RANT! Snoopy discusses the Swiss Franc event & Hack Guru Lies!

TGIF Dinarians,

Wow, it has been an EXCITING week – not only did we finally see Iraq’s Parliament finish reading for the 2nd time the Budget, with an announcement that they will vote and pass it next Tuesday, Jan 20th, but in addition to that we saw the Swiss Franc un-peg their currency from the Euro, which caused a lot of shock and excitement in Europe!

Well, today we have our friend Snoopy to talk a little more… Ok, RANT! a little more about how the event with the Swiss Franc just proves what we have been saying about those Hack Gurus…. ENJOY!

Rant!Mr. IQD:

This comment is regarding your response to the recent news about the Swiss Franc, the IMF not knowing about it before it happened and strangely why maybe the Hack gurus really don’t know what’s going on!

Your point you make is well taken and that has been my concern all along with these ones who are better known in Dinar land as “Hack Gurus” or as I like to call them “Dime-store Dinar Slingers”.  These same Dinar Slingers, who claim they have privileged inside information that the rest of us don’t is such an absolute farce.  Unfortunately, their making it public about their connections to the 3-letter agencies is incredibly hilarious and if it weren’t hurting so many people day in and day out, it would really be funny.

Those in society bent on trying to control us or taking what we have because they feel empowered to do so, use the same tactic in selling us on frauds known as Ponzi schemes and other scams. So many people are so hungry for good news or truth and a away to prosper beyond their own abilities and own dreams, that many just blindly follow these false prophets to the end where instead of finding the pot of gold they usually always find a pot of ####, well I’ll keep this email ‘G” rated.  But you see, I contend that many people really don’t want the truth, because the truth doesn’t always help us the way being spoon-fed a daily diet of sugar (news that we want to hear but has nothing to do with truth) all the time.  After all, sugar is a stimulant that really appeals to our taste and when people are tired and facing hard times, they want to find any way or thing possible to take away the pain, which will get them emotionally charged, like a sugar rush, a perfect setup for these Dinar slingers to come to our rescue with that external stimulant (sugar) known as “Dinar Hype”….

Subliminally, the message is always the same from the Dinar slingers…. They say: “Trust me that I KNOW everything about the Dinar rate and date.  They want us to believe them by providing us with the hype that we’re going to make so much money that banks will be calling us for loans, after all just read all the bank stories….   They want us to just buy more Dinars so we can visualize how amazingly rich we will be beyond our wildest dreams…. After all, doesn’t the Dinar slingers know what’s best for us because at the end of the day, they really do care about us, our family and our financial well being, (even though they don’t have any personal relationship with us beyond some dinar web site) and as long as we keep buying Dinar from their Dinar brokers they are linked to….. their web sites continue to spew the same hyperbole thus giving us all that sugar rush!

It’s way past time that all these slingers are exposed for the lies they perpetrate on so many good but unfortunately naive and gullible people.  Listen carefully, NO credible leader worth being placed in a leadership role in any of those 3-letter agencies would ever divulge to any Hack guru or Dinar slinger or anyone else for that matter, ANY SECRET INTEL about any currency or RV of that currency (Swiss franc case in point) which could ultimately lead to uncontrolled speculation.  Think about the consequences of such a hazardous practice by anyone in authority or having responsibility for anything other than their own well-being.  Legitimate leaders and managers throughout the business world won’t tell some Dinar slinger anything that could jeopardize the financial integrity of their bank, business, country or the world, unless they are doing so for selfish evil financial gain.   I hope this sheds some light on the fallibility of these slingers….

We are finally starting to see some legitimate things taking place in Iraq.  First time in many many years.  These political and economic moves are all important to Iraq’s financial well being and ultimately will spill over to us, but  NOT until  Iraq is stable and capable of maintaining their own financial infrastructure.  Any possible RV won’t occur because of some Dinar slinger saying he heard through the grape vine the date and rate…. Funny, I heard the stock market was going to go up.  However, I also heard the stock market was going to go down.  Hmmm!    Do your own Dinar research!


If you are finally FED UP with HACK GURUS and their LIES – send me your RANT! and maybe I’ll post it here so you can help your fellow Dinarians!

Have a GREAT weekend!

~ Mr. IQD


1 thought on “RANT! Snoopy discusses the Swiss Franc event & Hack Guru Lies!

  1. Had gotten tired of the less creative bank stories and the continued silly stuff on Dinar Rec(r)aps, so didn’t check them out for quite some time. However, just for kicks, wanted to see how the hacks were laying claim to the recent Swiss Franc move: Frank said something like (but put it in a question format) was that a dress rehearsal for the IQD; TNT disclosed another window of January 16th through the 20th for the RV.
    To keep that never-ending stream of Dinar buyers buying, the hacks just take whatever happens and associate it with an imminent RV and their followers are even more confident that the hacks know what they are talking about. How can these people be so simple and so gullible? And how can the hacks be so callous to the horrendous financial, emotional and spiritual damage it has done to people?
    Just because people are simple doesn’t mean they deserve to be led off the edge. I have learned to quit worrying about them as there is nothing one can do for those “hooked” on hopium. However, I still shake my head at the continued damage that there is absolutely no authority retarding it, no news coverage of it or expose on it. No one seems to want to uncover it except the few sites such as this one who continue to print the truth.


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