Howdy Friends,

We have been getting in many emails and have also been listening in on the various Conference Calls that we list here on our website (LINK to Conference Calls Directory).

We hear many questions, which are being answered very well by these various Mods.

We thought, perhaps we can list some of these questions here and paraphrase the best answers we are hearing.  Also, just for legal reasons, please consult our legal notice at the very bottom of this page, but in short, we are giving our opinions only!

Frequently Asked Questions   (Note, newest at bottom of list)

Q: What do I need to do today to ready myself for the RV?

A: You don’t need to do anything in our opinion.  You should not talk to a lot of people about this revaluation event!  You don’t want too many people to know your business, especially after the RV happens.  This helps you to protect yourself and your family!  Don’t ever give your Dinar to ANY Hack Guru for ANY Scheme they devise! 


Q: Do you think the RV will happen “soon” (i.e. within the next 30 to 45 days)?

A: Lets face it, in almost all cases you are really asking “should I buy a lay-a-way / reserve?” We suggest that you seek to ONLY purchase what you can afford, and we prefer to purchase the IQD straight out and NOT with a “reserve / lay-a-way” because we don’t feel confident that the Dinar Broker will be able to honor all the reserves they sell.


Q: Should I purchase a Trust or LLC or other type of Asset Protection Vehicle?

A: We believe that, in our humble opinion, everyone’s situation is different.  There may be a very slim chance that you need to do this.  HOWEVER, we feel that for the several thousands of dollars a legitimate Attorney will charge, you could purchase and hold IQD, then when the RV happens, you will have plenty of money to hire a group of Financial Advisers, Tax Attorneys and Trust Attorneys to do everything required, and do it properly.

In the slim chance that you could benefit from purchasing a Trust before the RV, please be very prudent and don’t just buy one off the Internet or from one of these Hack Gurus (i.e. Blaino).  We recommend that you consult with a local Trust Attorney who lives in your neighborhood, and can be referenced through your State’s BAR Association.


Q: Should I invest in a Hedge Fund that is being offered in this Dinar Community?

A: In our opinion, “NO”!  Take Warren Buffet’s advice and don’t invest in to things you don’t understand.  Hedge Funds are NOT regulated the same way by FINRA as all other Securities, therefore, Hedge Funds can be much more susceptible to Con Artists.

Quote from FINRA:  “Historically, hedge funds have been offered as unregistered securities that, because of the risks they posed, were only available to a limited number of wealthy, financially sophisticated investors.”  LINK TO FINRA PAGE


Q: What should I do after it RVs?

A: We suggest that you wait… wait… and wait!!!  Be patient, remember mom’s advice to us when we were kids, “haste makes waste”!  Now, does that mean you can’t take a little 1K or 5K note to your local bank and see what happens?  Sure, do that, but don’t take your entire pile of IQD to the Bank.  Test the waters, that is exactly what we will be doing with our Dinar, infact, we will probably only use a 500 IQD note and see what happens.

Q: How much time do I have to cash in – I’ve heard the hack gurus saying a few days or weeks!


A: We believe that you will have at a minimum 2 years to cash in.  This is based on the actual spoken words we’ve heard from Dr. Shabibi who is the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq.  You can always consult their website after the RV for the most accurate information – go to: www.CBI.iq

Q: What are these Bank Packages being offered on these websites?


A: First, you don’t need these “bank packages” because after the RV, you will be able to go to virtually any Bank that offers a Currency Exchange service and negotiate your best price.  Keep in mind that the spread that is shown on the www.CBI.iq website is the only spread you should be willing to pay!

But, we believe you possibly could pay a “zero” spread when you tender a large deposit of IQD (i.e. 250K or higher).  The bank will want your large deposit because that will significantly increase their lending capability.  For every $1Million USD they take in and hold, they can lend out $10Million USD – this is a rule of the FED and is explained in the “Modern Money Mechanics” Document.


Q: So, why are these other websites and hack gurus offering their “FREE” Bank Packages?

