year ago!!!

In our opinion you need to stay far away from this crackpot hack guru and his side kicks including Hammerman!  We feel they are just trying to steal your private information, and we feel they have a proven track record of being untrustworthy in the Dinarian Community!  Don’t support them, Don’t purchase their products and legal Trusts!  You should always seek your own LOCAL Professional help!

~ Mr. IQD


* Blaino Update: Planet Dinar 5/27/11 Evening

May 28, 2011 Leave a Comment

Source: Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

May 28th, 2011 05:53 am · Posted in DOOZIES

Blaino Claims wil rv this weekend,TAKEN FROM ANOTHER SITE

6:17 PM
[Blaino] Citizens of, visitors and guests… I thought an update was in order… been a long, long day…. no sleep so far since night before last… so running on empty. Anyway, It appears that that we will be seeing the rate more like Sunday morning…. they Continue reading

ANNOUNCEMENT… Dinar Daddy Breaks Opinion Silence!!!

HAT TIP: Dinar Daddy

We welcome another Friend in our Dinarian Community who is willing to speak Out!

We hope that Dinar Daddy will also join us in “shouting down” those ridiculous Hack Gurus (especially those that were created by Beth Ogle) who bring harm, heartache and extreme stress to our fellow Dinarians!!! 😉


~ Mr. IQD


I have thought about it for quite some time but have come to the conclusion I need to end much of my silence and start commenting on subjects within the Dinar-following community that need true clarification and explanation. So many are confused and/or mislead and need help.

I will be providing a weekly analysis through my online radio program, Tidbits Radio. I intend to take on one MAJOR subject each week. Some will be controversial… others will be long-overdue explanations and info-share… yet more will be extremely Continue reading

Captain RV Dinar & Sparky De LaRUE's Top 10 List of (this weeks) Guru B.S. Artists

HAT TIP:  Anonymous Email

Our new friends Captain RV Dinar and Sparky De LaRUE have just sent us this latest “The Gurus Walk of Shame” and we loved it. 

We are going to create a category with the same name, so you can keep apprised of all their posts they send to us.

~ Mr. IQD

Captain RV Dinar & Sparky De LaRUE’s List of (this weeks) Guru B.S. Artists

  1. Okie Oil Man – It RV’d Again – Now @ $42
  2. Bulldog75 – Mana Delivery Boy.
  3. Cap1 – Okie Said – Nuff Said – Period
  4. Bluwolf – Burmuda Cashed in
  5. Longfellow – False Prophet was told
  6. JohnnyWG – it was suppose to happen
  7. Blaino & Hammerman – say what?
  8. Tony/Dan/Gary – Our 3 letter guys
  9. Bellagrits – The Banks Told Me – Really
  10. TK – I hear dead people – Like Elvis


We at Mr. IQD are just so proud of our work!!!

In only two weeks of our crusade to EXPOSE these hack Gurus and down right Con Men who have been freely lying and deceiving our friends within the IQD Community we have now found VALIDATION that we are HITTING ON NERVES!!!

Below are some Tweets we just found from that SCUM BLAINO!!!

Yes, in our opinion (which we are entitled to) we believe the person calling himself “Draino”.. Errrr, we mean “Blaino”.

He is scum who is working really hard with his crap websites, including to con you in to bogus scams including this ridiculous Trust Scheme of his and his cohorts!!!

Now in his tweets he is threatening us….. Aweeeee how cute! 😉   almost as cute as his lil green PD Martian!!!

Fine DRAINO…  Let your Attorneys meet our Attorneys!!! And our friend who is a Superior Court Judge.

But, we are pretty certain that after what you’ve already done to your former webmaster “Seeker” (see Mr.IQD Post: ) you have many more things to worry about!!!  We are pretty sure “Seeker” would love to talk with our Attorneys also!


It is our opinion that Dinarians should be saving every penny they have right now, possibly even purchasing a little more Dinar if it suits them and they can truly afford it.  What they don’t need is to buy expensive Trusts from a hack like you and your cohorts!

Folks, trusts can be properly set up by professional Attorneys in conjunction with your CPA and Tax Attorney and other Estate Planning Professionals POST RV!  In our opinion, there is absolutely no need for you to spend your hard-earned money on this now! 

~ Mr. IQD


Documentation beats conversation & your BS! Lawyers are on the hunt for YOU NOW mrIQD, cant wait! RUN! HIDE! dirt bag!


Court will be a blast as NONE of this has any truth at all! seeker will go down with you DIRT BAG! Documentation!

save your $$$, my LAWYER is coming!


HAT TIP: Anonymous Email

We strongly CAUTION Everyone to NOT LISTEN in on this Blaino / Hammerman call tonight!!!


Really, “Banker Bill”…..
How about other “famous Bills”:

  • Mr. Bill (Oh No!)
  • Wild Bill
  • a Duck’s Bill
  • Bill-Dill
  • pay your Bill
  • We could keep going…. Maybe you can adds some more “Bills” in the comments below!!! LOL!!!!

    Go on a date with your loved one, see a movie, go to a bar and get drunk, JUST DON’T GET ON THIS CALL!!!

    ~ Mr. IQD

    Is there a Fake BankrBill? lol
    —– Original Message —–
    From: To: undisclosed-recipients:
    Sent: Saturday, April 28, 2012 8:36 AM
    Subject: Blaino & Hammerman tonight

    Blaino & Hammerman
    9:00PM EASTERN

    Exposing The Lies and affiliated websites of Planet Dinar


    The following post was sent to us via another anonymous email, and in light of the post that we just made from Seeker who is exposing Blaino as a fraud and uncaring person, we felt that this additional information should be posted as well!

    ~ Mr. IQD Review forwards to which says that Planet Dinar was originally built as a Post RV site. It has an IP address of which it shares with Although the registration information for is hidden, the redirecting site, shows Blaine Fogel mr.blaino at, P.O Box 116, Fulton, MO 65251

    Planet Dinar claims to be “The Clear Leader among informed and interested Dinarians throughout the Universe!”. They are hosted on Microsoft-IIS/6.0 X-Powered-By: ASP.NET X-AspNet-Version: 2.0.50727. Server IDs: of 72697070656466726f6d697261716 and 964696e61726d6f6e65792e636f6d, and all used nameserver of also shared IP with,, and states “Blaino and Hammerman proudly announce the debut of We found Dennis Boyle (aka seeker) who claims to have worked for Blaine Fogel at Planet Dinar and explains in great detail his story.

    Search google for Blaine Fogel dinar

    The website offers membership for a fee and promotes National Credit Federation with this statement:We have introduced National Credit Federation just this week with special pricing available nowhere else that more than pays for your Planet Dinar Membership and then some with the savings! Check it out at but you MUST be a member to get the special pricing!

    As you can see below, shared the same server as under IP address

    I would do further research yourself on google for before acting on any information from the site!