CAUTION!!! “Bank Package Schemes” – It’s NOT the Hack Guru’s you know – They ARE Being DUPED / CONNED Also!!!

HAT TIP:  (@ bottom of pate – July 1, 2012)

Happy July 1st Friends!!!

We are not going to go in to a “rant” today about all of those Hack Gurus that were swearing it was happening in June – we already made our point in our article “Hurry Up and Wait!“.

Today, we were sent this blog post by “Mr Bentley” who makes a very valid point and argument which reflects our same points about using common sense to protect yourself from these con artists that are preying over our Dinarian Community like a bunch of starved vultures!!!

We hope you enjoy his article below, and we hope you will be able to learn from it, or if you are already mindful, hopefully you can direct some of your friends who are not as knowledgeable as you are to this article so they can learn to protect themselves also!

Have a GREAT Sunday!

~ Mr. IQD

I have replaced our normal chat comments today with this post – an excellent read and thanks Mr. Bentley!!

I left this warning in the Blog one more day – IT’S THAT IMPORTANT!! Be very careful about who you allow to have your personal information. It will be out in open (soon) as to who are the main actors at the core of these “bank package schemes” are – it’s not the Guru’s you know and Continue reading