Allawi: A Declaration of the Iraqi National Movement and the Kurds to stay a Unified List in the Provincial Elections

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BAGHDAD / agencies
Sources close to the Iraqi President Iyad Allawi said he will soon announce his movement called the Iraqi National Movement.

The sources said told the National Iraqi News / Nina /: A number of MPs have joined this movement, namely Alaa Makki, Hamid al-Mutlaq, Thamer al-Alwani and Shirwan Waeli and Abd Dhiab.

He added: The group will attract a number of political movements that have an impact on the Iraqi street. In a related context Continue reading

Allawi: Maliki devoted Corruption and Sectarianism

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Happy Monday Dinarians!

We love how Allawai rips into Maliki in this article!!!

They are clearly working together to sway Iraqi Public Opinion against Maliki by exposing him for the Rat he is!!!

~ Mr. IQD

01:40:10 / 12/2012

Iyad Allawi – Photo – archive
Khandan – accused the leader of the Iraqi List, Iyad Allawi, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to devote corruption and sectarianism and political unilateralism.

Allawi said in an interview with the newspaper “Al-Watan” Saudi Arabia, that “attempts to monopolize and Continue reading

Allawi: Maliki Devoted Corruption and Sectarianism


12/08/2012 | Saudi Al-Watan
GMT 0:00 2012 Sunday, December 9

Leader accused “Iraqi List” Iyad Allawi, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to devote corruption and sectarianism and political unilateralism, stressing in an interview with the “home” with him that “Iran’s interventions in Iraqi affairs thwarted political life.”

Allawi said that “corruption has become the scourge of rampant in most aspects of the state,” referring to the conflict that took place between al-Maliki and the Governor of the Continue reading

Hurry Up and Wait — Current Situation with the RV + Analysis by MrIQD

UPDATE: July 2, 2012 –  Hello hello!  Well, as we said in this original post, we would not be surprised if Maliki would figure out a way to drag this out to early or mid July or beyond.  And, here we are now in to early July!

Are we “happy” it has not RV’d yet – heck NO, we would LOVE for it to have happened already by now!  We must remember that it won’t happen just because some hack guru says it will – this is a major event which depends on many small events to happen first! 

Do we feel we are “close” – yes, based on the events that are reported in legitimate Iraqi news sources, as well as legitimate International news services like Reuters, Wall Street Journal and others. 

Are we willing to buy a “reserve” based on our feelings – absolutely NO!!!  We don’t feel purchasing a “reserve” is ever a good idea.  If you feel you want more IQD, that is for only you to decide when you are ready, just keep in mind that we recommend you just purchase only what you can afford, if any at all!  🙂

The important thing we wish for you to remember is to stay away from hack gurus and their garbage of calling the RV every other week…

Well, in fact, as our new Category segment “This Day In RV History” illustrates bluntly, we feature hack gurus and THEIR WORDS, calling the RV…. But, a full YEAR AGO!!!  So, PLEASE TAKE A STAND, AND PLEASE STOP SUPPORTING THEM, DON’T GO TO THEIR WEBSITES, DON’T CLICK THEIR BANNER ADS, DON’T BUY THEIR CRAP!!!

UPDATE: June 25, 2012 –  Continue reading