What does Tony TNT and the Iraqi Parliament have in “common”?

Happy Monday Dinarians,

I hope you all had a FANTASTIC 4th of July Holiday with your family.  🙂

Question – what does Tony TNT Renfrow and the new Iraqi Parliament have in “common”???….

Answer – they seem to be able to ALWAYS “postpone” matters of importance!

Take a look from our friend #1GOORU and the Mail Bag:

Mail-BagAnonymous Name / Handle: #1GOORU
Comment: Tony’s done it again! Delayed his court appearance until September of this year. Copied and pasted from a web page titled TONY EXPOSED:

On 6/24/2014 AM We called Kansas City, KS Court House http://www.ksd.uscourts.gov (913)735-2200 and was told the hearing on 6/24/2014 was Postponed by Tony Renfrow’s public Defender Tom Bartee new court date 09/29/2014 09:30AM

Tony’s (Wire Fraud) next Court date is: 09/29/2014 09:30AM (Case # 12-cr-20041: USA v. Renfrow) District Judge Murguia Kansas City Courtroom 463 (CM) Motion Hearing (Specific) https://ecf.ksd.uscourts.gov/cgi-bin/CourtSched.pl do a search for 9/29/2014 then on your keyboard use ctrl F find/search for “Renfrow” you will see it their. (See screen shot below)

Well, just like with these idiot Parliamentarians in Iraq “forcing us” to wait – it would seem that Tony has been able to force us to wait for him as well!!!!!! 

(And yes, the damn Sarcasm was Intended, sorry – I’m just getting a tad bit impatient with BOTH subjects.)

Sorry friends, it appears there will be no “entertainment” for the time being!

~ Mr. IQD


2 thoughts on “What does Tony TNT and the Iraqi Parliament have in “common”?

  1. Idiot Iraqi Parliamentarians forcing us Americans to wait? Uh….wait a minute. Just what is it that we are entitled to that they are withholding from us or making us wait on? I don’t believe they owe us a revaluation of their money. As for Tony, well, we KNOW why he is postponing as long as he can.


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