CBI & Fed Reserve “June RV” Question from our Mailbag


Happy Monday Dinarians,

I was not sure if “Z” wanted their full handle released, so I’m being cautious and leaving out his/her name.  Below are “Z’s” two questions I received.  I have interjected my comments inline with “Zs” comments and questions below:

Anonymous Name / Handle: z*******8
Email Address (only give if you want a reply): 
Comment: Ok you all have a Gr8 website, but thats not why I’m writing. I have been invested in the Dinar since 2009 and have been following the news very closely to make sure i haven’t invested in toilet paper.

[I noticed you said you “…have been following the news…” which is great, however if you have been following the REAL News from Iraq, then you should not be in doubt about what needs to happen, with regards to the CBI and the “RV” of the IQD.  You should not be asking your following

two questions.

I always recommend to Dinarians that I personally feel the best source for easily obtaining the REAL News from Iraq is checking the IQD Team Connection’s website daily, or signing up for their Newsletter or Twitter feed.]

Since last August I have been seeing/hearing about the magic month of June. I’m talking about the big meeting that went down in Jackson Hole, where i herd the out come of the federal reserve- to- the rest of the world banks ” decided to pull back our funding of 3rd world country economies to start in June 2014.” now than there has been a lot of articles from dinar guru that the CBI will start somthing in the middle of the year ie. june.

[First, the website Dinar Guru in my opinion is TRASH, they do not publish REAL News – they are akin to “The National Enquirer” – they are out to get people to click on their banner ads, therefore they need traffic, lots of it, and “sexy lies” get web traffic!

Lets be real – would you rather eat healthy Broccoli or un-healthy junk food???  

Sure – The tasty Junk Food!!!

The REAL Iraqi News (and the MrIQD.com website) is like your Mom telling you “NO JUNK FOOD!” and to eat your Broccoli, so as a kid, you reluctantly eat it.

Yet later in life you find out that in the long run you are healthier, and happier for it.  

Broccoli does not give you that “sugar high” (i.e. Hopium) that junk food gives you (i.e. “Hack Guru” lies about the IQD and the News) but you know that in the long run, you will be healthier for it.

And if my anology does not make sense to some of you, then let me put it straight…

The Hack Gurus lie to you, you get hyped up on their Hopium, then later that week, or month when the “RV” didn’t happen, you feel depressed and mad – and if you were foolish, you may even have overspent on buying Iraqi Dinar, or worse yet, you purchased a Reserve or Lay-A-Way which is soon to expire, and you are really left out, kind of like with that really bad hangover from the party the evening before!!!]

this two of my questions: How are “we” to consider the federal reserve actions, and how will this effect the sale of the dollar in Iraq as “pull out slowly in steps”?

[Answer – the Federal Reserve has influence, yes, since the Central Bank of Iraq is part of the same private banking system, nearly all banks globally are part of the same system.  However, I would not take any information given by Dinar Guru or other Hack Gurus who state that they have an “Inside” Fed Reserve contact.  Consider it garbage.  The Fed Reserve system has conferences, they have had them for years, I remember the 2010 Jackson Hole Conference several years ago that Dr. Shabibi went to – and the Hack Gurus back then were all saying it was going to “RV” for sure because of “X” and “Y” – the lies always remain, sometimes they just change “X” or “Y” but they are still just Hack Guru LIES!  Get off their roller-coaster! – Below is the 2010 FOX News Video Interview of Dr. Shabibi in Jackson Hole, Wyoming:]


Click to watch video on FOX News’ website.

Next question is if Iraq is re printing larger denoms 25000 and down, and are planing to RV in the up coming months or year wouldn’t that be counter productive to the rest of the world who hold the old notes and a ginormous waste of money to do so?
[Iraq already has all the Denom they need, they will continue to use the USD in place of the large IQD notes.  Why would they print more?  If there was no more “large notes” they how are you able to purchase them from Dinar Brokers now?  There is a large supply, and many options for the CBI.  

Remember, a lot of the REAL News articles out there are also repeats.  Often what happens is a Hack Guru will republish an old News article, and call it new on their blog.  

Or, even worse, an Iraqi Newspaper having nothing to print for that day or week will reprint old news articles.  Which is why checking the Real News on the IQD Team’s website is important, they attempt to filter out those “re-run” old news articles, so that you are not unknowingly being fooled.]


I’m pleased to get a chance to help “Z” since it is pretty clear to me that he/she has been getting a lot of useless garbage from the Hack Gurus and the websites that republish their garbage without regard for fact-checking or the decency of warning Dinarians that the “Hack Guru” has a terrible record for telling lies!

On a positive note about our new friend “Z”, I really appreciated that he/she is holding their Dinar (according to their comment) which means they are NOT doing Reserves or Lay-a-ways, which currently I’m 99% against.  Also, I’m very happy that they are asking questions, trying to learn more, and breaking the “hopium spell” which grips many Dinarians, so to you “Z” I congratulate you and say KUDOS!!!


~ Mr. IQD


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