Screen-Shot – Tony TNT Renfrow’s April 30th Court Date!

Happy Tuesday Dinarians, Well, I hope the luck was good for you yesterday on St. Patrick’s Day! Now, on to business – for those of you who wanted Tony TNT Renfrow’s new Federal Court Date with the U.S. District Court … Continue reading

What does Tony TNT and the Iraqi Parliament have in “common”?

Happy Monday Dinarians, I hope you all had a FANTASTIC 4th of July Holiday with your family.  🙂 Question – what does Tony TNT Renfrow and the new Iraqi Parliament have in “common”???…. Answer – they seem to be able to ALWAYS “postpone” … Continue reading

Kaperoni’s Attorney Friend Gives Legal Update on Tony TNT!

Happy Wednesday Dinarians, Well, I checked my Twitter account this morning @MrIQD and yup, still working just fine.  In fact it would appear that I have gained some new followers…..  Thanks Tony! Well, speaking of Tony TNT Renfrow – Kaperoni … Continue reading

CRIMINAL Court Docs on Tony TNT! He got 4 Years Time!

Happy Thursday Dinarians, Well our good ol’ buddy Southern Shaker has really done a long-haul in delivering to our community the goods on the BAD DEEDS of Tony TNT Renfrow…   Hey Tony, enjoying the limelight?  Enjoying the BBC hitting … Continue reading

WTF!!! BH Group Endorses Tony TNT Renfrow…. OMG!!!

Hello again Dinarians, Well, I guess this will be probably my last post for 2013, and what a sad and pathetic topic to have to base this post on! I am just so disgusted with this email which one of … Continue reading