TGIF! Flying Cash Shuts Down Maryland Interstate


Howdy Dinarians,

Here is something FUN for Friday!

Headline: “Flying Cash Shuts Down Maryland Interstate”

Credit: Newser/Shutterstock


(NEWSER) – Drivers scrambled to grab money flying around a Maryland highway this morning after an armored truck’s door burst open. Maryland State Police say a lock on the truck seems to have malfunctioned, causing the door to open. A bag of cash fell onto Interstate 270 near Urbana, and the bills flew in the air. Police say a number of drivers stopped on the interstate and grabbed what cash they could before a fire department vehicle arrived and turned on its emergency lights. So many drivers stopped that the northbound lanes were essentially shut down, reports the Washington Post.

Responding troopers were able to help the truck’s driver recover about $200. It’s not yet known how much cash was lost. Police urge the drivers who took the cash to return it to the state police barracks in Frederick, or else face charges of theft if they’re found. A police spokesperson describes the scene after the truck driver realized his door had flown open: “By the time he gets over, cash is floating through the air. Most, if not all the vehicles suddenly stopped with people’s hands raised in the air.”


TGIF and Happy Trick-or-Treating Dinarians!

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JOKE!!! #1GOORU has a “change the light bulb” joke…

Happy Friday Dinarians!

#1GOORU is on a rollllllll….  

Change Light Bulb Joke

Well, I ran across another joke by #1GOORU which he/she sent over to my Mail Bag and well, I just had to post it here for you (caution there is a “bad” word used)….

Anonymous Name / Handle: #1GOORU

Comment: How many hack gurus does it take to change a light bulb?


None of your damn business…  They signed NDAs.

Do you also have a good “hack guru bashing” joke?  Send it to me!

~ Mr. IQD


JOKE!!! #1GOORU has a “crossed the road” joke…

Happy Thursday Dinarians!

To lighten up the atmosphere every now and again I’ll put out some humor on my site, I call it my “Coffee Break Comedy”.

Why did the [ _______ ] cross the road?

Why did the [ _______ ] cross the road?

Well, I ran across #1GOORU’s “crossed the road” joke he/she had sent over to my Mail Bag and I felt it was a good enough of a “groaner” to post it here for you-all….

Anonymous Name / Handle: #1GOORU
Comment: I asked a well-known buffoon “Why did the hack guru cross the road?”


To which he replied in an Oklahoma drawl,


“Cause legal coun-sell dictates we all-ways cross our roads….
‘n dot our T’s.”


Nuff said…

It may not make Comedy Central – but I want to thank you #1GOORU because it did make me laugh and put a bounce in my step for the day!

Got a good joke?  Send it to me!

~ Mr. IQD




VIDEO: Tony TNT Renfrow gives HIS secrets of HIS success in MLM.

Happy late Monday Dinarians!

Smile for the Camera Tony "TNT"

Screen Shot taken from his MLM Success Video!

I do have a question, why did he post it up on MySpace instead of YouTUBE?  

I can’t find the original upload date of Tony’s 2 videos – so, maybe these were put up wayyyyyyyyyyyy back when MySpace was still considered “cool”?  LOL!!!

Well, anyways, here are the links to part one and Continue reading

RANT! Southern Shaker’s Dinarian Weather Forecast!

Happy Wednesday Dinarians!

Well, what will the weather be like in your neck of the woods?

Who cares – we only care about the Hack Guru’s forecast on the IQD – if it were to “RV” (as they propose) then we all could be anywhere on Earth we would like!  


So, our new friend Southern Shaker has come up with this very humorous and cleaver Hack Guru Weather Forecast for the Thanksgiving Week…  Enjoy!

Name or Handle: Southern Shaker
Comment (please see note above): Southern Shaker here Dinarians with you Dinar weather update:

NOAA continental US weather forecast map for E...

We are expecting 2ft to 3ft accumilation of pure BS in the early morning hours this morning lasting into early evening. However this will turn to a Continue reading


Happy Thursday Dinarians,

Wow, who needs a Break from all this “RV” stuff and callin’ it every day and bashing those Hack Gurus like Tony TNT, Okie Oil Man and the rest of them!

Well, how about a little “Coffee Break Comedy” for our Thursday – just to help us get through another week of waiting?  LOL!!!

This email was sent to me by our Skype Room‘s regular contributor Marc G, and it is just a series of excellent jokes which will make you smile.  I’m not sure who “Tony” is which is the “butt” of these jokes – it is such a common name you know.  Enjoy!

Tony on math
Teacher asks her class: “If there are 5 birds sitting on a fence and you shoot one of them, how many will be left?” She calls on Tony.

He replies, Continue reading

HOT! Egypt’s “Viral Video” Bashes Obama for Supporting….

More grief from Egypt –
Normally I don’t like Political Bashing (after all, the NSA is reading this…)

But, I do find this pretty funny that the Egyptians have a viral video that “bashes” our President…  Will our friends in Iraq do the same soon?
~ Mr. IQD

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