RANT! Here is my RANT about Dan, Gary and PTR!!!

Happy Wednesday Dinarians!

Well Brad H. was doing all kinds of mini-Rants! on the discussion board and comments to posts!  So, I told Brad – “put it in a Rant!” and he did!  

So, KUDOS to Brad H. for contributing, but also stepping it up and shouting it out with the following….. Enjoy!

Here’s my rant about Dan and PTR….

Dan Atkinson, the dummy who leads the goofballs at PTR has been steadfastly claiming for months that we were right on top of the RV of the Iraqi dinar. Dan’s main belief is that the RV must occur because the dinar used to be worth something.

Don’t take my word for it. Here are some things Dan has claimed over the past several months that would make the most ardent conspiracy nuts proud.

First, is the oft repeated claim by Dan that the real people who control the world rigged the US election in favor of Obama. No proof of course is

ever offered by these nut-jobs, just the standard boilerplate that the mysterious powers that be really run the show. Now Dan claims that the Iraqi election is a foregone conclusion. Of course, Dan won’t actually say who will be elected. “The world powers do control these matters and types of situations, ah I’m sure they already know who’s going to be in office…basically at the end of this we’re just going to see who they wanted in there,” was a claim just made this week.

This is the same guy who claimed in late January that Maliki would never finish out his term in office because of pressure. Surprise, Dan, Maliki is still in office.

On a recent call Dan and Gary Osborne (if that is his real name which I doubt) had one of their chief sources on, a man they call Abe. Abe said “there is absolutely no chance this will occur while Maliki is still in charge.” Should be interesting to see what happens if Maliki wins reelection, which two major news outlets, The Economist and the Wall Street Journal both predicted last week. Dan, of course, discounts anything from Pulitzer prize winning publications because of his contention that the powers that be control all of our media here in the States. Of course, again, no proof offered other than he knows that to be true.

This is the same PTR team which charges members $15 a month for their half-baked, almost always wrong, sometimes contradictory intel.

“One of the reasons I’m being so careful is because I believe we’re extremely close,” claimed Dan on a February 25, 2014 call. A month later, I guess we are still, extremely close (whatever that means). This after being on top of it, or extremely close since last September, now six months ago.

They do know how to keep the faithful chomping at the bit, though.

On February 21, 2014, Gary claimed, “the people I know on the international level and the people who kept saying don’t look don’t worry don’t wait just go about your day, for the last week and a half are calling me know and saying it looks like your dream is here.” Funny how my dreams still aren’t here and it’s a month later.

One of the things that has always made me know they guys are simply hopium dealers is the almost total lack of acknowledging what was said before and the constant carrot and stick approach which online scams frequently utilize. The old, it’s almost here if you just stick with us a while longer.

Gary, on September 23, 2013, “We are coming to a critical week right now. Critical. There are a number of people who are key experts from Dr. Todd (another mysterious figure they claim that has some knowledge or ties to the RV) to the IMF all looking and saying we can see a recovery, a global GDP of 2.8%, or 3%, IF the money gets into system in next three months.” Only problem was, the IMF already had predicted a global growth of about 3 percent. That was without the RV by the way. A few days later, another tidbit of info from Gary… “The conversation that was released in was when they said where is the money coming from, they said because we have approved the GCR. So lot of good things saying we’re coming to the conclusion of this.”

These two began predicting back in late September that the world economic calamity would surely ensue if the RV wasn’t released during the fourth quarter of last year. Then they said it would be terrible if it didn’t get released in time for the first quarter of 2014. Anyone notice that it’s now the second quarter of 2014? Just askin’.

When the RV hadn’t happened on November 25, 2012, Dan said, ‘If this isn’t done by Christmas we’re looking at a world situation we have not seen in my lifetime.” I guess that meant, no dinar at $3.50, I’m not sure because then on January first during a call that day Dan claimed, “They’re turning up the heat on M and his party. I believe he’s got to jump at this point. Also fits into the timelines we’ve talked about and what we will see immediately in the banks and things within the next two weeks here. And this is what Abraham said I don’t believe we can get much further than the first couple weeks of this month because of what’s going to be exposed is going to start flipping the switches on this other stuff.” Exactly what was going to be exposed has never been explained, typical of the stuff con artists do – make wild claims without backing up anything, then never explaining.

On January 14, 2014, Dan repeated a claim that he expected to see it, “this month,” something which he repeated until February when the claims of an imminent RV began to make even the most ardent PTR fans wonder if the guy had actually lost his mind. You can bet that weekly they will repeat the following. It’s close, there is nothing negative or stopping the RV, there is money being moved around, discussions and meetings happening, in short, the nebulous stuff that you can’t really independently verify and sound like something is really going on. Don’t be fooled.

That’s my problem with these guys. They keep telling people it’s about to happen, but offer no proof at all. Dan recently repeated another urban legend, the one about Queen Elizabeth controlling trillions of dollars that was released last year. Dan on a call said anyone could find this on Google. When members tried to Google it, however, surprise, because not one credible link turned up. Dan was left sputtering on a call that it was there and you would just have to trust him. Oh right, because you have just a spotless record of being on the money, huh, Dan?

The entire PTR thing reminds me of Tony TNT, one of their former partners. My guess is that Tony TNT wanted more money to lie during the three day a week calls and they turned him down, thus the split. Dan especially loves to mention Tony, but forgets that nothing he has said/predicted has turned out to have even a shred of truth, at least not something than can be proven.

Meantime, the PTR machine continues to collect $15 a month from over a thousand members. One other thing – PTR charged members $30 a ticket for a San Francisco event that was supposed to occur two weeks after the RV. Thousands of members purchased tickets but the members I asked say they’ve never been given any type of refund meaning Dan is holding onto tens of thousands of dollars in deposits for something likely never to happen. What a way to scam!

It will be interesting when Maliki returns to office at the end of this month and PTR has to begin offering members another excuse for why their dinar remains worthless. I suggest if you are a PTR member you invest the $15 in something better, like lottery tickets. I’m sure you’ll at least win a few bucks back once in a while.

Just call me Brad.

Right on Brad H. – thanks for stepping it up and telling us your thoughts about Dan Atkinson and his PTR cronies!

If you are a new reader to my website, please bear in mind that my personal position / opinion on the Iraqi Dinar is that I believe 100% that eventually the IQD’s value will increase significantly.  

I believe that several things need to happen FIRST however:

The Parliamentary Elections later this Month of April 2014 will hopefully see the final removal of Maliki as (Dictator) Prime Minister and Iraq will finally see more political stability!

The new Economic Stability (from the new Political stability), will, then in my opinion cause increased confidence in the Banking System in Iraq, thus the increase in value of the IQD!

Do you want to Rant! about your favorite Hack Guru?  Do so, send your rant to my Mail Bag, or comment below!

~ Mr. IQD



1 thought on “RANT! Here is my RANT about Dan, Gary and PTR!!!

  1. I wasn’t aware of ‘Dan Doofus’ antics; glad to see him exposed to the readers of this website. Just look at that expression on his face! Someone is surely coaching him all the way (I wonder who that could be), as he looks pretty clueless to me. But then dumb people can lie as well as the intelligent can. Their lies, though, are just a lot more ridiculous, such as his.


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