$425 Million Lottery Prize Winner’s Strategy to protect himself….

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Below is a partial repost + link to the full article I found on the IQD Team Connection’s website. 

On one of their recent Conference Calls, they talked about this guy in California who recently won the $425 Million jackpot and the crucial steps he took to protect his identity, assets and how he structured his future life of wealth using local Professionals (not Hack Gurus over the internet and conference calls).  Enjoy!

California Lottery official: Sole winner of $425M February Powerball jackpot comes forward

Published April 02, 2014
Associated Press

April 1, 2014: This photo provided by the California Lottery shows Powerball winner B. Raymond Buxton holding a check for $425 million, in Sacramento, Calif. Buxton was wearing a shirt that featured a picture of Yoda and read, ‘Luck of the Jedi I have’, according to lottery officials. (AP Photo/California Lottery)

SAN FRANCISCO –  The sole winner of February’s $425 million Powerball jackpot came forward to claim his prize Tuesday.  READ MORE CLICK ON RIGHT

California Lottery officials said B. Raymond Buxton, a Northern California man, claimed the prize at the California Lottery headquarters in Sacramento.

” ‘Unbelievable!’ is all I could muster,” Buxton said in a statement on Tuesday. “Once the initial shock passed, I couldn’t sleep for days.”

After the winning numbers were announced, Buxton said, he sat in front of his computer in disbelief, checking and rechecking his ticket — and telling no one else that he had won. “Sitting on a ticket of this value was very scary,” he said.

When he claimed his prize Tuesday, Buxton was wearing a shirt that featured a picture of the Star Wars character Yoda and read, “Luck of the Jedi I have.”

According to his publicist Sam Singer, one reason that Buxton came forward on…  To FINISH READING


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