VIDEO: A ‘how-to video’ on getting “FREE” cell phone service for LIFE!!!

Happy Tuesday Dinarians,

Well, honestly “FREE” Cell phone service for life does not seem to relate to the IQD and Hack Gurus very much – unless you are listening to the Conference Calls.

Now, of course I promote listening to good Conference Calls like Kaperoni’s occasional DinarAlert call as well as the regular Tuesday & Thursday evening call put on by our friends at The IQD Team Connection.

But, there are also those of you who wish to listen to the calls put on by Hack Gurus – so, why pay for those calls?  Right!  Here is the ‘instructional’ how-to video, take a look:

I found this ‘instructional’ how-to video on the internet (and if it is on the internet, you know it has to be true) which teaches you how – in only a few simple steps you can get your mobile phone to give you “FREE” calling!!!

~ Mr. IQD

CAUTION:  I don’t actually recommend you follow the video’s instructions in the above video, in-fact it would be stealing service from your telephone carrier and also may harm your mobile phone.  It is just for entertainment value only, if you didn’t realize that yet.





UPDATE 07/14/2012 — KAPERONI – LOOKS LIKE HE IS FLYING "SOLO" – DID Professor Steve tell him to get lost???

HAT TIP:  Anonymous Email

UPDATE: JULY 14, 2012 —

We had the chance to listen in on most of the Dinar Alert call and we were happy to hear that Steve and Russell were on the call with Kaperoni.

So, Kap did not “fly solo” as we thought he might!  And we were VERY GLAD to hear both Steve and Russell on the call last night – they did an EXCELLENT job with Kap.

We hope that Dinar Alert keeps this trio, as we feel that as a set they produce a high quality call, that is level headed and balanced.

With that said, we are happy to remove the Dinar Alert Call from “probation” and back to full status!  We just want to encourage you to listen if and only if Steve or Russell are on the call with Kap.

And since we are critiquing, what the heck, may we also say or request that you PLEASE START ON TIME out of respect for all of us, your listeners!  And also please consider changing up your 15-20 minute intro/monologue by Kap only is very “monotone” and difficult to listen to!

Kap, we feel you can do your legal disclaimer / history intro in a quick 5 minutes and then GET TO THE GOOD & JUICY NEWS AND STUFF!!!  LOL!!!  🙂

~ Mr. IQD



Okay, we posted last week asking the question about Kaperoni….  Was he a Hack Guru, or Just Drunk (see Post)???

Well, surprise surprise, today we received an email saying that DinarAlert was doing a Conference Call Tonight (July 9) with KAPERONI “ONLY”.

We quote from his email:

“DinarAlert is excited to have another Conference Call…Monday, July 9th @ 8pm CST hosted by Kaperoni.  [Yup, no mention of Professor Steve… Maybe he will show up – we will find out]

This call will be an informative look at Iraq. Kap will also toss in a few stories from a two-tour US Marine he recently met and shared his perspective about Iraq. Everything from the political issues, to the dinar investment will be talked about. A general Q & A will follow.”  [Yup, still no mention of Professor Steve… ]

Well, that sounds pretty usual.  Well, its up to you if you want to listen to Kap, maybe he will apologize and give us a good explanation as to his irresponsible call and behavior to the Dinarian Community last week – maybe you need to ask him about this and where in the heck was his “RV” that he did that emergency call….

Oh, and if you didn’t get a chance to listen in to his “unrecorded call” last week – well, one of our friends and contributors happened to get his hands on a recording (see Post) of it that someone did.

Well, we will see what happens tonight – we still have Kaperoni on “probation” so we are not yet ready to demote him to “Hack Guru” status like we had to with WangDang.

We will see, but in our opinion, why in the heck would you spend any money on his website?  Especially for a Dinar Alert when you can just go to for FREE or stay on MrIQD’s feed – we will certainly post an RV Alert as soon as we are able to 100% verify the revaluation of the IQD on the website.  Nobody will know about it sooner than the CBI and Dr. Shabibi – so, don’t pay anyone for this service!

HACK GURU….OR DRUNK….Kaperoni basically calling the RV Today – You Decide!!! + Today's Call Recorded LINK

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Happy Independence Day Dinarians!!!

Well, Kap may have not wanted to bother to record this call, but one of our friends of Mr. IQD did want to make a recording – and boy he was glad he did, because he was STUNNED at how irresponsible Kap was on this solo flight call without Professor Steve and without Russell.

If you can stomach the first 20 mins or so of self-love from Kap, then struggle through the 30 minutes of bland Article readings (yuck!) then finally we get to his “mind reading act” since he declares he “knows” Dr. Shabibi’s plans of the RV!

Don’t worry, we won’t make you suffer, this recording lets you Fast Forward (press 3) and Rewind (press 2)!

