I love this CBI Article – You will too!!!

Happy Thursday Dinarians & Happy December!

Well, yes, happy December – can you believe despite the THOUSANDS of calls by Hack Guru for the RV, yet here we are now in December 2014 with no “RV”.

Listen, I wanted to publish this article from my private Skype Room, because I want you all to see this which was originally published by the IQD TEAM Connection.

But, before I have you read that article, I’m giving you my OPINION AND ANALYSIS of the article, but in short – I feel very happy about what I read in the article!  Here we go…

Well, today I saw posted in the News Room the following Article which is a tad bit long (like one of your RANTS! you used to do…) but I believe worth reading!
In short, it looks like Abadi is looking for a new Governor of the CBI.  According to the way I read the article, it looks like Dr. Turki was really incompetent and did a bunch of corrupt mismanagement mostly for Maliki’s benefit (no surprise there)!
Then, we saw that Keywords was put in to replace Dr. Turki, but as a “caretaker” for the CBI.  Well, since Maliki (as VP) appointed Keywords to replace Dr. Turki, it turns out that Keywords is just as bad!!! (again, no surprise!)
So, reading the article – it looks like Abadi is now being pressured to put in “somebody eles” as a new CBI Governor, and do it as quickly as possible.  Well, now the picture is coming in to focus for me, because that “somebody else” is in my opinion Dr. Shabibi – who just last week had a ton of news articles dropping about getting him retried in a fair court, and having Maliki’s bullshit charges of corruption removed.
I think it is going to get really EXCITING really soon with respect to the CBI very soon!!!
Here is the article:

We expect the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi do a quick and radical reforms in the Central Bank
Naim Hassan Nasraoui   |   Thursday, December 4 0.2014
After the big uproar Mr. Abadi’s recent statements about revealing 50 000 placebo registered in the Ministry of Defence and so far the reactions going on about this statement, which took a great deal of publications and comments on Facebook claim Abadi disclose more of these ghost in the Interior Ministry and other ministries which burdened budget State experiencing these days of extreme scarcity and to prosecute and punish those who provided cover for these people and the center of this popular Alastbashar which received Abadi’s remarks and his pledge in front of the House of Representatives to reveal more of corruption and expose taking cover the files in the midst of popular support and encourage the media to play Mr. Abadi ask him not to be limited focus on the defense and interior ministries only and that his interest in moving to the Foundation was administered badly during the era of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, a CBI portfolio Iraqi money has Maliki has before disqualified shortly from disqualified set on the Keywords central bank governor instead of Abdel Basset Turki, who proved miserably in the management of the bank also proved Keywords weakness evident in the management of this bank, which is the custodian of the Iraqi funds by not taken since his appointment bold decisions to repair what marred Abdul Basit Turki former governor and his coterie of general directors, particularly traders who are responsible for currency transfers Auction and approval of the opening credits, who have been Ejammlon especially on other banks and how close the owners of the al-Maliki and his son, Ahmed, even the current governor opened an investigation into neutral find the extent of corruption and mismanagement, which the Director General of the banking and credit Abdul Abbas Khalaf Sultan found was caused by Abdul Basit Turki on the inconceivable, but we do not see Keywords able to do that, so we call Mr. Haider Abadi speed up the performance of the central bank’s assessment of a dispute the presidency Abdul Basit Turki him and also evaluating the performance of the current governor of the central, Ali relationship which has not any action or repair departments of the bank since he took responsibility has proved his term this vulnerable and clear and clear, but a decline in the performance of the bank at the local level and the inability to activate the work of private banks and leaving it to Mptzen of directors two years.
*********In front of Mr. Haider Abadi, a major national responsibility which is to do a quick and radical and bold reforms in the departments of the Central Bank without these reforms, including finding an alternative to the current governor and change the general managers responsible for currency transfers auction and the opening credits without speed up these reforms have been negatively impacted in the revitalization of the Iraqi economy, which suffers from high inflation and scarcity of money due to the drop in oil prices .. We hope the Prime Minister what is good waiting for what will be its actions with regard to the most important and the largest institution in the country, the Central Bank of Iraq.********

Let me know if you liked the article or my analysis.  I know it is a bummer that the “RV” has not yet happened or is “happening” like many of the Hack Gurus like Tony TNT and Okie have been claiming – but isn’t it time you asked yourself honestly – how many more times do I have to be LIED TO before I start questioning the “wisdom” of these Hacks!

Have a GREAT Thursday, and Happy Holidays to all of my Friends!

~ Mr. IQD


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