BREAKING!!!! Maliki OUT – Chalabi IN, as Iraq’s new Prime Minister!



We understand from the article below that “Dictator” Maliki is OUT – and that Hakim’s #1 pick for Prime Minister of Iraq is Ahmed Chalabi!!!


Is this man the new Prime Minister of Iraq?

Is this man the new Prime Minister of Iraq?

Will chair the opening session of the new parliament and government rescue of the free and the citizen and the other blocks, headed by Chalabi

I learned (Orient) from sources in the national coalition that trend tends to call for the convening of the first meeting of the House of Representatives after the ratification of the results of parliamentary elections yesterday to elect the President of the Age, which Adnan al-Janabi of the national list and go to the election of the President of the Republic to proceed with the nomination of Ahmed Chalabi of the National Coalition prime minister.
They confirmed the information leaked to (Orient) that challenges through which Iraq is currently difficult challenges had to be on all parliamentary blocs and political parties work to unify positions and the election of an Iraqi government of technocrats able to withstand terrorism and restore the situation and starting to confront terrorism and the most important re-formulation of the framework agreement with the United States with a new vision, including paving the way for the development of the relationship with the United States to cancel the frequency Washington arming Baghdad where marred by a lot of tension because of differences of political leaders and the tendency to sectarianism and the fear of the evolution of the dispute with Erbil to armed confrontation!

leader of the National Coalition stressed that the meeting of the House of Representatives Next will put the council members in front of their historical responsibilities elect a president and a vice president of the Republic and the President of the House of Representatives and his deputies and the prime minister and the ministerial staff his booth to bring out the political process of the governments of the quota system and the expulsion of Daash Otherwise, we’re going to have an emergency government and the country paralyzed! Information says that d. Ahmed Chalabi had important communications with the parties, the Iraqi National Alliance and the National Coalition and with the map of national consisting of Arab and national and united and the Kurdistan Alliance and the parties in the National Alliance, and to reach an understanding with Iran to build a national salvation government is working to expel the terrorist attack large gripping Iraq and placate Iraqi components and understanding with the Kurds on a comprehensive solution over the resource files crisis.

Coalition leader stressed that the largest component must be formed in the House of Representatives as the House of the Iraqi people as a whole is not formed in Iran or Saudi Arabia or Turkey, but the next government will come a copy Replica with modifications to the model of Iran or Qatar or Saudi Arabia or Turkey!
added the leader of the Shia that the current difficult and critical and must be government falls option sectarian advisory opinion of Sistani National does not work on the theme current stage to lay a draft of sectarian strife in the country.
learned (Orient) that the project formation of a government of national salvation, not far from the whole speech, U.S. and British who stressed that the fall of Mosul has to do with political differences before his relationship with gangs Daash!

NOTE:  This article and website was shut down as of: 6:58pm (EST) on Monday, June 16, 2014.  When I first read this article, the website was up and running!  

Several other people including: Marc G, and Debbie with The IQD Team Connection verified that they also saw this article and website up and running earlier.

Perhaps it was shut down by Maliki?  Or, just having a tough time with web traffic right now.  

LJ from the IQD Team Connection has been hoping for Ahmed Chalabi and has made that very public on their recent Tuesday and Thursday calls.  I know he is doing his investigation to further confirm this news article.

With hopes and prayers for sanity for the Iraqi People lets all prey that Ahmed Chalabi is the NEW Prime Minister as the News Article states!

~ Mr. IQD 

5 thoughts on “BREAKING!!!! Maliki OUT – Chalabi IN, as Iraq’s new Prime Minister!

  1. Really? you must be listening to PTR. It’s now the 20th of June and there is no mention anywhere of this. It’s the same crapola being peddled by numerous know-nothing gurus who said the guy was out last January.


    • Brad, do you even read my website?

      If you did, you would know that I don’t listen to PTR! Geeze dude!

      I still stand by the post I made – even LJ with the IQD Team Connection talked about Chalabi replacing Maliki as the Prime Minister once Parliment reconvenes at the end of the month.

      If you took the time to listen to their Thursday June 19th Call’s replay ( you would not have made yourself look foolish with such an ignorant comment.

      ~ Mr. IQD


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  3. I realize you don’t listen to PTR. However, regardless of who says Maliki is out, he isn’t. We’ve all heard for months how this guy is out but he is not. He’s clinging to power any way he can. We’ve also heard how they were going to name a new parliament also. It has not occurred and the fighting is getting more intense, not less. Again, most dinarians seem to think there is some RV about to happen when all you have to do is take an objective look at the news to accept the fact there isn’t much chance of that this year. The country is a complete mess. An RV? Close your eyes, tap your shoes together three times and repeat the phrase, “we do need an RV,” and it still won’t happen. I also listen to the IQD team but it doesn’t mean I agree with their intel either.


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