Kaperoni claims to have a “high level contact” that HAS CONFIRMED THE RV – and a translated “Arabic video” to also CONFIRM his claim that it “RV’d”!!!  – NOTE: It DID NOT RV!!!  Always check the first!

Okay, maybe Kap didn’t say it “happened today” but his calling of a “Special” Conference Call on our Holiday, “unrecorded” with urgent information is highly irresponsible to us fellow Dinarians in the community!

~ Mr. IQD



(641) 715-3900  PIN:  182028#
Fast Forward (press 3) and Rewind (press 2)


DinarAlert continues to be the leader in keeping its members on-top, informed and up to date with the latest news and information regarding the pending revaluation of the New Iraqi Dinar.

DinarAlert is excited to have a special (unrecorded) Conference Call…Wednesday, July 4th @ 4pm CST hosted by Kaperoni.

This call will cover the recent CBI articles as well as clear up any speculation in regard to the pending change in the dinar value.  This call with not be recorded for playback due to the nature of the information.  Q & A will follow.

DinarAlert Conference Call Tonight (Saturday) 5/19/2012 – 6pm PT/ 7pm MT/ 8pm CT/ 9pm ET

DinarAlert is excited to have another Conference Call…Saturday, May 19th @ 8pm CST hosted by Enorrste, Russell and Kaperoni.

This call with be a special discussion pertaining to the CBI and the pending revaluation of the New Iraqi Dinar. The call will be only 1 hour in length.

Please join us.

(805) 399-1000 Code: 296983#


Special DinarAlert Conference Call Monday, May 7th, TIME: 3pm PT/ 4pm MT/ 5pm CST/ 6pm ET

HAT TIP:  DinarAlert Email

Boy-O-Boy…. Talk about timing “bad luck” just after we posted and tweeted to you the Conference Call by Randy Koonce at 5 pm (EST) today, we get this email from who is doing their Special DinarAlert Call just an hour later at 6 pm (EST).

Here is the info if you want to try to call in on your second line to listen in.

~ Mr. IQD

DinarAlert is excited to have another Conference Call…Monday, May 7th @ 5pm CST hosted by Enorrste, Russell and Kaperoni.

DinarAlert continues to be the leader in keeping its members on-top, informed and up to date with the latest news and information regarding the pending revaluation of the New Iraqi Dinar.

This call with be a discussion of recent events/articles that pertain to the investment. Short Q & A will follow. This is sure to be a very informative discussion.

Please join us.
CALL IN:  (805) 399-1000  PIN: 296983#
Skype:  freeconferencing.8053991000
TIME: 3pm PT/ 4pm MT/ 5pm CST/ 6pm ET

Iraqi Dinar Conference Calls – Various Teams

Hello Friends,  Below are conference call resources of some of our favorite Boards, Groups or Teams. We don’t necessarily agree all the time with any one of them, but we do try to find intelligent and balanced opinions and discussions.  Listen at your own risk!
NOTE:  Call Numbers & PIN Codes and Playback Links are subject to change, we try to keep current, but if there is a change, or you want to suggest a “good” call to list in our Directory, please fill out the anonymous form at the bottom of this page!  Thanks! 🙂
~ Mr. IQD

TIP:  We highly recommend you put a *67 in front of this number to BLOCK your Caller IdentityThese Conference Services, like Free Conference Call HD sends a “Caller’s Report” with phone numbers to the person that owns that original call.  So, if you DON’T want the call’s Moderator (or any Hack Guru) to get your Phone Number, then use *67, then the conference call’s phone number. 

EXAMPLE TO BLOCK YOUR ID:    *67 760 569 7676 on your phone, then the PIN#

The IQD Team Connection  –  Debbie, Diana, “Straight Talkin” Mike & LJ’s Next Step
SCHEDULE:  Every: Tuesday and Thursday 8PM (EST)
LIVE CALL: (760) 569-7676   PIN: 769478# or Backup PIN: 712222#
REPLAY CALL: (760) 569-7699  PIN: 769478# (Current recording only)


DinarAlert – Kaperoni and Professor Steve
SCHEDULE: TBA (Sign up for their email alerts to get notifications)
LIVE CALL: (805) 399-1000  PIN: 296983#
SKYPE: freeconferencing.8053991000

Please note that we removed (or refused to post) many of the Dinar Community’s Conference Calls such as those by Hack Gurus: Blaino, Brad Huebner, Frank & Delta, Wang Dang, or Tony TNT because of their over zealous spewing of false Intel (often very intentionally done!), selling of “crap” financial products (i.e. Trusts, LLC’s, etc.) or other similar egregious acts against the goodness of the Dinar Community – thereby, they are taking advantage of mainly “newbies” to our Dinar “RV” Community in our opinion and will not be a part of helping them to promote that “roller-coaster” “RV” intel.