NEWS! Maliki reported to have replaced Dr. Turki as CBI Governor!

Happy Thursday Dinarians,

I just spoke over the phone with Straight Talkin’ Mike who as you may already know is with the IQD Team.

Interim CBI Governor Abdul Basit Turki

Did Maliki Just Replace CBI Governor Abdul Basit Turki?

We discussed the Breaking News of Maliki replacing Dr. Turki as the Governor of the CBI.  Here is one of the recent News Articles they Posted on their Website:

PictureAli Keywords

MP for the coalition of state law gum honest decision by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to withdraw the hand of Abdul-Basit Turki administration of the central bank and the appointment of the secretary-general of the Council of Ministers on the Keywords instead of him, noting that “Keywords able to manage the central bank.” read more >>>

Mike did say to me that he is currently working to get to the bottom of it – and that several news sources are also publishing this news story today.

It is ironic to me that Maliki’s office just earlier this week on rumors of this, put out statements saying he was not thinking of replacing the CBI Governor, the rumors were not true, and it would not happen!

Yet today, if true – Maliki will really have shown himself as a desperate fool in my opinion – which I believe Mike also concurs with.

Somehow Maliki has convinced himself that he can just back his pickup truck to the back door of the CBI and loot the place!  If the money was there, he would have gotten it back when he first removed Dr. Shabibi and put Dr. Turki in as Governor!

Note also, I did personally go to website and look to see Ali Keywords was listed as the Governor, or Dr. Turki was listed – currently it is still showing Dr. Turki as the Governor, but it may change soon.

Also note, Mike did say that he may make a special recording to go over this – as soon as I know more, I will let all of you know.

~ Mr. IQD




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