A: Nothing in life is “free” – we feel that they are trying to collect and build a large Database of Names, Email Address, Mailing Addresses and Phone numbers, and the Quantity of Dinar you hold.  Why?  We believe despite what they tell you now, they will either sell that after the RV, or use it to their own advantage to sell you “products” after the RV!  Think about how valuable this Database would sell for – a list of new $Millionaires!!!


Q: I have several million IQD – what is a safe place to store them pre and post RV?

A: We believe in the “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” philosophy!  Personally all of us here at Mr. IQD have our Dinar stored in multiple locations including home fire resistant safe, other “hiding” spot in the house; local bank safety deposit boxes.

Keep in mind with a Bank Safety Deposit Box, only use one if that Bank has no idea you own Dinar!  So, if you purchased Dinar at that Bank, or have talked to anyone that works at that Bank – then DO NOT STORE YOUR DINAR in their Safety Deposit Box!

Use a Box at another bank, and be sure NOT to tell anyone there that you have IQD or money or are rich!  Keep it in unmarked envelopes, or the FedEx envelope – if anyone should ask you why you are getting a box, say it is for your legal papers, family precious photos, or your will or mortgage papers or anything but the Dinar.


Q: After the RV, who should I talk to about Investing my new found wealth?

A: You should only talk to Professional Financial Consultants that YOU CONTACTED FIRST!  Also, interview several people and think of it like a “job interview” and they have to prove to you that they will be able to do the best work for you and your money!

You will seek out several Financial Professionals to work for you.  Also, split up your money so you don’t tell them how much you have and also don’t give any one Professional all your money.  So, for example, if you have $5 Million USD after the RV, seek out at the very minimum 5 Professionals (one for each $1 Million USD you have) – interview 15 to 20 Professionals to “fill” the spot for each of your team of 5 Pros.  Never talk to them about all your money, just the $1 Million you are going to let them manage for you.

If you want to be extra cautious, split it up even more, say down to $500K or even $250K each Professional.  Remember, for a Financial Planner, that is still a “big fish” client.  Sure, they know you are not Warren Buffet or a Rockefeller but, so what!

You also should add to your team of consultants CPAs and Tax Attorneys.  You may also want to get one or two Attorneys for Contracts and General Council.  Remember, the few thousand dollars you will pay out to them could help you protect yourself from being scammed out of hundreds of thousands or even Millions of dollars!


Q: Everyone is talking about the Dinar RVing, does the Dinar have to RV for something to happen to the Dong? (Thanks Chris for this question)

A: In short, “No” – keep in mind that all countries are sovereign nations and as such, they regulate their own currencies independently of each other.  The only common factor which helps to keep the International Currency market from total chaos is the IMF, and think of them more as a “guide”.

The notion that is blatantly thrown out there by these hack gurus that there is a “basket” of currency is hogwash!  If you’ve been watching and listening to them long enough you probably have figured this out on your own, as every time you turn around it is a different number of countries.  We remember when it was under 100 countries, now they are saying around 190 countries.

That all being said, it is possible that other countries may want to revalue or adjust their currency after Iraq adjusts their currency (i.e. Revalues) to a more substantial and meaningful rate.  Would the Vietnam Dong follow?  Most likely not.  If you consult the replay of WangDang’s Saturday call from May 12, 2012 – he does a really good job of answering this question and also gives his opinion of the (dismal) future for the Dong.


Q: Can the IQD RV and still not be an internationally traded currency?

A: The IQD is currently “internationally traded” that is why we can posess it here and now in the United States and other Countries.  It is just not used because it basically is worth less than the toilet paper you have in your bathroom, which is why it is not actively traded internationally.  So, that essentially negates your question.


Q: just curious- if you once spoke with someone at the bank about iqd then what harm could come of you having it in one of their safety deposit boxes? They can’t get in without my key.

A:  A bank can get in to your box without your key, they would have to drill the box.  This is what happens to “abandoned” boxes, or boxes with “lost keys”.  If the bank Manager / President happened to be dishonest, then you may be at risk.  Greed and Money makes ordinarily honest people do very dishonest things!  Why take the chance!

