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Hey Dinarian Friends!

New UPDATE (Feb 21, 2014):  I am getting many good letters anonymously that are not being posted in the normal comments section.  They are good comments, but perhaps not enough for a full post or rant.  

Therefore, I am going to toss them below (at the top of the stack) as I receive them, some may have me add an extra comment, others may just stand on their own.  So, check back frequently.

~ Mr. IQD

UPDATE:  Now I have setup a direct Mail Bag Email address that you can use to get a direct reply back from me.  I have also set up an Auto Response that addresses most of your more common questions asked – so you get a fast answer!

NOTE:  Please be sure to check your “SPAM / BULK MAIL” folder for the response back, it may get mis-categorized by your Mail Client. 

If you want to email me your Question to:


Well, we get anonymous mail every day!  We want to thank those of you who have piped up and told us what you think of Mr. IQD and our attempt to share with you, the Dinarian community, that you are NOT “Crazy” thinking that these “Hack Gurus” are out of their friggin’ minds and are mostly just telling us lies and outright misleading us!

Mail-BagSo, we thought you would enjoy some of the Mail that we get and that makes us smile!  Since we only accept anonymous comments (to protect your identity, especially if we ever get hacked) we felt you would like to let those of you who have already written know that you made us smile.  If you don’t see your comments, please don’t be upset, we get so much every day that we will pick randomly and also the best comments we receive, but we do read them all, including yours!  🙂

We are sure we will get more and more “hater” emails also, that are sent to us no doubt by those Hack Gurus whose “feelings” we “hurt” when we EXPOSED them for what they are…….. (clear throat!)

~ Mr. IQD

YOU CAN SEND US YOUR ANONYMOUS FEEDBACK HERE (Note: The mail Autoresponder does not reply back if you use this form, so be sure to include your email if you want me to write back to you):

MAIL BAG – at the top of the stack, Unsorted Letters!

Name / Handle – Not Required: allons
Comment: I’ve had enough of the PTR show. Many friends that are a part of the PTR hierarchy are increasingly suspicious and skeptical of the BS that is coming from Dan & Gary. I’ve met both Dan & Gary, Abe, Jim, Chief, Viper, Rana, to name a few and I’m ready (with others) to expose the BS.

[“Allons”, you needed to include your private email so I could contact you directly to coordinate a Rant! with you. ]

Anonymous Name / Handle: #1GOORU
Comment: Regarding the recent posting
“High-Return Investing Example – Kickstarter “Oculus” Project”
and your comments regarding the dinar possibilities, it is reassuring to read of your hope with open potential minus the hopium. I just figured out what Mr.IQD stands for: 
Most Realistic Intelligent Quotable Dinarian

[I’m blushing, thanks #1GOORU!!! ~ Mr. IQD]

Name / Handle – Not Required: John Curtis
Comment: Is the IQD a good investment?
Time: March 30, 2014 at 10:48 am

**Reminder** I can’t answer your mail bag questions to you directly if you don’t include your email address.  🙂

~ Mr. IQD

Name / Handle – Not Required: Dan
Comment: Thanks for the time and effort you and you associates have invested. It has taken me two years to kinda come to the conclusions from reading the same bs over and over. You however have investigated these people and removed any doubt from my mind. The dates on your site indicate you are no longer providing this great service and understandably. What you have done is fabulous.
Thanks again…
Time: March 27, 2014 at 7:18 pm

Anonymous Name / Handle: mike diston
Email Address (only give if you want a reply):
Comment: Hey MR.IQD, was watching Dave Schmidt BlogTalkRadio interview tonight and he had a conference this weekend in dallas and he promoted a dealer called [REMOVED] and they even gave his customers a 50 dinar and a 10,000 dong. I thought it was illegal to promote a dealer when your promoting the dinar and dong as an investment? His site is [REMOVED] with Dave Schmidt Thanks
Time: March 27, 2014 at 12:57 am

Anonymous Name / Handle: Randy
Email Address (only give if you want a reply):
Comment: I think “broken record” Tony made a couple of recordings to play while he’s in prison. I call him broken record cause it’s always the same stuff; no intel; all fabrication. His recording(s) probably say; “Almost done. Should be any minute now. Expecting to hear any moment.” His sheeple followers will probably still lap it up four years from now. Pathetic!!
Time: March 1, 2014 at 9:50 am

