Is Dr. Shabibi gunna get arrested – or not?

Happy Friday Dinarians,

Dr.Shabibi-of-CBIThere have been a few very limited articles out there stating that the Iraqi Judiciary just handed down earlier this week a 7 year conviction for former CBI Governor, Dr. Shabibi – Link To News Article

The IQD Team Connections just published this great “reminder” article which shows that Dr. Shabibi was actually cleared of all charges back on December 12, 2012 – So, being cleared of all Charges, nearly 21 months ago – clearly how can it be true that a conviction be handed down, giving Shabibi 7 years in prison?


If you have not been in the IQD “Dinar World” for too long – you may not even know what had happened originally – so, quick summary, Maliki had a bunch of false, trumped-up charges levied against Dr. Shabibi and was hoping to have him arrested.

Luckily, Shabibi was outside of Iraq, in Japan for a Conference at the time – so, he never came back to avoid Maliki’s scummy attack against him.  Maliki then put Dr. Turki in, who incidentally at that time was one of the individuals who assisted Maliki with creating the “trumped-up” charges!

Well, I hope that catched you up on the “soap opera” between Maliki and Shabibi!  Now, please read the two linked articles above.

Have a great weekend!

~ Mr. IQD



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