Randy Koonce Email – Friday Evening – June 1 2012

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How you Makin it

Just dropping a note to keep you up on what is happening… Parliament convened and the paperwork was submitted to remove Maliki. Maliki now has 3 days to respond, we should see some movement tomorrow to that effect in the paper there would be options for Maliki

1. would be to announce the GOI
2. would be to resign
3. to go through the no confidence vote.

Since paperwork is in they have 3 days before the vote so now we wait for the parliament to be called into session which could happen on Sunday or Monday…..

If we get that far then they vote and Maliki would be gone, they then have 7 days to replace maliki with someone else.

The News is moving fast this stuff should show on main news agency.

Breathe Maliki is still in until the above happens but we are beginning to get on a time table.

Once one of the three things above starts then we will have a time table……..

So breathe and relax things are coming to an end. I hope this helps.

Good Question………..Next Question.



Randy Koonce Email – May 30th

How you Makin It

I am dropping a note to let you know where we stand at this moment.  There is an article that a lot of people sent to me saying that Talabani and Jafaari will present a document for the no confidence in Maliki…  If this is a good document which i believe is true then Talabani must think that the deadline is sometime tomorrow and Maliki must announce the GOI sometime tomorrow.  The only way he gets out is if Talabani caves in.    So Tomorrow look for any announcement for the GOI, if we do not Get it then by 7 p Central time there should be some article for the conviening of parliament for the no confidence on Maliki……..

Some have read an article about a persons sources that say it will never happen….. Again Guys you are holding a currency that has to appreciate to make the budget work….. Stick with Facts not someones opinion…… and that stands for the perosn that believes the constitution has a rate of .86 in it to be force…. Again the Constitution only talks about balanced budgets not rates of currency so that person needs to go back and read the thing…… the constitution is just about like our since our lawyers help draw it up…..

Relax look for events… Breathe  it is not a matter of If just when and how much……..

Also some have worried sick about knowing if they have dinar that is real I am posting a link Dinar Corp did to help give you ideas on how to check….and what to look for.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7_dWwRp1rA

Ivy wanted me to pass it out to you to give assurances on what you buy from them and how to check what you have……

Randy Koonce


Let me answer the biggest question I am getting “Is Maliki out?”

NO he is not out…. and, NO it has not RV’d and it is in the system just waiting to become live… give me a break! Breathe it is very close.
See you tomorrow.

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Folks!  What an excellent Call today!!!  We got to listen in, hopefully you did too. 

If you missed Randy’s call, we have just received the below Transcript via and anonymous friend who found this posted by “denaridori” at PTR.  It appears to be accurate to today’s call, but we don’t warrant that.  🙂

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~ Mr. IQD


Notes Transcribed – [DISCLAIMER:  These notes are not without error,  omission, or typo’s.  Listen to the replay for accurate information.]
We’re really close to seeing the National Conference come up…all the articles in the last couple of weeks have been moving towards Maliki being Continue reading

Randy Koonce Call – Today, Monday May 7th @ 5 pm (EST) here are the call in details…

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Hello Friends,

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