YEA!!! Fuad Masum is Iraq’s New President!

Happy Thursday Dinarians,

Well, I finally have something to post about, and what a “humm-dinger” it really is!

Iraqi President Fuad Masum

Iraqi President Fuad Masum

Fuad Masum was elected by the Iraqi Parliament today, Thursday July 24th 2014 to be the new President of Iraq, replacing the now former President Jalal Talibani.

Below is the full article thanks to my friends over at The IQD Team Connection…

BAGHDAD / obelisk: candidate won Kurdish blocs Fuad Masum, on Thursday, the post of President of the Republic of Iraq, after receiving 211 votes out of 269 votes.

The head of the Council, Salim al that “the number of votes to participate in the second round of the presidential election was 269 votes 0.228 valid votes and 41 invalid, and got Fuad Masum on 211 votes and Hussein Musawi on 17 votes.”

He added Jubouri “and thus Fuad Masum, president of the Republic of Iraq.”

The Parliament Speaker Salim al-announced, earlier on Thursday, said the number of voters reached the 275 deputies, of which 46 votes invalid, and got Fuad Masum on 175 votes, was awarded the MP Hanan al on 37 votes and ultra-Sheikh Ali on 10 votes and Hussein Musawi Three voices and Hamid al-Shammari two votes.

Then the face Jubouri hold a second round of elections between infallible and Fatlawi so as to not get two-thirds majority is infallible, but Fatlawi announced its withdrawal from the… [Continue reading on the IQD Team Connection’s Site]

Well, now Maliki must really be upset and crying like a little child who just spilled their ice cream cone….  

Maliki dude, you are next!!!

And I’m sure the members of Parliament in Iraq are just LOVIN’ it, especially your future replacement Chalabi who should be voted on and installed very soon now!

~ Mr. IQD


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