WHAT?!!! Iraq launches its first satellite – TigriSat

Happy Monday Dinarians,

WHAT!!!  Can you believe that Iarq has LAUNCHED their first SATELLITE in to Space?

I know, you are expecting me to bash some guru, or give you news as it relates to the currency of Iraq, or even this current mess with ISIS, but in a Million Years I NEVER EVER EXPECTED that I would be posting a real NEWS Article like this one!!!!  Take a look:

Iraq to launch its 1st satellite into space, TigriSat, to study dust storms.

Baghdad (IraqiNews.com) On Thursday the Iraq Ministry of Science and Technology announced that Iraq plans to launch its first satellite for scientific studies, this evening, from a base in northern Russia.

A three-unit CubeSat, TigriSat, is the first satellite to be launched for Iraq. Built for the country’s

Ministry of Science and Technology by Iraqi students working at the La Sapienza University in Rome, TigriSat will be used to monitor dust storms in Iraq.

Iraq previously claimed to have launched a satellite in 1989, however this was discredited after footage of the rocket exploding during first stage flight surfaced. Analysts have also determined that it was unlikely to have been an orbital launch attempt in any case.

The ministry said in a statement that “in spite of all the difficulties and security events plaguing Iraq, today we will launch the first satellite, Dajla, at 10:11:11 pm, according to the timing of Baghdad.”

The statement stressed that “the rocket launch would be… [Continue Reading]

Well, what do you think?  Yes, Iraq is going through Political turmoil right now and with that idiot Maliki trying to hold on to every little grain of power he feels he can –
But in REALITY Iraq is a much more ROBUST and STRONG Nation that even I had believed.  So, I even more feel really POSITIVE about their Future after reading about them sending up their own Satellite in to Space!

~ Mr. IQD

2 thoughts on “WHAT?!!! Iraq launches its first satellite – TigriSat

  1. Once Iraq gets itself a new PM and their day to day activity changes from a non-productive war torn 3-rd world Country to a world known super-power, the new-Iraq will step-forward!

    Most people around the world has no clue with regard to where Iraq has been in world history and they really have to realize they will emerge as a totally different being not far down the road! Iraq has a gift that most of us do-not-have!

    They have an almost endless oil supply and two-thirds of the entire worlds natural resources which will be taken into account when their currency starts to trade freely around the world against other currencies of Mideast Countries.

    As Wall-Street starts to take note of where they stand in world wealth and start to realize their future potential, there currency(The Iraqi Dinar) will take-off like the new satellite they just put into orbit!

    They will be the economic super-power so-to-speak of the Mideast and with time; The world as a whole. For anyone that is able to look past their short-term troubles stand a chance to become super-wealthy by investing in their stock-market right now and their currency as well once it starts to trade freely on world markets.

    If you are 45 years old or under, I would sell one-fourth of my U.S. stock holdings and put it to work by buying Iraqi stocks now. This will turn out to be the best investment decision of a life-time in about 10-years out and beyond.

    You will make your children and their children’s children rich beyond their wildest dreams! THANKS! Len [REMOVED BY MR.IQD](Retired stockbroker of 20+ years and the current Lead Forecaster with [REMOVED BY MR.IQD]).


    • Thank you to Len for his comments and opinions.

      Friends, please remember that Mr. IQD does NOT give “investment” advice and cannot recommend to buy/sell any investment vehicle, including speculation on the Iraqi Dinar.

      Please use your common sense and do your own research, and speak with your own local Stockbroker if you are considering selling (or buying) stock from your portfolio.

      While I appreciate Lens advice and enthusiasm – I caution you VERY STRONGLY to ONLY purchase as much IQD Dinar that you can afford!!! Afford means, “throw-away” money you would spend on a date on Friday or Saturday night, or some other frivolous purchase. If you are taking money from your savings, or your rent/mortgage to buy IQD, that is 100% a BAD decision and I do not recommend you do that! The IQD may never increase in value, or take a very long time – so, don’t be “stupid” and use your rent/mortgage money to buy IQD, you will REGRET it.

      Okay, that said, have a GREAT day! Whew, I hate legal and common-sense disclaimers…. 🙂

      ~ Mr. IQD


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