If you don’t believe it can happen, well search Google, or, click this link below for the search results!  You will change your mind when you see how many news articles there are of Bank Tellers stealing from bank boxes!  GOOGLE LINK

The best policy is just don’t tell anyone at that bank that you have Dinar, and that you are keeping it in their Safety Deposit Box.  If you have already told people at this bank, then we recommend you find a new bank, and spend the $50 – $100 for a year’s rental of a box, and don’t tell anyone there about the Dinar!  Protect yourself and your family first!


Q: On July 9th CC, announced BH Group is offering “exclusive” Wells Fargo Bank Codes for better rates because they have 5 trillion combined dinar to negotiate, is this true?

A: Okay, we found the replay of that call, and several of us listened to his skillfully designed sales pitch presentation.  Gosh, he sounds so sincere and convincing doesn’t he?  Okay, sounding sincere and convincing is a common skill of the most successful Con Men.

Listen, lets get real, first, we don’t believe for 1 second that he has already collected a group that can combine over 5 Trillion IQD to get you a better “cash in rate” with Wells Fargo!

The estimated outstanding IQD is a little over 10 Trillion and the entire pool is said to be at 33 Trillion Dinar.  We would like to see actual and verifiable proof that he has 5 Trillion IQD in a combined pool to negotiate with.

Here is why we believe BH Group is lying to you:

There are 1 Million – Millions in 1 Trillion. In other words 1 Trillion divided by 1 Million equals 1 Million.  Therefore to have 5 trillion IQD, you would then need 5 million IQD Investors each with 1 Million IQD to invest with Brad Huber and his “SCAMMING” BH Group!

These outlandish irresponsible statements by Brad sound so “real” until you actually do the numbers!  Do you really think that Brad has 5 Million IQD “Investors” who are all holding 1 Million each in IQD?  Get real, that is impossible!

Another reason we don’t believe that scum Brad, it is estimated that only 2 – 3 Million people even have “invested” in the IQD.  And when you subtract from that number the Million+ people who have grown tired of waiting and have sold back their Dinar, then you can see that Brad is totally lying to you in our opinion!!!

He also announced some sort of public entity called LD Holdings which is a corporation based in Nevada and is for a Restaurant, according to its SEC filings found on LINK

According to the filing Dated May 23, 2011: The section #5 caught our attention…

5.  Litigation

In 2006, a note holder commenced action against the Company for outstanding
obligations owed by the Company. In 2009, a consent judgment was awarded to the
lender for the sum of $200,000. This amount is included in accrued interest and
notes payable as of March 31, 2011 and December 31, 2010, with no additional
interest to be charged. In 2010, the Company recorded gain from debt settlement
in the amount of $29,287.

If you take a minute to read their SEC Filings, you will see that this is a very very small corporation – since it is Nevada based, it does not list the owners, the only name/signature on this document is John R. Ayling, Chief Executive Officer – who ever that is, you decide!

What we really can’t understand is why is Brad wanting you to invest in a Diner?  One that according to Part 1. Financial Information of their SEC Filings has total assets of only $42,687 as of March 31, 2011 with Total Current Liabilities of $3,505,360 as of March 31, 2011.  Seems like they are “upside down” almost $3.5 Million dollars!!!  You Decide!

IT GETS WORSE!!!  Now, according to their SEC Filings for May 15, 2012 they are WORSE OFF A year later!  They only have $41,031 in Total Assets and their Debt/Liabilities has GROWN to $3,959,501 in Total Liabilities!  Folks, that is a sinking ship in our opinion!!!  We would NEVER invest even a dime in to this company or their penny stock which really is worthless in our opinion based on THEIR SEC FILINGS!!!


