Today we have a “BOGO” special on Iraqi ‘Dictators’

Hello again Dinarians,

Well it appears that today we have a “BOGO” special on ‘dictators’…..



You probably just read the earlier post where Allawi’s National Coalition essentially calls Maliki a Dictator!

Now, thanks to the IQD Team Connection – they found another article where Sadr essentially ALSO calls Maliki a Dictator!  Is this a well coordinated effort to get the Iraqi people to finally wake up about Maliki’s bad deeds and intentions! Take a look:

Muqtada al-Sadr: Name of hurling the chest in the case of Diyala, they follow the “dictator”
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} counting the cleric Muqtada al-Sadr from hurling the name of al-Sadr in the case of Diyala, they follow the dictator, adding that the militias took advantage of some rude and gullible simpletons in Diyala.
Mr. al-Sadr said in a statement received Euphrates News} {copy of it today that “Diyala province, signed between the jaws of the Wahhabi militants and ignorant Shiites who violate the sanctity of Mosques to shake Islamic unity.”
He added that “moderate Sunni and Shiite equitable victim of acts of childlike reckless and irresponsible

in Diyala.”
And between that we Nstsrkh all jealous of the nobility of references, scholars and tribal sheiks love for the unity of the country and the people that saved the province of telecom AFCAC especially as the parliamentary elections on the doorstep, and will all of drool on power, including he likes of rigging and buying receivables and exploitation of the judiciary and the exposure to the Office of the Independent and the return of the Baathists and the bombing of cities, but most of it burning Iraq wants to keep his authority even bloodshed and dissemination of sedition. ”
Sadr called “the owners of reason and wisdom to protect Iraq and not next phase of the moderate voice wherever and have the possibility of injustice, violence and dictatorship.” Ended

Attention: K-Mart & Wal-Mart Shoppers, we do have a “BOGO” special on Dictators Today!  Also a clean-up is requested in the Children’s Department on isle 4 – someone’s child, named “Tony” wet his pants…..  (Sorry, just couldn’t resist 2 posts today without a little Hack Guru ‘bashing’.)

~ Mr. IQD


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