RANT! Snoopy’s IQD Rate Rant!

Happy Thursday Dinarians!

Well, the 14th and 17th are close at hand, no more than 1 week to go and we should see Maliki legally lose his power as Prime Minister of Iraq – then, on to the Elections in just 20 days!  It really is getting exciting to watch and learn from the real News out of Iraq. 

Which reminds me, I highly encourage you to listen to The IQD Team Connection’s Conference Call Tuesday and Thursday Evenings (8:00 pm EST / 5:00 pm PST).  I have their Phone number and PIN posted on my CC Directory!


On to Snoopy’s Rant!  Thank you again Snoopy for your excellent and thoughtful Rant!  I appreciate your experience and insight to help our fellow Dinarians come to their senses about the potential “RV” and the eventual significant increase in the rate of the Iraqi Dinar!  Enjoy!

So, here we are moving into the second week of April 2014 and as the months and years keep passing bye, the HACK GURUS continue manipulating the SHEEPLE by dangling the RV in front of them.  I believe it is reasonable to assume the Dinar could be used as a pawn in the upcoming Iraqi elections (whenever they may be held).  I wonder which it is: getting something from nothing or nothing from something?

Now, if you’re reading this, one of the questions I wanted to ask:  “Would YOU be willing to buy the Dinar if it RV’s 1000 times more than what it is today”?  That would make a $1000 investment worth approximately $1 million, or an RV of approximately 1:1.  This of course is on the low side according to most of the HACK GURUS. So, If you wouldn’t buy the Dinar if it RV’s at 1:1 or more, why would you

expect someone else to buy it at that price?  At what price would the market still be able to sell Dinar and conversely still have someone want to buy it?  What would that price be?

There’s been WAY TOO MUCH ENERGY PUT FORTH BY THESE HACK GURUS PROMOTING THE IDEA THAT THE DINAR WILL RV AT $36 +/-.   Worse is that these same HACK GURUS want us to believe that 100,000 of Continue reading

RANT! About People Who Have An Evil Intent!

Happy Tuesday Dinarians,

This Rant! is LOOOOOOOoooooooonnnnnngggggg!!!!!  BUT EXCELLENT AND WELL THOUGHT OUT!  


I’m very proud to have someone calling him/herself “Snoopy” take the time to write such a great article. 

Name / Handle – Not Required: Snoopy
Comment: January 28, 2014

Mr. IQD:

Just a general comment, which may be a little lengthy, but I felt compelled to add some of my thoughts to what I feel has been a rather grand con job perpetrated by people who have an evil intent to deceive for their self gain…

I’ve been invested in the Dinar going on eight years now. I was initially introduced to the investment from a friend who had spent time in the oval office with President Reagan and later President GWB. I was actually told about the Dinar more than a year earlier by the same friend, but due to my Continue reading

RANT! Dinarprayer is getting something off his/her chest!

Happy Wednesday Dinarians,


It has been a while since our last Rant! and today while digging through the mail bag I found an excellent Rant! by “Dinarprayer” who just has to get something off of his or her chest!  So, without delay…

Anonymous Name / Handle: Dinarprayer
Comment: Hello, I have been invested in the dinar for about 3 years. Each day I would run to different sites to see if I had become an overnight millionaire, but each day I was almost there according to the Guru. About 3 months into this investment I was seeing a trend of lies and Continue reading

What’s UP with the CBI.iq being DOWN?

Happy Wednesday Dinarians,

Well, the CBI has not been posting new exchange rate figures on their website now since Sunday, which is the first Business Day of their week.

What's UP with the CBI.iq being DOWN?

What’s UP with the CBI.iq being DOWN?

Many Hack Gurus in this community may be trying to convince you that the rates are down because the “Whales” and the “Tier 1” people and other “Insiders” are finally cashing in!

It is my humble opinion that is just nonsense!  Why should you believe the Hack Gurus and their rhetoric?  After all, have they ever been correct once?  How many times have they gotten it “wrong” – how many lies have they told you?

Now, lets talk a little common sense please.

