Rant! The Difference between FACT and OPINION

Happy Tuesday Dinarians,

Well, after the flood of responses from yesterday’s article: Who’s Accurate? DC & Tony TNT – OR – The IQD Team Connection I had to republish the RANT! from “BlackRose” who is one of my Skype Room‘s regular contributors!

Enjoy, then please comment on BlackRose’s Rant! 

Rant!Let me help out with the difference between FACT and OPINION, as people keep preaching other people’s rhetoric and opinion as fact.

FACT: something known to happen as truth
-Something That really occurred
-Information with proven truth and evidence.
OPINION: a judgement formed about something that is not necessarily based on facts or knowledge:
-A belief or judgement that rests on ground insufficient to produce complete certainty
-A personal view.

Now with that out of the way, when some washed up, guru writes an article that is strictly opinionated, biased and sometimes straight out a lie or half-truth with no evidence, facts, truth and incomplete certainty to back up what they are saying that is not fact. That is opinion

In our dinar world their is plenty of that going around and people tend to preach other people’s opinion as gospel. And that is a fact.

Here are a few facts
Fact: the IQD Team Connection brings us factual news
Fact: there news are from links and websites with link
Fact: the IQD team gives us the news based on what the articles is telling them
Fact: their news comes from articles and websites with link.

Here are a few Hack Guru Opinions
Opinion: President Obama holding up the rv
Opinion: the rv is happening Every Day
Opinion: you have to sign a 99 page NDA (ridiculous)
Opinion: you will be calling an 800# for exchange when it rv’s
Opinion: when you go to exchange refer to your currency as IQN not IQD

And this is neither opinion or fact but straight out BS that the dinar will exchange at 30:1

Thanks Mr. IQD for this forum so I can rant at least I was nice today.  Off to work I go where I have to act nice, even though I don’t want to.

Thanks again BlackRose for your kind compliment of my forum, as well as taking the time to help out your fellow Dinarians with your above Rant!

Do you agree with BlackRose’s assessment of the differences between “FACT” and “OPINION”???  Sound off using the comment form below!

~ Mr. IQD


3 thoughts on “Rant! The Difference between FACT and OPINION

  1. For nearly two years the segment of Dinarlandia where TNT Tony hangs out along with all the other “would-be-in-the-know” bunch, has been spouting all kinds of nonsense, and not one bit has been true! There has never been one thing other than a lot of verbiage (which is a word very close to garbage) with not one iota of proof!

    It is sad that friends have bought into this TNT Fantasy Production with the long listing of the cast of “characters”, none of which do anything but talk in suggestive innuendoes cloaked with so called “privileged” connections at high levels.

    If anyone is interested to know why they don’t get shut down by any entity from the UST, IMB, PTB, POTUS, or other 3 letter whatever, why would any of those organizations bother? These clowns are distracting attention away from stuff that’s REALLY going on!

    A good case could be made that this bunch has been encouraged to spread this nonsense for the very purpose of being a distraction. After all, how many times have such actions been perpetuated on our populace for that very purpose? Who really knows.

    Just consider why TNT Tony has been allowed to postpone his date with destiny so many times? Now theres a bunch of conjecture and innuendo if there ever was any, as there is not one shred of proof about any of what was just written. Fact or Opinion?

    A collection is being made of the TNT “theater” as it should make for a good Novel of some sort in the near future. While it may never reach the proportions of an ENRON scandal, with some embellishment at the very least it could be laughable! Maybe a theatrical comedy like “Hairspray” or some such!

    Oh well, back to writing about things that are far more interesting and real!


    • Hi Alan,

      Thanks for taking the time to write this excellent and thoughtful post!

      It is much appreciated, and hopefully it will help many of our Dinarian friends who are being misled by Tony TNT and other Hack Gurus to finally see the light of truth. 🙂

      ~ Mr. IQD


  2. Alan is on to something. The Imminent Dinar Revalutation Scam has NOT made it onto the FBI’s list of common scams, and there must be a reason why. Something else is going on which is so far beyond the hack gurus’ comprehension, but not beyond their willingness to say just about anything, no matter how blatantly silly or illogically sound, if it means secret profits for them. Everybody has a secret agenda. We just can clearly see what the hack gurus’ agenda is and stay the hell away from them. Buy gold, silver or something else of value, not their hopium!


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