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Hello Fellow Dinarians! 

Oil ManToday we were made aware of the really good investigative work done by – it looks like they HATE “Hack” Gurus, especially Okie Oil Man, as much as we do!!!

BTW, did you know that “Bondlady” and “Miskebam” are the same person???  HaHaHa!!!  Enjoy this read!

Read the email clip below that was sent to us – it does an extremely good job of summarizing “who” the real OOM is!!!  LOL!!!  Then, check out their website for additional documentation!

The “Hunt” is on to “take down” these Hack Gurus!!!  Have a Tip, be sure to send it in!

~ Mr. IQD

NOTE: Only slight formatting changes were made below to the original email sent to us.

Date: Tue, 1 May 2012 11:04:31 -0400

cgal says:
April 30, 2012 at 9:11 pm

It’s pretty cut and dry, don’t you think?
See my comment below, I explain it all. Summed up, Beth Ogle owns all these sites and makes a fortune off referrals and more. She creates all these sites and then finds people like Okie to spin lies about the RV.

She hid behind the vale of secrecy using religion as her way to manipulate the innocent until iraqidinarmoney exposed the evil. Once she realized that her network of dinar pumping sites were obvious and formed one of the biggest schemes on the internet, she panicked and tried to delete incriminating Continue reading

Exposing The Lies and affiliated websites of Planet Dinar


The following post was sent to us via another anonymous email, and in light of the post that we just made from Seeker who is exposing Blaino as a fraud and uncaring person, we felt that this additional information should be posted as well!

~ Mr. IQD Review forwards to which says that Planet Dinar was originally built as a Post RV site. It has an IP address of which it shares with Although the registration information for is hidden, the redirecting site, shows Blaine Fogel mr.blaino at, P.O Box 116, Fulton, MO 65251

Planet Dinar claims to be “The Clear Leader among informed and interested Dinarians throughout the Universe!”. They are hosted on Microsoft-IIS/6.0 X-Powered-By: ASP.NET X-AspNet-Version: 2.0.50727. Server IDs: of 72697070656466726f6d697261716 and 964696e61726d6f6e65792e636f6d, and all used nameserver of also shared IP with,, and states “Blaino and Hammerman proudly announce the debut of We found Dennis Boyle (aka seeker) who claims to have worked for Blaine Fogel at Planet Dinar and explains in great detail his story.

Search google for Blaine Fogel dinar

The website offers membership for a fee and promotes National Credit Federation with this statement:We have introduced National Credit Federation just this week with special pricing available nowhere else that more than pays for your Planet Dinar Membership and then some with the savings! Check it out at but you MUST be a member to get the special pricing!

As you can see below, shared the same server as under IP address

I would do further research yourself on google for before acting on any information from the site!