HOT! Announcing the NEW CBI Governor is…

Happy Wednesday Dinarians,

I checked the website today – and guess what?….

Dr. Turki’s photo was replaced today!

Announcing: “Governor Agency : Mr. Ali Mohsen Ismail” (aka Keywords) 

Feb 4 2015 - Screen Shot of the website

Feb 4 2015 – Screen Shot of the website – Click image to visit

Now, frankly it is my understanding that Mr Mohsen (aka Keywords) is only an “interim Governor” until the new Prime Minister Abadi appoints a new CBI Governor who will serve out a full 10 year term.

I have read news articles from back in early and mid December 2014 where Abadi had said that he wanted Dr. Shabibi to take over the CBI once he was acquitted of the legal charges which were put on him by Maliki several years ago.

The very same Judge who originally issued the warrants for Dr. Shabibi’s arrest had issued an acquittal in December 2014.  This was immediately challenged by Keywords and Maliki – but that decision by that Judge as far as I’m aware was upheld and not reversed.

So, it is my conclusion that Dr. Shabibi should be fully exonerated of those trumped-up changes, and should be eligible to be appointed by Prime Minister Abaidi to be the Governor of the CBI.

Why Mr. Ali Mohsen Ismail now has his picture on the website has me at a bit of a loss.  But, perhaps the title of “Agency Governor” which is placed before his name means something?  I feel it should simply read: “Governor” if he is infact the Governor of the CBI.

Furthermore, I checked the CBI’s “News” section (in both the English and Arabic section) and did NOT find an official Announcement issued today, or even within the past few weeks stating that Keywords was the new CBI Governor!

If he was, should not that Announcement have been put on their website along with his picture?

I’m frankly suspeicious of Mr. Ali Mohsen Ismail because he was quickly appointed as the interim Governor as one of Maliki’s very last acts as Prime Minister last year!  

So, I can’t help but think that with Maliki’s track record of installing corrupt people (aka Dr. Turki) why would Prime Minister Abadi want to keep “Maliki’s Wolf in the hen house”???

I’ll keep digging and watching – maybe this is important, maybe not.  Do you have any suggestions?  Let me know!

~ Mr. IQD


2 thoughts on “HOT! Announcing the NEW CBI Governor is…

  1. I absolutely feel this is an important thread of Intel that needs further follow-up,
    I can be reached at [removed]

    for the record, I listen to BGG’s conference calls carefully and in Dec, 2014 or
    Jan, 2015 call I can’t remember, BGG himself forwarded an opinion where I heard him
    say he felt one of the reasons for the RV’s delay was because of the current Maliki influence
    over the CBI and hinted that the current CBI governor at the time was a potential obstruction to the RV because he was a Maliki loyalist and he himself was looking for signs that
    he could be replaced or be giving indication’s he would agree to the RV, because
    Malki was losing influence in the changing power structure within the parliament.

    Needless to say you re not alone in thinking along these tracks and wondering about it’s importance, I’m also wondering out loud if it could be an important sign of how close or how far we are still left to go until RV touchdown.

    from: Jonathan in Las Vegas.

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    • Thanks for your comments! 🙂

      I don’t have a crystal ball to tell the future, but I keep encouraged when I read the current REAL NEWS which is coming out of the CBI and the new signs of UNITY within the Iraqi political system.

      As to Maliki – he is a dirtbag and will eventually be “taken care of” by the Iraqi people.

      ~ Mr. IQD


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