What does Tony TNT and the Iraqi Parliament have in “common”?

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Question – what does Tony TNT Renfrow and the new Iraqi Parliament have in “common”???….

Answer – they seem to be able to ALWAYS “postpone” matters of importance!

Take a look from our friend #1GOORU and the Mail Bag:

Mail-BagAnonymous Name / Handle: #1GOORU
Comment: Tony’s done it again! Delayed his court appearance until September of this year. Copied and pasted from a web page titled TONY EXPOSED:

On 6/24/2014 AM We called Kansas City, KS Court House http://www.ksd.uscourts.gov (913)735-2200 and was told the hearing on 6/24/2014 was Postponed by Tony Renfrow’s public Defender Tom Bartee new court date Continue reading

A Very Short RANT! by #1GOORU….

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I wanted to get this very short RANT! by #1GOORU out to you, rather than hold it for Friday or next week.  I think he/she makes a really good observation and point worth considering!

Rant!Anonymous Name / Handle: #1GOORU
Comment: Ok now, so where are Southern Shaker and some of the other scouts-for-truth these days ? Haven’t heard from anyone in awhile and I know they aren’t just waiting to see who wins the elections. Hope none of us become so complacent that we begin to accept the scumbag dinar liars who are wreaking so much havoc in people’s lives by predicting a huge return on an imminent revaluation while making money off those lies. 
People, just stop buying. Let it all shake down. If you have some, just hold onto them — you have enough. Don’t keep this racket going “just in case”. No dinar sales, no more Continue reading

UPDATE: The status of Tony TNT Renfrow’s Court hearing

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Well, I hope you all enjoyed Cinco de Mayo like me and Mrs. IQD did!

Tony, You're lookin' kind of smug....

Tony, You’re lookin’ kind of smug….

This morning I found a new update from #1GOORU regarding one of our favorite Hack Gurus, Tony TNT Renfrow.  He manages to keep kicking the can down the road of the Legal System, but eventually the Court Date will be firm, which we hope is coming up next month, take a look…

Anonymous Name / Handle: #1GOORU
Comment: In trying to find out the status of Tony’s wire fraud hearing, found a new date on this site: http://www.truthcall.com/tony.html :
Here is what I copied and pasted, (after verifying it with the court’s website ) Quote:
Tony’s (Wire Fraud) next court date is: 06/24/2014 09:30AM 12-cr-20041: USA v. Renfrow District Judge Murguia Kansas City Courtroom 463 (CM) Motion Hearing (Specific) https://ecf.ksd.uscourts.gov/cgi-bin/CourtSched.pl Court-KS-Change-Date-to-June-24-2014-Tony-TNT-Renfrow-Hearingdo a search for 6/24/2014 then on your Continue reading

RANT! #1GOORU’s BEST Rant! Ever in my humble Opinion!

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Well, we made it through another weekend – I hope yours was good, you did something special, maybe did it with the special person in your life.


Okay, now for #1GOORU who must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed – but it is another Monday afterall without the “promised RV” that so many Hack Gurus talk about.  Without wasting anymore time, here you go… Enjoy!


—If just one of the “relatives” of the “friends” who are reporting bank stories on the imminent Dinar Revaluation would STEP FORWARD, not ashamed to put his/her real respectable name behind their claim, I would be possibly inclined to listen to the dinar pumper-guru hype.  There must be hundreds of these supposed people being reported on the hack gurus’ websites (fake commenters) by now!

—If just one of the bank “employees” who supposedly gives Continue reading

See Tony TNT at his March 2014 Federal Court Appearance!

Happy Monday Dinarians,

Our friend, #1GOORU just sent in a really great idea to my Mail Bag.

Rather than just post it in the bag, and have only a few people see it, I wanted to make it a full post so that thousands of you will get a chance to see his/her great idea to visit Tony TNT Renfrow later this month in his Kansas Court Appearance (Case Info).

Tony, You're lookin' kind of smug....

Tony, You’re lookin’ kind of smug….

Comment: I would like to suggest that someone (Southern Shaker?) with resources inform Mr. IQD what,when,where on March 25th? the court appearance for Tony Renfrow in Kansas City will be (which court room, time, address, etc.). If you announce it, then maybe those readers who are close Continue reading

RANT! Why is #1GOORU just sick of Dinar Re(C)raps?

Hello Dinarians,

Well we are at another Thursday, and still no “RV” as has been called by so many various Hack Gurus in our community. 

They want us to believe it will be:

Just a few more hours, oh wait, there was a mix up at the local Hometown Buffet and therefore the BIS can’t go forward with the computational regeneration of the galactic trans-phase of the IQD due to some idiot who’s bank screen froze and now is locked behind closed doors at the IMF and the WTO all waiting for their boots on the ground to respond to the broadcasts on Iraqi Television who spilled the beans too early by talking about the RV and therefore the Treasury Dept asked Obama to put another injunction on Maliki who was sunning himself at a Turkish Spa in Iran!!!

Well, if I only knew it was just going to be that simple….. 

Rant!Well, garbage like the above nonsense that yours truly just pulled out of my “hat” sounds anything like what #1GOORU is talking about from Dinar Re(C)raps then no wonder he/she is flipping out, like so many of us other Dinarians.  Here is #1GOORU’s 2-Part Rant!


The faster these guys are “outed” the better.  My friend who won’t listen to anyone but Tony & Okie
and tells me she has Continue reading

RANT! #1GOORU questions why the Hack Gurus have not been Arrested yet!

Happy “hump day” Dinarians,

Well, tomorrow is Turkey Day so I’ve decided to double-down today with a good thought provoking Rant! by our friend and contributor #1GOORU.


Anonymous Name / Handle: #1GOORU
Comment: I was trying to send you a few questions and my screen went down, don’t know what you got, if anything.

Wondering how long the authorities are going to allow this nonsense to continue?

Don’t you think at some point the three letter agencies would stop these jokers from Continue reading

RANT! #1GOORU Congratulates Outsider

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Please go ahead and use the comment tools when replying to Rants! and other Posts.  That will make my life a little easier, as all I have to do is approve your comments and they will get automatically posted.  

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So, here is #1GOORU’s comments and congrats to Outsider’s Rant!

Anonymous Name / Handle: # 1GOORU
Comment: Response to Outsider’s Rants:
Please keep it up, Outsider! Mr. IQD and you can be OUR Continue reading

Rant! #1GOORU Finds Sanity!

Hello again loyal Rant! lovers!

I’m starting to get my mail bag filling up daily with Rants!  This one by #1GOORU cracked me up, so I hope you enjoy his sarcastic humor as much as I did!


Anonymous Name / Handle: #1GOORU
Comment: It’s just around the corner, folks ! ! ! ! ! Just like I said it would be!
My intel reported that M just passed gas several times in a row ! Remember me telling you that it Continue reading