Q:  Why didn’t he tell us how long you have to exchange the 25000 notes?
A:  From the news we know of, we know that Dr. Shabibi has said that the exchange process will take 2 years. We also know that he has said that the Central Banks will have up to 10 years. Now, what is disputed, is if we, the average IQD holder will have the same 10 years as the Central Banks, or if we will have to get our IQD in within the 2 year frame. So, for now we wait for the actual RV, at that time, we expect that the http://www.CBI.iq will post the official notice and rules for exchange as well as the daily rate. Hope that helps! 🙂


Q (1of3): Are there certain dinar brokers you have found are more trustworthy than others?  I bought my dinar through [REMOVED].  It came with a certificate of authenticity, so I’m hoping it’s legit. 
A: We don’t recommend any particular Dinar Broker – as we don’t accept advertising revenue from any of them.  There is a really great resource that we found on The IQD Team’s website that teaches you how to do your own due-diligence on a Dinar Dealer.  LINK:  http://www.theiqdteam.com/dinar-dealer–exchange-info.html

Q (2of3): Also, sounds like you all believe in the RV, just not the secretiveness of “insider” information, or that quite so many countries will RV at the same time? 
A: You are correct, we do believe in the eventual RV of the IQD, primarily since it is basically outlined in the “Future of Iraq Project” White House (unclassified) Document.  If you have not yet had a chance to read it, here is a LINK: http://www.theiqdteam.com/future-of-iraq-project–other-links.html  Note, you can find this on other University Websites and other credible resources as well, but I provided this link since I was already on their website for your other link.  😉

Q (2of3): I also hold a small amount of VND so am curious about your thoughts on that.  Thank you so much!
A: Regarding your question about the Vietnamese Dong (VND) we don’t follow it for several reasons.  1)  We don’t believe it will revalue anytime soon, especially before the Iraq Dinar (IQD), therefore we chose to invest our available extra spending money on IQD at this time.  2)  We also believe that the VND won’t revalue soon due to the significant influence that China has over Vietnam right now.  China has basically been “money laundering” huge blocks of cash through Vietnam according to an article we read.  If this is true, it has put Vietnam in a “bad” position with the IMF and WTO.  3)  How long has it been since the Vietnam war ended???  Its been Decades and they are now only starting to rebuild their country.  4)  Does Vietnam have a history of a strong economy like Iraq?!  5) Iraq’s war ended just a few years ago versus Vietnam which was Decades ago.  Iraq is already FAR ahead of Vietnam and does not have the same Communist influence over the people, Government, and Banking system that has influenced Vietnam.  6)  Vietnam has been rebuilding and with INTEL building a multi-billion dollar manufacturing facility there recently, they are turning around, but it could still be a long wait for their currency to revalue to any meaningful amount.  7)  We feel your best play is to put your extra money in to the Iraq IQD at this time, then after the IQD revalues, purchase some VND to hold long-term.  8)  We would also recommend you keep a watchful eye on what happens with Iran, Iran may even be played before Vietnam!  Think about it, Iran has the potential of being another Iraq in terms of a Global Currency play.  They are currently devaluing their currency (IRR), it was once trading at 70 Rial to $1.00 USD – now just a few years later after sanctions it is at something like 12,000 Rial to $1.00 USD!!!  Makes you think…..  Right?!!!  BUT, don’t buy Iranian Rial at this time – wait for the collapse of their current government and the new currency that gets issued after the collapse of their current government – which may happen as soon as next year after the US Elections.  But, we believe this will also happen well after the Iraqi Dinar revalues – which we hope is soon.

Q:  Name (Not Required): anonymous  |  What is your opinion on tier payouts?
A:  We don’t believe in Hack Guru rethoric and certainly don’t believe in “tier payout” garbage – that is pushed to try to convince you that “they” are the “only” ones who can get you that better rate!  After the IQD does finally “RV” (significantly increase in value) you will be able to take that currency (just like any other currency) to a Bank or a Currency Broker and exchange that currency (just like you could do today).  The official “buy / sell” rate of the IQD will be posted on the Central Bank of Iraq’s website (www.CBI.iq) where you can see the rate that EVERYONE will base their rates on!  Due to competition, you will be able to “shop” around and possibly find banks that give you the same rate as listed on the CBI.




