RANT! Snoopy chimes in after months of silence…

Happy TGIF Dinarians,

Our old ranting friend Snoopy was touched by yesterday’s post so much that he/she had dropped their 7-11 Slurpee, got off the top of Charlie Brown’s Dog House and responded with a reply.  

I liked the reply so much, I’m reposting it here to make sure you get a chance to read it.

Rant!Hello Mr. IQD…. ole’ Snoopy here. First, it has been months since I’ve taken the time to see what’s happening in the Dinar world. Obviously, there’s been lots of headlines regarding the changing of the guard (GOI), etc., but as we all know, the CBI’s rate is the same today as it was yesterday, last year and 5 years before that. I believe we are closer than ever, but at the end of the day, my crystal ball is still cloudy with no clear vision as to when and how much we may see for any RV.

You state and I agree with you that……

“I honestly 100% believe in the people of Iraq and the facts (from the REAL NEWS) that Iraq is turning around their society, politics and economy!

Also, I do 100% believe their currency will significantly increase in value eventually! Either over time, or suddenly, but I do believe it will.”

I must say, those who are loyal to the likes of TNT Tony, DC, Okie, etc., will go to great lengths in protecting their fearless leaders while time and time again attempting and unfortunately succeeding in weaving a web of deception for the implicit purpose of indirectly luring the naive’, the hurting, the poor, the financially illiterate, the gullible, the needy, etc., to buy more and more Dinar, which most can ill afford to do, but do so anyway, because as OW stated: They want to be “instant scratcher lotto winners!” He further states that these mentioned above don’t want people thinking for themselves.

The mind is a powerful asset, which if controlled by outside forces bent on manipulating facts can be hypnotized into believing any and all lies as if they were truth! How long does it take people to wake up and see that these certain persons again, so named above, keep feeding the Dinar community with the same outdated and ridiculous intel, which they have been doing for years. Yet, so many fail to take control or maybe want to take control of their own finances or lives and put all their “Dinar” trust in these persons who to me exploit the real meaning of honesty, trust and intel, which stimulates the GREED of not wanting to be left out and the need to have another “Dinar Fix”, to feel good and get another “Dinar Fix” and so on and on and on and on!

I’ll end with this; “I’d challenge everyone to sit back and take a real assessment of their current “Dinar” position and ask themselves (be honest), just how many times has any of these persons who call themselves “Gurus”, been correct about the date and rate? If they were a stockbroker promoting a certain stock or industry and had to rely on the track record these guys have, they would have already found other jobs. Can you imagine buying a stock year after year, which produces zero return, yet your stockbroker keeps pumping the proverbial tree of GREED that if you don’t own it, you’ll be left out! Left out of what? That translates to just about any other type of job or occupation besides being a “Dinar” Guru, where one gets the luxury of being wrong 100% of the time, yet when challenged, always finds a way to conveniently throw their accusers under the bus instead of responding to the facts! Sounds a little like some politicians we all know! Ah, Dinar politics…. don’t you love it?

Thanks Mr. IQD for providing a much needed service, which allows both the good and bad comments to be voiced, instead of filtering only the ones that make the Guru or web site administrator look good! I think more and more in the Dinar community want the truth…. so how about it Guru’s? Wouldn’t it be better if and when the Guru has nothing to report, they say nothing instead of making up things, which they hope makes the Dinar community think they really are Gurus and know more than everyone else! Many of us know the truth! Many more are finding out the truth each day. Let’s keep the truth going!


Thanks again Snoopy, whomever you are, we really appreciate you taking time out of your busy day and giving us some food for thought!

Have a GREAT weekend!

~ Mr. IQD


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