Hello Dinarian Friends!

Our Mr. IQD Team has been reading and researching ALL of the “Bank Packages” that are currently being offered by all our usual suspect hack gurus! 

Here are some of the ones we were looking at from various blog posts:

JonnyWG – Bank Package

Bulldog75 – Bank Package

Bulldog75 – 2nd Bank Package

Blaino – Planet Dinar – Prosperity Packages

Brad Huebner – BH Group – Consolidated Group Wells Fargo Package

There are MANY MORE being offered, but you get the idea…..  LOL!!!

We finally came to the conclusion that we can “offer” to YOU our own EXCLUSIVE BANK PACKAGE that will be SAFER AND BETTER than those being issued by those clearly inconsistent – calling the RV every other day – slimy (in our opinion) Hack Gurus!

If you would like to learn more about getting Mr. IQD’s exclusive “Bank Packages” then click here: Continue reading