LEGAL DISCLAIMER:  ALL OF THE ABOVE ADVICE IS SIMPLY OUR OPINION AND SHOULD BE TAKEN AS SUCH.  We are not giving to you any form of legal or financial advice and you must consult with your own local Professionals first before taking any kind of action.  We have answered these questions to the best of our ability to provide a simplistic answer and opinion that will offer to you a “starting point” to seek out your own local Professional Advice.


7 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Exchange rate vs Value.

    I thought I would take a shot at bringing this down to simple terms. At least I hope so.

    We have two scenerios:

    1. US Citizen wants to exchange their IQD (Dinar) for USD Post RV:

    If we have a 25,000 Dinar note, then we have 25,000 Dinars. Assuming it revalues for 1 IQD (Dinar) equals $1 USD. This citizen now wants to exchange the Dinar to Dollars. The Citizen will now go to a local bank that has a foreign currency exchange department to take their 25,000 Dinars and request a currency exchange to US Dollars. The bank will look up the current exchange rate and will now calculate the number of Dinar times the current exchange rate for Dollars. This will give the amount USD that the citizen will receive in their bank account. In this example, 25,000 IQD x 1 (Exchange Rate) = $25,000.00 USD.

    The bank sends the 25,000 IQD note to the Federal Reserve (The US Central Bank) and they will send the local bank the $25,000 USD (minus any exchange fees). This transaction is now complete for the citizen. The Federal Reserve will electronically list that they now have 25,000 note on there currency reserve and probably destroy the 25,000 Dinar note since the CBI has setup the project to destroy these notes.

    2. Iraqi Citizen Post RV:

    The Iraqi Citizen has a 25,000 Dinar note. A jar of peanut butter cost about 25,000 Dinar pre-RV for example.

    Two things happen:

    – The CBI announces the RV and requests the citizens to exchange their 3 zero notes for non-3 zero notes.
    – At the same time, Rules and Regulations are passed determining the internal exchange rate. For this example let’s assume that what use to cost 25,000 IQD now costs 25 IQD, or an increase in VALUE by a factor of 1000. The stores and businesses reprice all of their merchandise by reducing the price by a factor of 1000. So what use to cost 25,000 Dinar now costs 25 Dinar.

    The citizen takes their 25,000 Dinar note(IQD) into the Iraqi bank in order to exchange their 3 zero note. The teller takes their 25,000 Dinar note and gives them One Thousand (1000) 25 Dinar notes. They still have the same number of Dinar but in a larger number of notes with a smaller quantity of Dinar per note. The CBI will now destroy that 25,000 Dinar Note, also known as deleting the 3 zero note.

    That citizen now wants to go buy a jar of peanut butter from a store, they give the store owner a 25 Dinar note. Now that citizen has nine hundred ninety nine (999) 25 Dinar notes left to spend.

    This is what is meant by saying that the Iraqi Citizen will get the increase in value for their Dinar.


    • Thanks to “Mark F” for your time in making this complicated and sometimes confusing concept very simple. Dinarians who are new to the community should greatly benefit from your explanation. 🙂

      ~ Mr. IQD


    • Hello Yvonne –

      Thanks for your question, I have posted in the past about how the Hack Gurus are giving out these 800#s to try to con people out of their money and dinar. Don’t believe them.

      If you wish to contact your local bank about the currency rates, just go to that Bank’s website, and find their telephone number and call them.

      Just remember, these Hack Gurus and Con Artists like to make this look and seem much more “complicated” than it will be. Exchanging currency is a very simple and easy process – have you ever traveled internationally? If so, then you know the process is very simple. 🙂

      ~ Mr. IQD


  2. Hello, I don’t know if this website is still being monitored. I have a question about what is going on with Iraq right now. It seems as though things are starting to move along with the country and we are not to far off from the RV. When the country does RV, will US banks be ready to exchange? Or will the country have to be listed on the forex in order for US based banks to exchange the Dinars for US currency?


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