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UPDATED: JULY 11, 2012:

Howdy Dinarian friends (and Hack Guru “enemies”) we have seen the significant rise in traffic to this page lately, and our friends in the community have also been telling us what some of these Hack Gurus have been saying about Mr. IQD.

Today, we feel the time has come to address your concerns – we will NOT respond to the lies told by Hack Gurus however.  🙂

Dinarian friends, we do not allow any advertising on this website of any sort. 

We will never allow advertising on this website.  We also don’t “sell” T-Shirts, Mugs, or those “RV” update or notification services!  If you want to be updated of the “RV” of the IQD, then you can either follow us on Twitter – or, just go to verify the “RV” on www.CBI.iq – the official website for the Central Bank of Iraq. 

No Hack Guru (or anyone else) will know about the RV before the CBI announces it on their website – so, don’t waste your money on a notification service.  You not only waste your money, but you ALSO give them your personal information including Name, Phone, Address and Credit Card info!  Why risk having your personal data “misused” – it is not worth it!

MrIQD.com is 100% FREE (Well Almost) – When we first started the MrIQD.com website nearly a year ago, we hosted it on our servers and paid for the bandwidth.  Since we don’t endorse Dinar Brokers or take any kind of outside revenue, or donations to pay the bills, the bandwidth was getting to be a bit of a monthly burden to pay for, especially lately as our popularity has exploded over the past few months, receiving thousands of new viewers each month, with tens of thousands of page views, and the average visitor will view an average of 3 pages!!!  Folks, this growth has been AMAZING!!!  

We chose to have this website hosted on the WordPress servers for “FREE” a few months ago.  Well, the only one “string” to “FREE” was that WordPress has at its option to occasionally add their own advertising to our website.  We have watched this, and have not seen any serious problems with WordPress adding ‘Ads’.  

Now, why do we mention this now (Feb. 3, 2013), well because we got some feedback from one of you, our loyal readers, who was a little ticked off when they saw a WordPress Banner Ad, here is there message as we received it last night:

I clicked on the link "WatchMrIQD" to see what it was about. When I noticed this statement under the person who posted "frothbucket1" the video. "Don't waste your time on the Iraqi Dinar. How about you actually make money by switching your phone plan to something that pays you? www.freelyspea..." To me this goes against your no advertising policy, which you claim. I am disappointed with the conflict of this information. Makes me say hmmmm! Why?

Which is why we felt it only prudent to update this section “About Mr. IQD” to clarify this situation.  Therefore, it is still 100% true, we don’t take any compensation so we can stay 100% unbiased to our commitment to seeking only truth in the IQD / Dinar Community.  

So, we feel it has been a fair trade-off with using WordPress, and we don’t receive any other benefit, other than not having to pay for costly bandwidth.  Of course, all the web mastering is done by ourselves, out of our own pockets!  You can NOT even “Donate” to us, because we don’t want your money. 

Why do we pay for this 100% on our own?  What is our “motivation”? 

Well, we believe strongly in Two Fundamental LAWS:  God’s “Golden Rule” and also “Karma”.  That’s it!  We believe that with our knowledge we can help Dinarians, especially the Dinarians who are newbies to this community. 

We do this because it is RIGHT!  We pay for this because we are building good will and good Karma!  The knowledge that we have made an impact to HELP Dinarians is payment enough for us.  God and Karma will insure we are compensated later with a better life.

What we will NEVER do is intentionally mislead you like these Hack Gurus do. 

Now, we have been criticized for “hiding” behind the veil of “Mr. IQD” but unfortunately some of these Hack Gurus are VERY VERY VERY DANGEROUS People. 

We chose to conceal and protect our identities because we know some of these Hack Gurus would not think twice about exercising their utter Hate for us (you should see the emails) and their lashing out against one of our team members or worse yet, against one of our family members!  This is the only reason we are not more “public”.

THINK OF OUR INTENTIONS LIKE THIS….  If you had the opportunity to help a person who is drowning, you cannot stand on the safety of the beach, you MUST swim out and save that person!  We see no difference with Dinarians who are being mislead and injured emotionally and even financially by Hack Gurus and their lies or cons!

Thanks for reading, hopefully this letter has helped you to better understand the purpose of this website.  If you are not already following us on Twitter, then please take a minute to follow us…  🙂   Twitter.com/Mr.IQD

If you would like to send Mr. IQD a direct, anonymous message – use this form:


I’m YOUR Sensible Iraqi Dinar (IQD) News & Information Regurgitation and Commentator!

Also, I hate hack “gurus” probably as much as you do!

I am YOUR “Guru” Hunter and will show NO mercy to those hack “gurus” who intentionally mislead the Dinarian Community!

I say it is time to stop being “polite” to them and call them out as con-men/women who are either pumping or they are just egotistic assholes who want to bask in their own self righteous bullshit!!!

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