Iraq’s Election – Infographic gives simple explanation of Candidates

Happy Tuesday Dinarians,

Well we have less than 1 day to go to the Iraqi Elections, and I’m getting excited!

I saw this Iraqi Elections 2014 (by Aljazeera) posted on the IQD Team Connection’s website and had to share with you.  I hope it helps to clarify for you what in the heck is going on over there with tomorrow’s Election.



I estimate that Maliki will receive 4,320,000 votes out of the 21.5 Million Registered Iraqi Voters.  

However, we know that 21.5 Million Registered Voters is different from the Actual voters who turn out to vote (or live through Maliki’s henchmen’s bombs).  

Recently there was a News Article which said in 2010 Election, 50% of registered voters in Iraq actually voted.  That article also estimated that in the 2014 Election, as much as 80% (or more) of registered Iraqi Voters were expected to vote.

Acutal Voters based on the 2010 Election of 50% of Registered voters:
50% of 21.5M = 10.75 Million Voters – then Maliki gets roughly 42% of the vote – making him the #1 receiver of votes, but he may still not win if Sadr, Hakim and the Kurds combine their votes, making aprox 58%.  This is not as desired, as Maliki will fight to retain his seat as Prime Minister, claiming the vote is too “close”.  He may even be able to sway some support his way – like he did in 2010.  Luckily, the margin in 2014 is much wider than it was back in 2010, and Public sentiment is not nearly as favorable for Maliki – so, overall it is my opinion that Maliki will still lose, but it may be drug out over many months to see this result.

Acutal Voters based on the 2014 Election estimate of 80% of Registered voters:
80% of 21.5M = 17.2 Million Voters – then Maliki gets roughly 25% of the vote – which may or may not make him the #1 receiver of votes.  He will have very little chance to win, especially if Sadr, Hakim and the Kurds combine their votes, making aprox 75%.  This is our very BEST option which we need to pray to God for – with an overwhelming win of 75% of the votes, Maliki will have no leverage or support to continue his fight for a 3rd Term.

I’m glad there have not been more bombings today according to the News I’ve read!

I personally believe that the Iraqi Citizens know that Maliki is responsible for Monday’s bombings and I really hope that it has “back fired” (pun intended) on Maliki – since the Iraqis will be even more determined to get him the heck out of Office, then held up for his Crimes!!

I hope this have been of help to you!  If so, let me know, use the comment form below, or share this post socially.  Hang in there friend, we are almost there!

~ Mr. IQD


2 thoughts on “Iraq’s Election – Infographic gives simple explanation of Candidates


    This is the time to pray, if one does that as part of their daily regimen or think positive thoughts for those who subscribe to that philosophy too. Regardless of one’s belief system, I believe we are in the final days countdown before the NEW beginning for all of us!

    Everyone has their own thoughts and opinions on what the rate might be. I do too, based upon what I’ve experienced over my 30+ years in the investment business. I’m not claiming anything absolute, but rather I believe we will see a nominal initial rate (contrary to what the “Hack” Gurus have been feeding us for years) followed by a world-wide market acceptance of the IQD, which will steadily increase the IQD in value.

    We’ve all heard and seen for years the “Hack” Gurus opinions on the astronomical rates, but quite frankly there is NO LOGICAL or INTELLIGENT way for Iraq to initiate such a dramatic event, especially with a new government and the delicate transition to a pro-democracy. We need POSITIVE CHANGE, Iraq needs MANAGEABLE POSITIVE CHANGE!

    If Maliki is (ok, will be) defeated, I fully believe we will see a PRO DEVELOPMENT GOVERNMENT where the transition from OLD to NEW will take some time (not allot of time) but some time to develop. Therefore, don’t look for an immediate increase in the IQD until the NEW government and the CBI have had time to sync their respective plans, thus creating the optimum economical environment for the future. The NEW economy has to be EFFECTIVELY MANAGED and if the rate is too high or too low, the growth could either stall or quickly spiral out of control, thus creating major economic and social problems within Iraq. We’ve all gone to bed at night with visions of waking in the morning being millionaires. On the other hand, Iraq doesn’t care about you or I, they just want to see their country become a dominate player in the world economy. Iraq would probably like to see a steady positive growth, rather than a one day windfall. That’s where too many of us have had our vision distorted by the “Hack” Gurus incessant claim of these astronomical rates, which would be great for us, but not at all practical for Iraq’s ability to effectively manage and build their economic infrastructure with any sort of balance.

    Think of this process as a long distance runner, a thoroughbred race horse or a bicycle race like the Tour de France. Have you ever seen one of these horses/runners/bicyclists burst out of the gate or off the starting line and race as fast as they can winning from the start(again, not talking about the short sprints, but rather the longer races)? Also, if they start too slow, they may never be able to catch up, no matter how fast they might be. Therefore, these horses/athletes must pace themselves (patience) for the perfect timing to sprint to the finish line. If one sprints prematurely, they will exhaust themselves and eventually tire before the end and usually get passed by mosts of the others. The good horses(jockeys’)/runners/bicyclists know just when to turn on the speed. I believe that same analogy applies to the IQD and the NEW government! Iraq needs to find that equilibrium between too small of a rate increase and conversely one that is too high (sorry “Hack” Gurus’).

    This is not an easy task to achieve and requires lots of planning, which is much more than what the “Hack” Gurus have wanted us to know. Afterall, if we thought that we’d have to wait years to see any appreciable gain in the IQD value, how many of us would have bought the IQD or continued to buy it every time the “Hack” Guru tells us that the rate is going to be (you can fill in the amount) or we’ll see it tonight, tomorrow night, over the weekend or by next Tuesday as they have been saying for years. The “Hack” Gurus have no more ability to tell us the rate or date then who’s going to win the Super Bowl or World Series? Think about Warren Buffett’s NCAA basketball challenge this year. Even with an incentive of the prize of $1 Billion dollars, NO ONE came close to guessing all the teams. The “Hack” Gurus want us to believe they know or have sources that know, but THEY DON’T. If they did, we would have already seen the RV and Mr. IQD and other WEB SITES INCLUDING THE “HACK” GURUS would now be retired! How hard is it to understand REALITY TRUMPS HACK GURU HOPIUM?

    I’ve been in this race for 8+ years. I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly (way too much, unfortunately from ALL the IQD camps), but am confident that the finish line is in sight. So, whether we see the IQD revalue initially at 1 cent or 1 dollar, keep in mind that the race isn’t over until we cross the finish line! Iraq isn’t stupid, they will balance the rate with what they feel they can manage and how they see their economy developing over time. Keep the FAITH! I strongly feel that this is a time for all the IQD camps to join together and not get hung up on WHAT the rate or date of the IQD will be, but rather believe that we will soon see a POSITIVE move forward. There is power in agreement and we all need to agree that this is IRAQ’S AND OUR time to be set FREE!



    • Thanks Snoopy for your input and sound advice to Dinarians – it is always appreciated.

      The prelim results are already being posted (at the time of my writing) and they are really looking positive that Maliki is out. Thank God! But, until the official results are posted – it is still conjecture.


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