JACK, the Analyst, reads my post with “little interest” – My Response!

Hello again Dinarians and Happy Friday!

I know that the Hack Gurus like Tony TNT, Okie, Blaino, Breightling, Dan at PTR, and others will boot you off their forum or conference call just for your differing opinion, daring to question something they said, or making a comment about what is their source! 

Therefore, rather than leave Jack’s comments about me, which frankly I don’t agree with most of them, on yesterday’s post, I’m highlighting them here:

I read your posts with little interest for a very simple reason. They contain very limited value. Still I read as much info across the Internet regarding this speculative event as I have time in order to gain insight and glean some knowledge from many sources. My career background as an analyst disallows too much emotional response to all I study. Therefore, I have a suggestion that I think beneficial. Stop the negative ad hominem attacks on the “hack gurus”. Such argument offers nothing of value and completely discredits any attempts you may think helpful to your audience. I would also suggest you discontinue your arrogant posture communicated by blatant criticism of those who read the posts of these “hack” guru’s. In fact, you owe an apology to those speculators at large. I wish you the best and hope you consider posting information of value for those of us pursuing this event. I have learned much from many sources and look forward to learning something from your insight if you have it to offer.

Best regards, Jack

Now, for the response I sent back to Jack, note, I have not “booted” him:

Hello Jack,

Thanks for your opinion, but due to the simple fact that HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Dinarians have visited my website, and in turn THOUSANDS have benefited from my posture to EXPOSE THE LIES that are being told to them by the Hack Gurus, I respectfully will not take your “advice”.

If you truly are an Analyst, as you claim, then you should be noticing the years of constant repeating of the same lies and non-truths being told by these Hack Gurus!

I invite you to spend a minute or two researching and analyzing my feature I used to do called “This Day in RV History” – here is the link: https://mriqd.com/?s=this+day+in+rv+history&submit=Search

As you will see, I point out almost to the day, a YEAR EARLIER, when a Hack Guru told some lie about the Iraqi Dinar’s Value!

Often I found the lies to be nearly “WORD – FOR – WORD”!!! Imagine that, almost word-for-word repeating their lies, how brazen was that! Once I started exposing these lies, from my analysis, the Hack Gurus stopped being so obvious with their repeats of their old, original lies.

Honestly, I am a bit surprised you didn’t have much interest in what you read on my site!

So, you don’t like being told the truth, and where to find it?

You don’t like me to tell you, and other Dinarians, to go to the http://www.CBI.iq website to find out what the REAL RATE of the IQD is?

Humm, I’ve known many Analysts over the Decades in the business I’m in, and I’ve never met one like you claim to be….. “Nuff Said…” (borrowed from Okie)

~ Mr. IQD

Do you want to weigh in?  Use the form below, and if I like your comment, I’ll approve it for the forum.

Yes, I admit that I have “booted” one person from being able to post to this website!  And I have “booted” two rabble-rousers off my Skype Room after multiple warnings about their non-related comments and bullying of other Skype members.

Have a GREAT weekend friends, and also to you too Jack, I hope your weekend is also great!

~ Mr. IQD


2 thoughts on “JACK, the Analyst, reads my post with “little interest” – My Response!

  1. This is for you Jack! I am a member of Mr. IQD’s site and proud of it. Jack, you are wrong in every way possible. If you are truly an analyst as you claim, then why would you even listen, let alone believe what all of these “guru’s” are saying now and have been saying for the past 10-12 years. First of all, if they have the “contacts” they claim to have then why in the heck are they sitting on the computer all day? Also, what would even make any sane person think that someone in a position of power with that kind of knowledge have would even share with these “gurus”. I lived and worked in Washington for many years and the last thing you want to do is piss off the hand that feeds you. You would be surprised how many people are there one day and then gone the next because they said the wrong thing at the wrong time. ANYONE with that kind of knowledge and power is NEVER going to utter a darn word to anyone who does not have the proper “pay grade” or clearance for such important information that could make or break a situation.

    You see Jack, you are missing the “big” picture here. My son is 14 and he even understands what is going on and the concept behind it regarding these “gurus”. Frankly, is quite simple if you think about it. Most of them have their own sites, which they charge advertising on or even a membership fee so indeed these guys are making their living off the backs of the ones who are either too naive or too blind to see what the real purpose is behind their madness! Being the “analyst” that you claim to be, why on earth would you not be analyzing the situation in Iraq and comparing it against what all of these “gurus” have been saying for years! Even someone who knows nothing about politics is not stupid enough to believe that Iraq is even in a position at this moment to do anything with their currency. The United States has gone back in, they are threatened by another entity and the last thing on their mind right now is changing the rate of their currency, I am extremely disappointed in you Jack, as you seem like an intelligent person.

    As far as apologizing to anyone, that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my life! Why should Mr.IQD apologize to anyone for voicing his opinion (which by the way is more on the money than anything that comes out of any “guru’s mouth”). These guru’s are in it for the money they make from their sites and the longer they can keep them going and the more excuses they can come up with, the longer they are going to be able to sustain themselves and their lifestyles with everyone elses money.

    You might seriously want to re-think your post and really sit down and weigh the issues here!


  2. This persona is clearly not an analyst, but rather someone trying to sound like how they think an analyst would sound. It is comical and the message garbage, totally opposite to how an analyst would advise any “speculator” to proceed in any investment or financial planning. It is clearly meant to sway the uneducated and has been written by an uneducated person. In fact, it is embarrassing. Hey, hack gurus—you can do better than this !


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