Anonymous Name / Handle: Anonymous Appreciator
Comment: I so enjoyed the one sentence email you received–laughed my head off. Never use that language myself but it was quite funny coming from someone so obviously angry at the truth.
He is an “IGNORANUS”, himself.
That is defined as an adjective meaning:
A stupid person who is also an a–hole.
Time: February 26, 2014 at 2:13 pm

Anonymous Name / Handle: Randy
Comment: I really appreciate what you did exposing Tony and the “Hack Gurus” as they are predators. I was spreading the word about Tony on TNT ’til I got kicked off; however, I got a lot of people talking. I don’t care about being on that ridiculous website anyway. I truly believe he is psychotic. Again, thanks and I still believe there will be a RV at some point. Thanks again!
Time: February 26, 2014 at 8:42 pm

Name / Handle – Not Required:
Comment: your a fucking asshole
Time: February 26, 2014 at 3:29 am

Name / Handle – Not Required: Irritated
Comment: Fighting for a cause is your right – Misrepresentation of who you are (tnt Tony) = JAIL TIME. If you want people to believe you do it in an ethical manner or pay the price.
Time: February 25, 2014 at 7:37 pm

Name or Handle: James
Email (not required – only if you want me to reply to your question): [removed]
Comment (please see note above): This is just a general question about the VNN and other publicly traded currencies. Why not just set up and Forex account and buy them thru it and just wait until they RV, it will automatically exchange and be in your account wouldn’t it? Howbeit would just be the street rate I suppose.
Time: February 22, 2014 at 1:26 pm

Anonymous Name / Handle: #1GOORU
Comment: The sheeple have bank stories. I have an ex-friend story, except that my story is true. My ex-friend called me today and I asked if she had seen the BBC report and what the IMF had to say about all of this, and she said yes that she had read about it on “the blog” that the IMF said “it was not going to release any information on the RV.” I said no, I mean the actual BBC report. She hadn’t because she gets her news from the blogs (meaining pumpers).
I told her the IMF didn’t say that, they said it was completely fraudulent. She replied “of course, they would say that, they don’t want anyone to know about it”. Well, I wonder how Tony (and others) keeps up his intel contact with the IMF if “they don’t want anyone to know.”
I cannot bear hearing any more of this crap as truth! Dishonesty has a very ugly head. And Tony (and others) is responsible for leading a whole lot of people down a road to destruction.
It hurts to watch, but I do anyway, hoping that somewhere along the way, my friend will wake up and cope with reality.


NOTE:  The opinions below are of our readers, and not necessarily that of our opinion, we only “edit” personal information, or other seriously inappropriate comments, otherwise it is just copy-and-pasted as received.  🙂

Anonymous Name / Handle: New Orleans Hornets Snapback

Comment: I gotta favorite this internet site it seems invaluable invaluable. New Orleans Hornets Snapback

Anonymous Name / Handle: kloobis

Comment: I have been watching this thing from the sidelines for quite some time now and I am very interested in what many in the dinar community have to say. I have invested some of my own money in the Dinar and so I too believe that something good will happen soon. I was so glad to stumble upon this site because quite frankly some of the crap that these “experts” put out astounds me. I think you should label them all as “hacks” and continue to use facts to sort out their fiction. I do wish they would quit distorting the truth while using bible speak. That quite frankly offends me. The bible does say you shall “Know the truth”.. That’s all anyone can ask for is the truth, anything else just makes you a HACK!

Anonymous Name / Handle: Magtetech

Comment: Great Post its about time someone takes up the task and holds these people accountable, keep the fire on these guys. Love it

Anonymous Name / Handle: tiredofu

Comment: Thank You, Keep up the good work, Gufools Suck for the Lies that they talk and keep telling, along with the manipulation and deception for placed in front of the public. The preaching of our father GOD that theu use to lead the weak and poor and elderly into the camp of gufools.

