RANT! #1GOORU’s BEST Rant! Ever in my humble Opinion!

Happy Monday Dinarians,

Well, we made it through another weekend – I hope yours was good, you did something special, maybe did it with the special person in your life.


Okay, now for #1GOORU who must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed – but it is another Monday afterall without the “promised RV” that so many Hack Gurus talk about.  Without wasting anymore time, here you go… Enjoy!


—If just one of the “relatives” of the “friends” who are reporting bank stories on the imminent Dinar Revaluation would STEP FORWARD, not ashamed to put his/her real respectable name behind their claim, I would be possibly inclined to listen to the dinar pumper-guru hype.  There must be hundreds of these supposed people being reported on the hack gurus’ websites (fake commenters) by now!

—If just one of the bank “employees” who supposedly gives a “nod”, a “wink”, a “word” or a “hint” that the RV is near, would STEP FORWARD, again I would be inclined to listen respectfully to this stuff.  And again, there are many of those mentioned.  And yet, not a one has copied and pasted the many “bank screen” reportings and spirited it out for the sheeple to see.  (Doesn’t take an Edward Snowden to do that without being caught.)

—If just one bank would PUBLICLY state they are readying themselves for possible currency changes, or any source WHATSOEVER stated by the pumpers actually come forth and give credibility to this whole effort, we would all pay attention.

With all these supposedly “knowing people”, who needs  a hokey Mr DC, Tony, Okie Man or the funiest of all, the questionably-female Mountain Goat who yoddles crap as expertise from a Bavarian mountain top ever so often, when called upon for further fuel to the frenzy.

—Instead we have only the pumpers and the pumpers’ websites and bloggers’ names and fake commenters and fake tweeters spouting off about “my brother’s boss …  my landlord’s sister ….my cousin’s brother-in-law… my uncle who’s a friend of the bank president, Dick Cheney, the “administration”, “Christine”, etc.

—Instead we have the “winking” drive-thru bank teller, the “grinning” bank manager, the loan officer “denying while holding up his crossed fingers for me to see”, the bank security officer “whispering” he owns dinars himself!  All this relayed to bank customers???   If so, they are idiots!   If my bank people acted like that, I’d change banks.

—Instead, we have Wells Fargo and other banks already set up with foreign exchange departments making regular foreign exchange as they have done for years (with long-established foreign exchange department phone numbers), not in anticipation of the pumpers’ claims, but DUE TO WORLD TRAVEL AND OTHER LEGITIMATE REASONS!.

—Instead we have Wells Fargo already stating they are NOT exchanging/dealing with the Iraqi dinar!  No one can until it goes international, at which time it will be just like any other internationally traded currency.  We can just hope it will be revalued by then and thus exchanged at a rate higher than what it’s value is now.

—Instead we have Twitters legitimate report on the huge percentage of Tony’s FAKE TWITTER ACCOUNTS!

—Instead, regarding Tony’s stated connections to the IMF, we have the IMF stating PUBLICLY in no uncertain terms that this is completely fraudulent !

—Instead we have the BBC reporting the IMF’s DENOUNCING statement of that for the ENTIRE world to see!

And still the sheeple believe.  That is the Hopium addiction promoted and protected within this cult.

All this is my opinion, derived from deductions that 2 x 2 doesn’t make 10 Trillion.  Hope is wonderful.  Hopium, however,  is the slayer of all intelligence, intellect, realism and independent thinking.  Hopium is a lie.  And we should know that deceiver of old, the Father of Lies, as well as those disciples of his on earth who are spreading Hopium for their own greedy gain, all while deceptively calling upon the name of the Lord.

We may each know some of the sheeple they are deceiving or who are deceiving themselves.  If any of you can expose any of the untruths around this situation, without exposing yourself to harm, please do so.  It may just reach a “newbie” (their fond little expression for unknowing new people) BEFORE they are hooked.

Thanks #1GOORU for getting all of that off your chest!  Snoopy – you had watch out, #1GOORU is getting longer and longer at his/her Rants!  🙂

Hey, Did #1GOORU touch a nerve with you also?  Well, let your fellow Dinarians know, send me your letter using my Mail Bag, or use the comment form below!

Have a GREAT week!
~ Mr. IQD


15 thoughts on “RANT! #1GOORU’s BEST Rant! Ever in my humble Opinion!

  1. I’ve awakened a few 100 people with over 6000 tweets until just Sat they finally was able to get me suspended from twitter. I’ve gotten a new account but the only ones that are left is the real idiots that after showing them he’s a convicted indicted conman they say SO WHAT that’s in the past. Even they are starting to question him now and his tweets are down to 5 to 10 a minute and 4 out of 5 are bots lol. He has one of his callers tell the listeners to donate every call now so he’s really hurting financially LMAO. I’m turning my ire to this Dave Schmidt that just Sun had a conference in Dallas to show people how to act as millionaires for $140 a person. Hopefully nobody showed up but there are real idiots involved in this RV GCR or whatever you want to call it. PEACE


    • Hi James,

      “No” I do believe that the IQD will eventually significantly increase in value (a.k.a. the “RV”).

      “Yes” I do NOT believe in a Global Currency Reset – IMO that is a fantasy posed by the Hack Gurus to use as one of many excuses to keep them out of trouble for lying about the IQD “RVing tomorrow”.


