Mailbag Ques? Are you still Optimistic about the IQD?

Happy Monday Dinarians,

Why am I so ‘happy’ you ask with a bit of snarl in your voice?

Well friends, because we are another day closer to the removal of Maliki and the turning around of Iraq’s Political System and Economy which should then in-turn lead us to our desired “end GOOOOOOOOAAAALLL!!!!!!” (FIFA World Cup Fans applauding) of the significant increase in value of the IQD.


In today’s mailbag I got a fairly sarcastic comment / question which I’m sharing with you, then giving you my reply to that person.

Here is the original email from that person (name & email removed):


What do you think now about the Iraqi Dinar?

with all the crisis going on in Iraq

Might in up cant even sell it back be $3,000 up a wild cats ass

Feeling kind a low… spirits lifted would be great if all possible

if not I understand



Here is my reply to that person:


I am still optimistic – I own only what I can afford to lose.

The Iraqi Federal Courts have to certify the Iraqi Election results after investigating all the formally filed complaints – which were thousands.

There was a news article today which said they expect to release the certification within the next 3 days [Article Link] — And, yes lots of people in Iraq wish they did it before June 15th which is when the new Gov was to start) so they are in limbo.

Remember most of the “rebels” are rebelling against Maliki – once he is out, things ought to cool down with them. They are just tired of being beaten, raped, thrown in Prison, etc. by Maliki’s Hench men.

The only thing that is making me feel “low” is that more innocent Iraqi people are being murdered – more blood on Maliki’s hands!

Thanks for a great idea for today’s post. I’ll be sure to change your name to protect your identity.

~ Mr. IQD

We all may be on the edge right now – especially if we are listening to the empty suit “talking heads” on our favorite 24/7 Cable News Channels or even on our favorite talk radio programs.

Remember, these “talking heads” are proving to you now just how much they really “know” about the News, and how badly informed they really are. Use this as a time to learn about the REAL truth of our American News Networks.

I’ll bet if you listened to a Conservative Station – their slant was “Obama is at fault”.

I’ll bet if yo listened to a Liberal Station – their slant was “Obama inherited GW Bush’s mess who is really at fault!”

Keep your thinking caps on – and whatever you do – DO NOT START TURNING TO HACK GURUS FOR THEIR INFO!!!

~ Mr. IQD


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