Q? Should I join a new Group to “Cash Out” Now?

Happy Thursday Dinarians,

Mail-BagI have been getting a ton of letters in my Mail Bag lately about these new so-called “Cash Out Groups” that many Hack Gurus and other Con Artists are pumping!!!  Did you recently also receive a similar offer like “Andy” did?


Here is an email I received yesterday from a person called “Andy” he/she wrote:

Dear Mr. IQD,
I have been contacted to form a group and “cash out”. The other guy’s words, not mine. He said they are getting a group together with everybody’s bank account numbers and one person goes to the bank (or a bank) to “cash out”. He said that it is being funded byPaymaster“. I am not sure of all the details and some of my questions he could not answer. But there is a bunch of red flags going off in my head about this.
For one, I can’t see any bank agreeing to this when one person walks in with a bunch of other people’s names, bank account information, etc.  To me the bank personnel would either (1) call the cops or (2) just escort you back out the door. What is you opinion on something like this?

Here is my reply email to “Andy”:

Hi “Andy”,

You are correct to have your “red flags” going off!!!

That really opens a person up to identity theft!

Besides, there is nothing “special” about exchanging currency at a bank. Have you ever traveled overseas? Or, at least to Mexico or Canada? Did you need anything special to exchange the currency? Nope.

The con artists (and Hack Gurus) mix in a little truth with a bunch of lies and plausibility to make it sound legit.

Stay away. The best thing you can do is hang on to your Dinar, don’t tell anyone else that you own Dinar. Keep checking the official website of the Central Bank of Iraq for the current REAL rate of exchange (i.e. today it is 1166 to $1.00 USD) if you don’t have the website – go to www.CBI.iq

That is all you need to do, and keep biting your fingernails in trying to be patient (like me and most of us) and hope that Maliki is finally ousted, and a new Prime Minister is installed with a new Government after June 14th (Maliki’s last day in office, legally!)

By the way, would you mind if I took your question and details (change your name of course) and make a full post? I think many other Dinarians would benefit from your question and my answer. Let me know please. Also, if you have a favorite “fake” name you want me to use for you, let me know.

~ Mr. IQD

Here is “Andy’s” response back to me.

Thank you for your reply.
I guess I will keep biting my fingernails then. Yes by all means, please post it. Change the name to “Andy” or something just not my real name.

The guy that contacted me about this is the one who got me into buying dinar. I am really disappointed in him for even suggesting this, but he also follows “TNTTony”.

So in all reality I guess it shouldn’t surprise me. Thanks.

Does “Andy’s” situation sound familiar?  

Could you be going through the same thing as “Andy”?  

Let me know about it, and maybe with your permission I’ll post it here (also changing your name to protect your identity) so that we can better educate our friends in the Dinar Community and try to protect them from these scumbags who just want to rip them off!

~ Mr. IQD


3 thoughts on “Q? Should I join a new Group to “Cash Out” Now?

  1. Just a note to beware. I recently became aware that one of our favorite hacks, Dan and Gary from PTR attended a meeting in Chicago (last week) with [“a Dinar Dealer”] Now, ask yourselves why two guys who claim they make no money from all this, are flying into Chicago to meet with the head guy from [“a Dinar Dealer”] and then, they somehow neglect to mention that on their calls????? The second interesting thing is that their whole focus has changed. Until recently it was the international community is waiting to see who the next PM of Iraq is (though Dan claimed some time ago that the powers that be would put in whom they wanted so this should be no surprise, right), last week the company line became we are waiting on the banks (again) because of all this money that will be pouring into their coffers. I just wish these guys would get a story straight and keep to it.

    They love to drone on about how they’re not making at money at this, doing it out of the goodness of their heart, and on and on but the fact they somehow neglected to mention a meeting with dinar corp should make one very suspicious.

    I have to admit that it has become entertaining to see the latest round of excuses from this pair. Put them in the same basket as Tony TNT, DC, Mountaingoat and the rest of the dinar idiots.


    • Hi Brad,

      Thanks for your comment – I don’t like to give any kind of mention of any of the dinar dealer’s names – so I removed their specific name in your post.

      Actually there will be a new Prime Minister announced, based on the current REAL Iraqi News! Take a look at this news article posted today by The IQD Team Connection: – http://www.theiqdteamconnection.com/iraq-news/national-alliance-malikis-reign-ended-after-he-settled-the-name-of-the-prime-minister1


      • Thanks for the heads up on the new PM!!! My guess is that a couple things are in process. One, they must get their money international, which means they have to move to Chapter VIII soon. If they do, and there is no RV…well, then we may have all been scammed.

        Second, their ISX or stock exchange goes up on July 1. I can’t see how they do that without a solid, tradeable currency worth something.

        Good news about M, though. And thanks for the link!


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