Happy 3rd Year Anniversary to Me & also to YOU my fellow Dinarians!

MrIQD-April-1-2015_Happy-3rd-AnniversaryIt was 3 years ago that was started simply out of frustration with the mountains of lies from individuals like Okie Oil Man, Adam Montana, Blaino, PTR’s Dan Atkinson and Tony TNT Renfrow!

Who here remembers the “3 Squirrels” featuring JohnyWG?  Who wishes they could forget others like: BGG, Beth Ogle and her several identities including Miskebam and Bond Lady!

Never will I forget dumb-asses like “not-so” Breitling, BWM, Hammerman, Frank 26, Footforward and Generals64.

But, my favorite scumbag and also our biggest $38 Million Con Men from the BH Group including CONVICTED FELON Brad Huebner who is spending time in Federal Prison for DEFRAUDING good people like you and me within our Dinar Community!

If you have forgotten about them, and their lies and mis-truths and outright SCAMS against you, my fellow Dinarian, you have access to their ugly history for the past 3 years here on my website – please use it and share it.

If you want to learn how to protect yourself from con artists and scams – use my resources on my website – they are there to HELP YOU.

I’m tired of following these idiots, and I’m tired of listening to their newly “recycled” lies over and over – for those of you who have followed my website from early on, you too are probably tired of it as well…..



I don’t know about you, but I’ve got all the IQD Dinar that I can afford and am willing to purchase and hold in my hand – I’m done with Dinar Brokers and I’m done with listening to the creative lies of the Hack Gurus – I’m going fishing!  Please join me.

I’ll return from my fishing trip when I can confirm on the website that the IQD has SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASED IN VALUE against the USD (i.e. It has “RV’d”).

Until that day arrives – there probably will NOT be any new posts to this website.

Why?  I’ve told you from day 1 – I don’t do this website to make money!  Look at all the other websites and tell me how many of them ask for donations or take advertising?


That is The IQD Team Connection – yes, they get a little money from advertisers, including a few Dinar Brokers, but I know Mike, LJ, Debbie, Diana and Kimberly on a very personal level and have known them for years!

I admire their commitment to keep all of us, including myself, apprised of the current situation in Iraq BASED ONLY ON THE CURRENT IRAQI NEWS!

I hope my website and its contents have either been helpful to you, or will be helpful to you, and  I hope that someday eventually we all well be able to “dance in the streets” celebrating along with the Iraqi’s a new era of enlightenment and wealth.
~ Mr. IQD



  1. The psychic of the human race makes us all want to know everything we can about things that we have absolutely no control over even to the point that fabricated news is ok because it gives us that “high”, which make us feel good. After all, don’t we all want to feel good? When we feel good we usually need more and more of the same to continue to feel good. We believe fiction as fact and when someone comes along to try and speak truth, most lash out in anger because they need the continued hype to feel good, which truth doesn’t always provide.

    That Mr. IQD is why the Gurus are so productive. They provide a daily dose of “feel good” hype to keep the dinar community motivated in continuing the Dinar ride and buying Dinar from the Guru’s partners who sell Dinar, which supports the gurus…. It’s perpetual motion at it’s finest….

    At the end of the day, week, month and for many of us the years gone by, has there been just one Guru who has had any truthful information regarding the RV? Before one answers that question, I recommend one stand in front of the mirror and then answer that question…

    That’s one reason why I went fishing many months ago. I decided to change my perspective of the Dinar and therefore found other things much more rewarding to spend my time and energies doing other more productive things. I’ve only followed any news of the Dinar when I’ve received emails from you or others. It’s amazing how much clearer things are now and how much cleaner the air is to breathe!

    Since I’ve been fishing for awhile now, I’ll let you know where my fishing hole is so you can join me. The fish have been biting and sitting out here with clear skies during the day and under the stars at night has been so very relaxing and extremely liberating.

    I’ll let the Gurus fight, claw and clamor all over themselves as they have been doing trying to convince the human race that they are able to jump tall buildings with a single leap and how they’re faster than a speeding bullet…etc. Kinda reminds me of that Marvel Comic Character…. or characters since there are so many gurus…

    Someday, the many Dinar holders who have put their faith and trust in the gurus will find how much more fun they would have had if they too would have just gone fishing!

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