Iraq’s Election – Infographic gives simple explanation of Candidates

Happy Tuesday Dinarians,

Well we have less than 1 day to go to the Iraqi Elections, and I’m getting excited!

I saw this Iraqi Elections 2014 (by Aljazeera) posted on the IQD Team Connection’s website and had to share with you.  I hope it helps to clarify for you what in the heck is going on over there with tomorrow’s Election.



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MUST READ!!! Allawi’s National Colition Press Release today calls Maliki a “Dictator”!

Happy Wednesday Dinarians:

I’m pretty excited when I read today’s Press Release sent to me via email from Allawi’s National Colition – and in the latter part of this Press Release they flat out call Maliki a Dictator! (according to the Google Translation)  Take a look:

Al-Watnia_logo_Ayad-AllawiNational Coalition calls for maintaining the independence of the Commission And the safety and integrity of the elections

Baghdad on March 25, 2014

Deep concern the continued coalition of national collective resignation submitted by the Council of the Electoral Commission to his boss because of pressures put on them by the judiciary to exclude candidates who criticized the policies of the prime minister, on the basis of the laws of the Pthariaha the former regime of Saddam Hussein, which was rejected by the Council of Representatives issued a binding decision not to the exclusion of any candidate who did not issue a definitive ruling against him in cases specifically involving moral turpitude.

A coalition of national appreciates the position of the Board of Commissioners and calling for the independence of the work of the Electoral Commission to ensure transparent and fair elections, and the involvement of all Iraqis in the electoral process away from the practices scandalous in the exclusion of systematic personalities national in favor of the ruling party, and the boss who does not care, only to uphold the chair citing the political process and the principle of peaceful power and free will of the citizens of the wall.

From this point calls for a coalition of the National Council of Commissioners to withdraw their resignations and commitment to the electoral law and the democratic process, and not to succumb to the decisions of the exclusion of candidates under false pretenses and industry interest in the new dictator of Iraq.

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Dr. Ayad Allawi’s Interview on Al Rasheed TV. 9 Jan 2013‏

Here is the latest email from Dr. Allawi’s office.

I had a little trouble with the video link they gave below – the actual direct link to you tube is:

The only problem with this video – it is not in English…….  Therefore, if you have someone you know who can translate, maybe there is news or dialogue of interest?  Please let us know if you can get it translated, and we will publish it here (and give you credit if you want).

Here is the Google translate of the letter below:

Dr. Iyad Allawi solution a guest on the channel (good) on Wednesday evening 01/09/2013 within the program “talk” Interviewed by the media (Ali Imad), and to view a full meeting please access the following link:

Information department

Original Text in Email Press Release

حـــــــل الدكتور ايـــــــاد علاوي ضيفاً على قناة (الرشيـــــد) مساء يوم الاربعاء الموافق 9/1/2013 ضمن برنامج “حديثهم” حاوره الاعلامي (علي عماد)، ولمشاهدة اللقاء كاملاً الرجاء الدخول على الرابط التالي:

الدائرة الاعلامية

Shouting Match Disrupts Iraq’s Parliment! — Press Release from Dr. Allwai’s Office Today (Tues Jan 8, 2013)

Happy Tuesday Dinarians,

Today’s Press Release from Allawai’s office….  WOW!!!  Things really heated up and as  you will read below, Maliki’s “State Law Coalition” really out did themselves to disrupt the session!!! 

Below is the Google Translation, and at the bottom is the original press release if you want to run it through your own translation software.

~ Mr. IQD


Iraq condemns the suspension of the role and the meetings of the House of Representatives

Baghdad in January 8, 2013

Members attended the coalition in Iraq parliament session usual today, after the special meeting two days ago that he almost achieved the quorum teams Vice Otnyen only. Tried deputies state law today not achieve a quorum by coming out of the meeting, but the quorum check and initiated the meeting by reciting verses from the Koran Karim.

Asked d. Salman Jumaili in the beginning of the meeting the formation of an investigative committee of the members of the House of Representatives in the statements attributed to the deputy Ahmed al-Alwani, and stressed that the Iraqi will take severe action against him if proven guilty of insulting an Islamic component cream.

Got Jumaili proposal, which aims to nip sedition and put an end to it on a majority vote of those present, which raised the ire of a few members of the state law who caused the altercation with the brothers in the Liberal bloc resulted in chaos the presidency of the Council was forced to adjourn the meeting.

Iraqi coalition denounces these methods to disable the supervisory role and legislative work of the House of Representatives, and believed that the real reason for fabricating chaos is to prevent read the report deal of Russian weapons, which condemns a number of senior figures in the government, which for Enzk doubt to cover up the corruption and the corrupt.