      • MR. IQD,
        My question above was for Mike Diston but that’s ok. I guess one could have an RV without a GCR. However, there are others out there talking about a GCR beside the Gurus. There are those who think its all a scam…and it quite possibly could be……If it does RV, I wouldn’t want it on my conscience that I influenced anyone to sell their Dinar.


  2. Wish you would turn your attention to Dan Atkinson and Gary Osborne, who continue to pump, pump and pump. They have consistently said no RV until Maliki leaves office. Only one problem with that. There was a great story in the past few days (easy to find on news.google.com) about how Maliki will likely win a third term. Guess that buys these two hucksters more time to fleece the sheeple since Maliki isn’t going anywhere. I do love listening to these two because I find it fascinating how they continually spin and spin and spin with no questions ever asked them. The post hit it on the head. Hopium causes otherwise intelligent people to turn their brains and common sense off.

    On a recent call Dan claimed he had heard something weeks ago from a source about what was going to happen in the Ukraine! Not kidding. Of course, when the crisis first erupted, Dan claimed it wouldn’t affect the forthcoming RV. Now, he has reversed course and says it is. How convienient to keep the people paying their money to PTR for more weeks. Member have not to date questioned him on these discrepancies.

    Gary said recently a number of currencies are currently being revalued at this time. Of course, mr. Gary did not actually name which currencies those were. Then there is Dan maintaining the RV has to happen because of the amount of oil under the sand in Iraq. That, of course, would be the same oil that has been under the sand for eons. Their currency has been worthless for years. Yes, it was valued by them at $3.00+ BUT, when they paid for oil and other imports it was at the prevailing rate, which was less than pennies for each U.S. dollar.

    So beware of people like Dan Atkinson telling you why the dinar HAS to be revalued.
    This would be the same guy claiming it had to happen before the end of last year, the first part of this year, etc., etc., etc. Or the fact that Maliki can’t run for the third term as he has claimed, though Maliki can. As Dan likes to say, the proof isn’t out there because “we were never supposed to know about it.” Does that not sound like an excuse used by every scammer out there? The proof isn’t there because the RV is not happening.


      • Brad, you could be a big help by sending in any info you run across on these other hucksters to Mr. IQD to print. We readers would appreciate knowing about them. I for one only have time to follow one website. It provides me with enough humor for each day and enough indignation to last longer than that. And I imagine Mr. IQD doesn’t have enough time to cover all these “ROOS” and their practical jokes on the sheeple.


      • Thanks Alrighty!

        Well, you are right – I work a full time JOB, so I don’t have all the time in the world.

        But, I also ask…. “How many times do I have to post about a Hack Guru BEFORE people understand that they are a HACK GURU???”

        I have posted many times on PTR, and Dan and Tony and Okie I’m just friggin’ sick and tired of showing example after example of these Hacks telling lies to their followers and to our community as a whole. How many more times do I have to beat this drum before people “get it”???

        Nuff Said………… LOL!!!!


    • Brad Hagler on March 25, 2014 at 9:50 am said: ”
      The proof isn’t there because the RV is not happening. ”
      HOW DO YOU KNOW???? Where is your proof that its NOT going to happen? You have no more proof that it isn’t going to RV than those who say it is.


      • James, you have hit the proverbial nail on the head. The only ones who keep pushing the RV date and rate are the “Hack” Gurus (and I wish we had another name to use beside Guru, because the word Guru implies someone who is knowledgeable and well qualified. Well, sorry, I stand corrected, because the word Guru is appropriate for them as they are very knowledgeable of what they do and well qualified to manipulate, deceive and lie to hundreds if not thousands of people all the time).

        In the wonderful world of investing, we use the words risk and reward. Without the risk we would not have the reward to look forward to. The IQD is 100% FULL OF RISK! So as we patiently wait for things to change in our favor, we also wait for the reward.

        Listening to these Hack Gurus’ mesmerize us with their stupidity resembles one watching grass grow. One can sit there for hours, but I guarantee you’ll never see it grow, than one day you realize that you have to mow the grass again and wonder how in the h*ll did it get so tall so fast! One day we will see the reward we’ve been longing for.

        Then again, where would the fun be if we didn’t have these Hack Gurus’ to pass the time waiting for the grass (Dinar) to grow!



      • You mean to tell me you have never seen grass grow? Hmm. My granddaddy used to tell me you could go out into a cornfield on a hot humid summer night and hear it growing…it would make little popping noises. TMI?
        All of the gurus or intel providers seem to be converging saying if its going to happen it will happen by the end of April.
        I look at it this way…..at least we have several people (gurus) tracking this thing. Although some may be overzealous…if this was twenty years ago most of us would be in the dark and probably wouldn’t be made aware of it anyway. So I’m glad there are watchdogs out there keeping us informed.


      • …..of course when they find out that the Hack Gurus have been only retelling each other’s lies, then what??? James, have you not noticed this yet?


  3. To those among us who are Believers…This analogy comes to mind. These gurus are like a lot of preachers. Some preachers can get so fired up they can make you think the Lord will come back before midnite tonight. Some believe his return is still a ways out into the future, so live your life doing whats right in the mean time. Then there are the false prophets who are only in it for the money and power they can have over people, they may be telling people some or part of what they want or need to hear, but their motives are all wrong.
    I like listening to every opinion on the subject I can…like the proverb says ” In the multitude of counselors there is safety”
    And that concludes our sermon for today kiddos.


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