STRYKER Strikes back at ~Red Lily ~ With More Insults!!!

Happy Wednesday Dinarians, Well, I really hope this will be my last post regarding the argument between Stryker and ~ Red Lily ~

After yesterday’s post, (If you didn’t see it, Read It Now) it was only a very short time later that Stryker had responded to Red Lily.  He could have kept is simple, sweet and even apologetic, but instead he FLAMED HER with very rude insults and comments!  

Stryker - June 17 2014 TV Episode Webcast

Stryker – June 17 2014 TV Episode Webcast

Shortly after that post went out, ~ Red Lily ~ did get an outpouring of support from many of her readers and fans, including other leading members of our community including Kaperoni, Marc G., and Debbie (from the IQD Team Connection).

Its clear to me that they also share my feelings that a hardworking Newshound and great lady like ~ Red Lily ~ should NOT BE BULLIED!

Below is JUST 1 clip of Stryker’s A-Hole-ish Response to Red Lily:

I do not believe that you have theknowledge we seek here 

What a jerk – I especially think this part (above) of his reply should be noticed by his followers (at least the ladies who follow his blog):  “I do not need your help as I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT YOU HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE (i.e. Stryker you mean the REAL News of Iraq?) WE SEEK HERE…”  —

So, he just prefers to LIE like every other “Hack Guru” and not have people question his wisdom???…  JERK!!!

Well Stryker, congrats!!!  You now have insulted THOUSANDS of Dinarians – especially the Ladies of our Dinar Community!  Now that they know what kind of Chauvinist Jerk you really are!  

Why don’t you admit it to them on your next TV blogcast?  Tell the ladies who follow your blog, and had trusted in your judgment.  

They just got a chance to read it here and know how you really feel – you are clearly NOT interested in the REAL NEWS and “knowledge”!!!

To read everything that Jerk Stryker said to ~ Red Lily ~ as well as her response back, You really should go to her website and read her full “CEASE & DESIST” post and reply to Stryker’s response issued yesterday.

~ Mr. IQD


2 thoughts on “STRYKER Strikes back at ~Red Lily ~ With More Insults!!!

  1. So two hack gurus who wouldn’t know the truth if you kicked either of them in the backside aren’t getting along. Who cares? Yes, they do it all for us because they are such servants of the people? I mean, is anyone here actually stupid enough to believe that crap?

    I had to write and leave a comment about that and my other subject. For months dinarians have been led to believe the Dong would someday RV (much like the dream of a dinar RV). Today the government of Vietnam actually de-valued the dong to spur exports. Those of you hoping your dong would be worth something more than almost worthless will apparently have to wait. Even funnier, my buds at Peoples Talk Radio, or PTR, were just this past week telling everyone how they thought the dong would be worth about 10-cents when it RV’ed. Boy, hand it to those guys, they’ve got intel that is spot on, LOL.

    They also said last week Maliki would be out and a new government would be named by the end of the weekend. That came a few weeks after the May something deadline for the same thing (forgive me but there have been so many deadlines that we passed I can’t even keep track).

    Kids, you just have to laugh about these people like Stryker, Red Lily, Dan Atkinson, the famous Abe at PTR and others. They don’t know what they don’t know but they try and convince the rest of us they do know something. The only problem is that people like me who think and keep track of what they said, know they are as clueless as the rest of the people. RV in Iraq soon? There is a better chance of the Titantic sailing into New York harbor than that happening soon.


    • Red Lily is not a “hack guru” as you call her – she is a Newshound! There is a day and night difference.

      I guess I’m “stupid enough” as you put it – I 100% believe in Iraq, their future and their people – so, I’m an idiot I guess.

      With Iraq having one of the world’s largest oil reserves, plus an enormous wealth in natural minerals and other resources, I 100% believe that eventually they will get their Political and Economic systems in order and their currency will in turn increase in value. It is similar to a Corporation that filed for bankruptcy, their stock value tanked, then they rebuilt their company!

      I have always said to not put your money in the Vietnam Dong – I personally don’t believe that it will “rv” or increase in significant value anytime in the near future – the IQD has a far better chance of increasing a lot sooner in my opinion.

      I posted about Maliki being out – but that was not “instantaneous” – you have to learn to read the REAL news not “They also said…” who are “they” and why are you basing your arguments on “they”???

      I agree, laugh at the Hack Gurus – they are scammers,liars, cheats and just plain old “S-O-Bs” – but, leave the good Newshounds like Red Lily out, that is not fair to her!

      ~ Mr. IQD


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