Anonymous Name / Handle: [NAME REMOVED]

Comment: Yes, You did. I have a good friend that has a seat on the Iraqi Exchange. The RV will occur one day before the lower denoms are put into circulation to the Iraqi people. This is common sense. If it already takes a wheel-barrel full of money for bread. If they put out lower denoms without a higher rate then it would take a large truck load of Dinars to buy bread. Makes sense to me. What do you think? [We think everyone is entitled to their opinion, it will happen the way Dr. Shabibi wants. 🙂 ]

Name/Handle (not required):

Comment: Koonce has no idea what he is talking about.  He constantly says the budget needs a rate of 3+ .  Now he has an ad campaign with Dinar Dealers.

Name (handle): mbt lami shoes

Your Story About Being Conned…: Super-Duper website! I am loving it!! Will come back again. I am bookmarking your feeds also mbt lami shoes

Name / Handle – Not Required: Tiredofu

Comment: Great web site, This needs to be put out in front of the dinarians everyday on the iraq dinar news net. these Liars have to be brought down for the damages they have caused, If you would allow your team to help me I would be willing to go Bounty hunting for these turds and take them to the place they deserve, 1 by 1. They may talk a dangerous game against your members,until they meet a man of my means that holds only the fear of God, They wont know what they just walked against. God Bless you and your team. [We appreciate your frustration, but don’t do anything that would land you in Jail, or break God’s law!]

Name / Handle – Not Required:
Comment: Thank you for this site, it confirms that I’m not crazy and not alone in seeing the lies and garbage they put out there.

Name / Handle – Not Required: mshightop
Comment: I’m a bit surprised Adam Montana’s name is not on your list of hacks…He has the most sophisticated site for eaking out $$ from trusting humans on the web!
What say you? [There are a lot of “hack gurus” out there, and you are right, Adam Montana is certainly one of them! We will find a nice “This Day In RV History” on Adam, and dedicate it to you!  Thanks for the input!!!  🙂  ]

Name (handle): IQD Common Sense
Your Story About Being Conned…: My story is of a third party individual watching my father’s greed actually drive him to Reno, NV even after i called Wells Fargo Advisors and the other company that operates under the Wells Fargo name in Nevada.

First, I come from banking itself having worked at Wells Fargo for sometime a few years back. I pleaded he not give his IQD to a complete stranger i could not verify nor any old friends verify. So, lets just say he went and spent his money to drive down to met other individuals to collect and accumulate millions supposedly a billion IQD. I shook my head and told him Ill just hold onto my [XXX]USD in IQD. I have always been very cautious about this RV but knowing about banks and their ability to manipulate reserves or foreign currency in their vaults as a reserve… Long story short taking the dinar say 1mm and putting it in an envelope and after the RV finding the envelope that says 1mm yet in a RV or redonimation which is happening the 1mm becomes worthless or the CBI notes become worth 000 less unless the bank manipulates the value by saying they actually have the new IQD and banks now can just destroy the money after swift is used to electronically collect… I think personally its a huge bank scam or pumper scam, but i have [XXX]USD to make something if it really does pan out. we shall see.

Anyways, back to my original point. He keeps hearing that they are next in line and the GROUP before them cashed out at 12 bucks. too good to be true. I still have my money and he doesnt have his.

I think they do this in Nevada because of the gaming laws. THE IQD is not a recognized currency so it can be more or less a play money and I believe the scammers are using Nevada to shield them from prosecution. I would love to see what people sign when they hand them their IQD. probably says in fine print somewhere this is a game and is covered by Nevada’s gaming laws…  [END]

Anonymous Name / Handle: double vision
Comment: I am a newbie…no more than 10 steps down the yellow brick road, I find myself beyond dazed [and] confused! Is it beneficial to belong to a “group”?  [Answer is “no”.]  By doing so, will we “get a better rate”? [Again, the answer is “no”.]  Whose advice do I follow to help cash in the dinars? I have spent hours reading your site. You’re a straight shooter [and] hate all the hype.  I like that about your web-site. Can you advise? [See our answers above to your first 2 questions.  We can’t tell you to follow any group – we primarily focus on exposing the Hacks and Cons that we find to be detestable within this Dinarian Community!  That being said, we do reguarily find that has the most consistent message and the most verifiable links to actual news articles, the provide these resources totally FREE and they let you use your own common sense to make up your own mind – they never promote rates, dates or any other “hack guruish” activity!  Thanks for your questions.  🙂   ]

