HOTT!!! Sources: Al-Maliki is ready to cede Third Mandate to not be Prosecuted!!!!

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Even though this news does not have anything to do with our favorite Hack Gurus, I could not resist re-posting it for you.  Thanks to Marc G from my “Anti Hack Guru” Skype Room for bringing this Article to our attention!  Enjoy!

Don’t cry Maliki, they just HATE you!!!

Baghdad/Orr news

Publication in the National Alliance said that the head of State of law Coalition Nuri al-Maliki agreed to the demand of the masses Coalition rejects third term. The source said that the outgoing Prime Minister, realizing that winning a third term in Office after his coalition was impossible on less
than 80-seat Parliament, according to results provided by the independent High Electoral Commission.

The more fear Al-Maliki is judicial and legal proceedings resulting from the mismanagement of the Government during the past four years and the administrative and financial corruption that accompanied the work and is more than $ 300 billion. The President of the State of law coalition parties handed the key document his most important clauses are not modal, prosecution and legal “with 15 leading figure of the Dawa party and including the Director of the State property in the green zone, Ahmed Nouri al-Maliki and Senior Deputy Interior Minister Adnan Al-Assadi and to close the former Trade Minister Abdul file tiller-Sudanese”.

A good strong Shiite leaders, Al-Maliki between acceptance of its conditions or defect from the National Alliance, to form an alliance between State of law and a number of other small political forces. The political body for the Iraqi National Alliance, met Monday with all components, and in the presence of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki in Office of President Ibrahim Al-Jaafari.

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