What my opinion is about the upcoming Iraqi Elections

Happy Friday Dinarians,

Since it has been over a week since my last post, I thought I would take a little time off from the Skype Room, and give you my opinion about the upcoming Iraqi Elections.

Opinions are just like "@$$#o!ez" - and I got one too....  :-)

Opinions are just like “@$$#o!ez” – and I got one too…. 🙂


Well, “surprise – surprise” the Hack Gurus (like Tony TNT, Dan Atkinson, Okie Oil Man or others) have been making their normal lies and garbage about the RV going to happen “any time” because of the elections.  Of course if you are like me, you know it is their normal rhetoric we have heard hundreds or thousands of times in the past.

But, I did want to weigh in publicly with my OPINION (notice I said “Opinion” instead of “Intel from a high-up source which cannot be named”).

With the elections on April 30th all we can hope for is a clear and decisive loss for Maliki in votes.  There needs to be a huge margin that cannot be disputed, and makes it crystal clear to everyone that Maliki lost the Election.

Do I believe that Maliki will go to the office of the Prime Minister, and bring in a few old boxes and put his photos and post-it notes and a few Bic pens in the box and leave… Nope!  It won’t be that easy in my humble opinion.  Even if it is clear he lost the election and he will no longer LEGALLY be allowed to continue.

Also remember – according to News articles I have read, and also that have been discussed on the IQD Team’s recent Conference Calls – The Iraqi Caretaker Government will not continue past mid June 2014.

In my estimation, Maliki will insist on staying in the position of Prime Minister until mid June 2014.  I’m sure he will try to stay in power beyond that time – no surprise, that is just Maliki being the bastard he is.

However, I’m not too depressed about that notion, I have a sense in my heart and also from a few of the articles I have read over the past month that the “power to be” will insure Maliki does not accomplish this. Why you ask?….

I’m glad you asked!  Here is (IMO) why…

First, Maliki cannot survive without the Military backing him.  Currently as Prime Minister he has the authority to direct and manage the Iraqi Military – Just like our President has the power of Commander in Chief of our US Military.

However, after his LEGAL term as Prime Minister is no longer valid due to the Election and also their Constitution – I believe that the Leadership of the Military will refuse to take any further orders from Maliki – stating that he no longer has a legal authority to give them orders.  This is HUGE my friends and I prey every day that I’m correct with this insight.

Next, I also believe that the World Community wants and needs more than ever for Iraq to get their Government in order, be a beacon of light and stability for Democracy in the Middle East.  Having Iraq get past Maliki’s sectarian agenda will hopefully go a long way in accomplishing this stability.

And also, With stability in Iraq’s political system, this will bring stability and growth in the Iraqi Economy.  Iraq’s economy has the potential of being one of the most robust Economies in the world.  Their annual growth rate is expected to be as high as 15% or greater!

And also-also, my favorite part frankly is now with a stable political system and a stable, growing economy there is nothing to hold back the CBI from “RV-ing” or as I prefer to say, “Significantly increasing the value (over time)” of the Iraqi Dinar!

To summarize – Be Patient – It will not “RV” anytime soon, expect to wait a while…

Have a good weekend friends – next Wednesday, April 30th are the Iraqi Elections!

~ Mr. IQD


2 thoughts on “What my opinion is about the upcoming Iraqi Elections

  1. What. You mean Dan is wrong about this being over after the election? OMG! Thanks for the article. Probably the most coherent, thoughtful article on what will very likely occur that I have read. Dan back off his often repeated opinion this week that it would RV in April. Just like the comments he made about it being in October, November, December, then January and…you’ll be happy to know that the PTR guys are back to explaining how Abe and their other sources all say this just has to happen because the world needs it This of course after months and months of Dummy Dan telling everyone how his sources had indicated Maliki would never make it even to the end of his term without being ousted. So much for reliable sources, huh Dan? The same guy who criticizes Tony for his sources has sources that are never correct either.

    Worse yet, many members are shaking their collective heads and saying everything they are reading and seeing points to this RV now. More and more stories. I liken it to this…if you believe the end of days are here, lots of what you see in the news will support that if you are looking through that prism. If not, you will also see stories that don’t indicate that.

    Me, I’ll just continue to laugh at those misguided believers who believe every month is it or every week is the one. Sad way to live. I agree this may at some point increase in value. The operative word being may. But I am sure of one thing. Nobody knows, certainly not Tony, nor Dan and Gary, nor Eagle 1 or any of those clueless gurus.


    • Hi Brad,
      Glad to hear from you! Well, hopefully now in only a few days we should start getting the election results and I prey (I really pray to God) that Maliki received a very loud, clear and decisive “NO F-ING WAY” Vote for a 3rd term!

      That should embolden the Military leaders to tell him – “F-no” I’m not going and killing any more of my Iraqi countrymen on your word alone!

      If this very positive outcome happens, hopefully by the end of May of this year we will have a really good sense for where the future of Iraq will be headed.

      Thanks again for chiming in and helping our community sort through the Hack Guru INSANITY!

      ~ Mr. IQD


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