Anonymous Name / Handle: Brooklyn Boy
THIS IS GOT TO STOP. IS THE FCC LISTENING TO THESE CROOKS, OH, HOW ARE THEY BUYING THOSE $$$$$ CARS AS GIVE AWAYS FOR THEIR POST RV PARTY…??????????  [Add it up… $14.95 per Month times the “thousands of members” they claim to have… But, they do provide a “free” side to PTR, so you are not “forced” to pay the monthly if you don’t want to.  But, you make a valid point about Googling them – be sure to see some of the “This Day In RV History” segments we featured PTR’s Dan (aka Checkmate) and Tony (aka TonyTNT) that in its self ought to be enough to stop you from listening to their “intel”!!! ]

Anonymous Name / Handle: stoney1
Comment: I read your comments about the “gurus” and enjoy the ridiculousness of it all. Funny really, that people feed into the B.S. that is shoveled out by these hacks. But, why do you never say anything about “Sir Adam Montana”? He’s probably the biggest scammer of them all! He’s already gotten rich off the crap he sells to his minions. I vote him as numero uno dog dirt.

Anonymous Name / Handle: carefortruth
Comment: Just want to thank Mr. IQD for the info provided here. A great one stop resource to help people see and judge for themselves the huge potential for scams and intentional misdirection by others. I’ve reccomended to others I know, who have the same vested intrest, to look at the info here before concluding what and who they might trust. Thank you!   P.S. Spelling and grammer are great indicators of education level.  Always Educate Yourself !

[ Thank you carefortruth! 🙂  ]


11 thoughts on “Mail Bag

  1. Was wondering what your take was on this Dr. Todd guy and his so called involvement with the dinar plan, that was referred to in conference calls with the BH Group linked from PTR?. Thank you

    [We would not “trust” ANYTHING FROM BH GROUP…. PERIOD!
    ~ Mr. IQD ]


    • Thank you for your response to my question, feeling kind of shaken with all this about the BH Group. So if I may ask, what is your take on this RV of the dinar, and do you believe we will see a return on our holdings of the dinar?.


      • Hello Dennis,
        We believe that eventually the Central Bank of Iraq ( will significantly increase the value of the Iraqi Dinar (IQD) back to what it was before Saddam’s era and also during Saddam’s era – approximately $3.00 USD to 1.00 IQD.

        We feel this is true, as the CBI has released countless articles and press statements over the years talking about this, and the process.

        There is a video which was of current CBI Governor, Dr. Shabibi stating at a conference (when asked) that he intends to restore the IQD’s former glory and strength.

        The value should be in our opinion, and based on the articles we’ve read over the past two years, somewhere around Kuwait’s Dinar value ($3.56 USD to 1.00 KWD) – you can see what that currently is at:

        As far as a “return”, if you had been one of the people who purchased IQD say 8 years ago, it was trading somewhere around 3,000 IQD to $1.00 USD – today it trades at 1,166 to $1.00 USD – so, you would already realize a gain, correct? We purchased most of our IQD when it was at 1,700 to $1.00 USD – so, you could say we have also realized a gain, though not nearly as significant.

        The biggest difference between purchasing and holding Iraqi Dinar and a “SCAM” – with your IQD, you can always take it back to a reputable Dinar Dealer, some Banks, currency dealers or heck, even sell it on eBay and get most or all of your original money back – right? If you have been “SCAMMED” by a con artist – that money is GONE, NEVER TO RETURN!!!

        The most important things to remember are: 1) don’t purchase more than you feel comfortable and can afford. 2) Don’t think of this IQD as an “investment” – it is NOT an “investment” (investments are strictly defined by the Government) – it is merely a “currency exchange” – and really it would seem closer to “gambling”, truth be told.

        We hope that helps you (and others) get some clarity. 🙂

        ~ Mr. IQD


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