Today, I’m actually having difficulty even pulling up their website, half the time the browser times out, saying “This Webpage is not available”, but that may just be a local issue.

If you listened to Straight Talkin’ Mike on The IQD Team’s call last night, you have a better idea of what might be going on.

If you didn’t listen, then go to: 


Then, skip forward about 16 minutes to when Mike and LJ start talking about this situation with the CBI not showing the rates.

Furthermore, I asked Kaperoni with Dinar Alert what his opinion was about the CBI not showing the rates, the following is an excerpt from his excellent reply to my email:

The market price is the price on the street.  It must be Continue reading

TONY TNT RENFROW’S own Words over the years!!!

Happy Tuesday Dinarians (and haters of Mr. IQD),

Mail-BagOne of our friends, “Brad” in our Dinar Community has sent the following to our Mail Bag.

In short, he has painstakingly SUPER-SIZED our “This Day in RV History” feature by collecting dozens of Quotes by Tony TNT Renfrow going all the way back to 2011.  Brad starts the Tony TNT quotes with the more recent ones, and then works backwards!  Friends, be sure to get your motion-sickness vomit bags ready!!!  

A list for your readers of the past few years of Tony, and how many times he has called it and called it and called it….the hits just keep on a comin’
12-29-13 Good morning TNT……I received plenty of good news yesterday and earlier this morning.  So let me share some of it with you Rates should show live in the US on Monday, they are high and would remain high for XX xxxx, then start down.
12-27-2013   Intel Guru TNT TonyOne of the biggest issues is the bonds are supposed to go live tomorrow in Iraq.   No one knows how they can do that if they don’t have a public live rate?  It’s illegal to sell if they aren’t public.   Some countries yesterday had on their TV that Global Currency Reset will happen today.  India is putting it out and more countries will do the same.  (Add India to the countries that it’s currently live in from Dec. 18’s post)
12-23-2013   Intel Guru TNT Tony  … and last night it was suppose to go live, may be live right now, but not announced yet.  They can do it at anytime, including Christmas day!
12-21-2013   Intel Guru TNT TonyIT’S GOING DOWN…Meeting in Washington turned out to be in our favor.  Rate is starting at Continue reading

QUESTION FROM GEORGE – Is it true the postponement of the deletion of the zeros?

Happy Saturday Dinarians,

question-markWell, as my regular readers know, I normally don’t post on a Saturday, but with all this time off for Christmas and the New Year, I felt why not drop in an article since it has been several days since my last post.

I wanted to give you this Mail Bag question I received from George – It is about the CBI’s reserve and the amount of IQD printed.  Here is his question:

My question is that the Iraqis said in their release that they are postponing the “delete the zeros” event

Because they have 34 Trillion dinar in circulation. Is this a typo? It would seem if there is that much

Dinar out there we are sort of “screwed” if Continue reading

RANT! Why is #1GOORU just sick of Dinar Re(C)raps?

Hello Dinarians,

Well we are at another Thursday, and still no “RV” as has been called by so many various Hack Gurus in our community. 

They want us to believe it will be:

Just a few more hours, oh wait, there was a mix up at the local Hometown Buffet and therefore the BIS can’t go forward with the computational regeneration of the galactic trans-phase of the IQD due to some idiot who’s bank screen froze and now is locked behind closed doors at the IMF and the WTO all waiting for their boots on the ground to respond to the broadcasts on Iraqi Television who spilled the beans too early by talking about the RV and therefore the Treasury Dept asked Obama to put another injunction on Maliki who was sunning himself at a Turkish Spa in Iran!!!

Well, if I only knew it was just going to be that simple….. 

Rant!Well, garbage like the above nonsense that yours truly just pulled out of my “hat” sounds anything like what #1GOORU is talking about from Dinar Re(C)raps then no wonder he/she is flipping out, like so many of us other Dinarians.  Here is #1GOORU’s 2-Part Rant!


The faster these guys are “outed” the better.  My friend who won’t listen to anyone but Tony & Okie
and tells me she has Continue reading