Maliki Allowed ISIS – which in turn uses Iraqi Children as SEX SLAVES!

Not-So Happy Tuesday Dinarians,

I’m really PISSED-OFF right now after watching the below hour long News Documentary on the Iraqi Sex Trade being controlled by ISIS in Syria!

I’m sharing this sickening video with you because I want you, and the Hack Gurus out there to be aware that there is MUCH MORE to the IQD Dinar than your own selfish desire to get rich quick.

I’m actually sick to my stomach and feel like vomiting, that is really how upset I am about this.

Are you ready to get pissed off (again) at Maliki?…  



Thanks a whole lot Maliki for creating such chaos and an economic DISASTER IN IRAQ, over 1,000,000 Iraqi’s have fled Iraq to Syria.

Many of those children are NOW indentured (forced) in to the SEX TRADE, beaten daily, and only God knows what else…..

Thanks Maliki – you son of a Bitch – I hope the new Iraqi Government makes you suffer dearly for enabling ISIS to penetrate Iraq’s borders!

Check out this Documentary:

TITLE: ISIS Sex-Slave Raping & Selling Girls-Sex Jihad (Full Documentary)


CLICK TO PLAY VIDEO  (Opens up in new Tab/Window)

Copy & Paste Link:

To those Hack Gurus out there (like Tony TNT, Okie Oil Man, Dan with PTR and new Hack Guru Dave Schmidt) who make it all about “them” – and for those people out there who follow these Hack Gurus BLINDLY and don’t give a rip about the suffering of the Iraqi People, and you only think about your own wealth and petty problems – you really need to watch this hour-long News Documentary and perhaps you will reconsider your selfish attitude toward the revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar.

~ Mr. IQD


2 thoughts on “Maliki Allowed ISIS – which in turn uses Iraqi Children as SEX SLAVES!

  1. Maliki and son stock piling dollars out of country stealing dollars from some found or other. what I don’t get is he’s still VP today! His son didn’t pull this off on his own no way in hell! another thing I don’t get Iraqi’s should be screaming from the roof tops it’s as though this is just normal to them.
    Don’t think maliki and son believe in any pending change in the dinar or they would be stealing dinar!

    Maliki’s Son “Arrested” in Lebanon

    Posted on 06 December 2014. Tags: Corruption, Lebanon, Nouri al-Maliki

    By John Lee.

    The son of former Iraqi Prime Minister and current Vice President Nouri al-Maliki has reportedly been arrested in Lebanon in possession of more than US $1.5 billion “in cash”.

    BasNews cites Lebanese media sources as claiming that Ahmed al-Maliki is being detained in a prison on Beirut, and that Nouri al-Maliki has traveled to Lebanon in the hope of securing his release.

    Security sources in Lebanon claim that Ahmed received the money via an Iraqi bank that transferred it to a Lebanese bank for him, and that the total received since the beginning of 2014 was about three billion US dollars (3.6 trillion Iraqi dinars).

    (Source: BasNews)


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