A Very Short RANT! by #1GOORU….

Happy Thursdays Dinarians,

I wanted to get this very short RANT! by #1GOORU out to you, rather than hold it for Friday or next week.  I think he/she makes a really good observation and point worth considering!

Rant!Anonymous Name / Handle: #1GOORU
Comment: Ok now, so where are Southern Shaker and some of the other scouts-for-truth these days ? Haven’t heard from anyone in awhile and I know they aren’t just waiting to see who wins the elections. Hope none of us become so complacent that we begin to accept the scumbag dinar liars who are wreaking so much havoc in people’s lives by predicting a huge return on an imminent revaluation while making money off those lies. 
People, just stop buying. Let it all shake down. If you have some, just hold onto them — you have enough. Don’t keep this racket going “just in case”. No dinar sales, no more pumpers to pay! Dealers will have to begin to charge normal fees, not what they are charging right now, part of which goes to the pumpers, in my opinion. 
If you see this racket for what it is, then don’t keep quiet ! Say something. Write something. But please don’t just look the other way while unaware people are being hurt bigtime. 
If you were scammed, write about it–use an anonymous name if necessary. But please do identify those who have lied to you. Let’s not just let this greed continue to breed.


1 thought on “A Very Short RANT! by #1GOORU….

  1. Once again Okie predicted May 25 was the end of waiting for our blessing. BS, TNT Tony, DC, Okie, and the rest of idiotic “Hack Guru’s” just keep pumping. These guys have the worst intel sources ever, if their real sources. If these hack guru’s lips aware moving…their lying. Every week “super fantastic” weekend, come Monday, they start the hype all over again, “super fantastic ” weekend! Nobody would continue to lie and pump dinar if they weren’t making money off it. You hack guru’s Shut the F@&$ up. You’re ripping people off, especially people who can’t afford it!


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