UPDATE: The status of Tony TNT Renfrow’s Court hearing

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Well, I hope you all enjoyed Cinco de Mayo like me and Mrs. IQD did!

Tony, You're lookin' kind of smug....

Tony, You’re lookin’ kind of smug….

This morning I found a new update from #1GOORU regarding one of our favorite Hack Gurus, Tony TNT Renfrow.  He manages to keep kicking the can down the road of the Legal System, but eventually the Court Date will be firm, which we hope is coming up next month, take a look…

Anonymous Name / Handle: #1GOORU
Comment: In trying to find out the status of Tony’s wire fraud hearing, found a new date on this site: http://www.truthcall.com/tony.html :
Here is what I copied and pasted, (after verifying it with the court’s website ) Quote:
Tony’s (Wire Fraud) next court date is: 06/24/2014 09:30AM 12-cr-20041: USA v. Renfrow District Judge Murguia Kansas City Courtroom 463 (CM) Motion Hearing (Specific) https://ecf.ksd.uscourts.gov/cgi-bin/CourtSched.pl Court-KS-Change-Date-to-June-24-2014-Tony-TNT-Renfrow-Hearingdo a search for 6/24/2014 then on your

keyboard use ctrl F find/search for “Renfrow” you will see it their.

Click for LARGER Image

Click for LARGER Image

Anthony Renfrow’s (Tony) is using a public defender… William Fox is the other defendant they both have to appear together… it could be involved with a plea agreement or scheduling for a trial date. it could be on that date to set a new hearing date?

Thanks again #1GOORU for your diligence in digging up those records and helping us stay on top of Tony.  His Followers and the people who believe he is just a harmless nice guy need to know what kind of man he is!

And folks, let me just say this, the Federal Court doesn’t go after you for unpaid parking tickets or a speeding ticket!!!

But Mr. IQD, he has NOT been convicted of this yet, why should I listen to you?

Good question, sure, Tony TNT Renfrow has not been convicted of this (yet), but he HAS BEEN CONVICTED OF SIMILAR CRIMES and was sentenced 4 years time in Prison – TAKE A LOOK and read for yourself!

~ Mr. IQD  


7 thoughts on “UPDATE: The status of Tony TNT Renfrow’s Court hearing

  1. I often wonder why bother to leave a comment. I mean the Tony stooges and those who daily drink from the fountain of foolish, aka follow TNT, will almost certainly never wake up. The guy has called it at least a few hundred times. It should be painfully obvious, even to a mentally handicapped person that Tony is a complete fraud. After the 200th time it’s not even comedy anymore because you know what the guy is going to say. Would you let a convicted felon you’ve never met watch your kids? I hope the answer is no. If so, why in the world would you follow this guy for even one more second?


    • Brad, please don’t give up!!!

      If I had given up this website 2 years ago – think of the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Dinarians who never would have had the chance to see and hear the TRUTH about these Hack Gurus!!! I know that a minimum of several HUNDRED of people have “seen the light” because of this website. I imagine several hundred to several thousand more people have also “seen the light” but just never wrote to me to tell me.

      So my friend, please DON’T GIVE UP on our lost friends in our Dinar community. 🙂

      Thanks for all your comments and rants!


      • Mr IQD,
        I want to thank you for continuing your website. I am one of those of which you speak. I’ve had dinars for about 5 years now and trying to find ANY info I can on the RV that doesn’t leave me a raving lunatic hasn’t been easy. I will admit, I have listened to the Hack Gurus and then I found you!! You help me keep my peace of mind (and my perspective) in a more and more convoluted world. Thank you for all you do. I really look forward to reading your insight on the things going on in the Dinar World.


      • I am touched to hear from you and really do appreciate you taking the time to tell me!

        I’m glad to be of service to you.

        ~ Mr IQD


  2. I would love to have the opportunity to scream at some of these people like Gordon Ramsey does on his shows. The clueless restaurant operator who is losing money, thinks their food is great and a three star Michelin chef doesn’t know what really good is, LOL. The one shortage we will never have in this country is clueless people who just can’t think.

    Am I skeptical about the dinar RV? You bet. I have heard more excuses about why it hasn’t RV’ed than a member of the Obama Administration trying to explain away Benghazi. It may happen, but then again, if it doesn’t, I won’t be shocked either.


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