The agenda also included the work meeting today to vote on the Federal Court, and it became clear that hamper the enactment of this law is wanted judiciary remain Msaaa of.  Among what they wanted to disable it on the agenda of today’s meeting is the first reading of the law of the mandate of the three presidencies of two sessions, and respect for democratic values ​​and the principle of peaceful transfer of power.

Iraqi coalition again calls for political blocs to discard differences and unity and national reconciliation is the only guarantor to protect Iraq and prevention of schemes aimed at cohesion.

He also holds a State of Law coalition in Iraq responsible for disabling the legislation of laws and the efforts of the House of Representatives to heal the rift in the Iraqi society and put an end to the sectarian and political response to the legitimate demands of the citizens.

Iraqi coalition



العراقية تستنكر تعطيل دور وجلسات مجلس النواب

بغداد في 8 كانون الثاني 2013
حضر أعضاء أئتلاف العراقية جلسة مجلس النواب الأعتيادية اليوم، بعد الجلسة الأستثنائية قبل يومين التي كاد أن يتحقق فيها النصاب بفرق نائبين أثنيين فقط.حاول نواب دولة القانون اليوم عدم تحقيق النصاب من خلال خروجهم من الجلسة، إلا أن النصاب تحقق وأستهلت الجلسة بقراءة آيات من القرآن الكريم.
طلب د.سلمان الجميلي في بداية الجلسة تشكيل لجنة تحقيقية من أعضاء مجلس النواب في الأقوال التي نسبت للنائب أحمد العلواني، وأكد أن العراقية ستتخذ أجراءً شديداً بحقه إذا ثبت تورطه في إهانة مكون أسلامي كريم.
حصل مقترح الجميلي الذي يهدف الى وأد الفتنة ووضع حد لها على أغلبية أصوات الحاضرين، مما أثار حفيظة عدد قليل من أعضاء دولة القانون الذين تسببوا في مشادة كلامية مع الأخوة في كتلة الأحرار نجم عنها فوضى عارمة أضطرت رئاسة المجلس الى رفع الجلسة.
أئتلاف العراقية يستنكر هذه الأساليب في تعطيل الدور الرقابي والتشريعي لعمل مجلس النواب، ويعتقد أن السبب الحقيقي لأفتعال الفوضى هو منع قراءة تقرير صفقة السلاح الروسي الذي يدين عدداً من الشخصيات الكبيرة في الحكومة، مما لايترك مجالاً للشك في التستر على الفساد والمفسدين.
كما تضمن جدول عمل الجلسة اليوم التصويت على المحكمة الأتحادية، وأصبح جلياً أن من يعرقل تشريع هذا القانون هو من يريد أبقاء القضاء مسيياً.
ومن بين ما أرادوا تعطيله في جدول جلسة اليوم هو القراءة الأولى لقانون تحديد ولاية الرئاسات الثلاثة بدورتين، وأحترام القيم الديمقراطية ومبدأ التداول السلمي للسلطة.
أئتلاف العراقية مرة أخرى يدعو الكتل السياسية الى نبذ الخلافات ووحدة الصف والمصالحة الوطنية وهي الضامن الوحيد لحماية العراق ووقايته من المخططات التي تستهدف لحمته.
كما يحمل أئتلاف العراقية دولة القانون مسؤولية تعطيل تشريع القوانين وجهود مجلس النواب لرأب الصدع في المجتمع العراقي ووضع حد للطائفية السياسية والأستجابة لمطالب المواطنين المشروعة.
ائتلاف العراقية
The Official Spokesperson for Al Iraqiah


Allawi: A Declaration of the Iraqi National Movement and the Kurds to stay a Unified List in the Provincial Elections

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BAGHDAD / agencies
Sources close to the Iraqi President Iyad Allawi said he will soon announce his movement called the Iraqi National Movement.

The sources said told the National Iraqi News / Nina /: A number of MPs have joined this movement, namely Alaa Makki, Hamid al-Mutlaq, Thamer al-Alwani and Shirwan Waeli and Abd Dhiab.

He added: The group will attract a number of political movements that have an impact on the Iraqi street. In a related context Continue reading

Allawi: Maliki Devoted Corruption and Sectarianism


12/08/2012 | Saudi Al-Watan
GMT 0:00 2012 Sunday, December 9

Leader accused “Iraqi List” Iyad Allawi, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to devote corruption and sectarianism and political unilateralism, stressing in an interview with the “home” with him that “Iran’s interventions in Iraqi affairs thwarted political life.”

Allawi said that “corruption has become the scourge of rampant in most aspects of the state,” referring to the conflict that took place between al-Maliki and the Governor of the Continue reading

New Calls To Withdraw Confidence from the Maliki

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Iraqi reveal the progress of steps to withdraw confidence from the Maliki and the Liberal denies adopted for the project and reduce the importance of law



Yacoubi calls to withdraw confidence from the Maliki government ..

The proposal supports Allawi to form an interim government!!