Happy “TGIF” Dinarians!

Sadly, this is the final part 3 of Snoopy’s 3-part series this week.  I really appreciate his/her personal and volunteered time to help our friends in the Dinar Community. Here we go…


The MARKET CAP OF ALL COMPANIES LISTED ON THE NYSE IS JUST A LITTLE OVER $16 TRILLION.  OK, THAT’S THE TOTAL OF ALL THE COMPANIES COMBINED NET WORTH!  I’m sure the PTB stay up nights fretting about this one!  These “Hack” gurus’ want us to believe that a one-day event, which we have all come to KNOW AND EXPECT as the Dinar RV, will create many times more WEALTH than all the NYSE WEALTH?

Surround by the Germans and asked to Surrender at Bastogne during World War II’s Battle of the Bulge, then-Brigadier General Anthony C. McAuliffe, the American commander told the German commander — “Nuts”  

I think that one word “NUTS’ is very appropriate to summarize the response to these “Hack” gurus’ deserve.   Someone needs to check the “Hack” gurus’ elevator, because IT AIN’T GOING ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP!

Probably four to five years ago and then in subsequent years, the “Hack” Gurus were introducing the idea that the Dinar was going to RV any second at $1, then $2+, then $3+, then $5+, then $8+, then $12+, then $20+, etc.   Last year they graduated to the high $30’s.  One of the “Hack” gurus’ even claimed a rate of over $50, at one time.

The CBI has clearly stated that there is over 34 trillion Dinar STILL in circulation.  Iraq’s M1 and M2 money supply is roughly 84 +/- trillion Dinar.  I don’t care if you use “OLD” math or “NEW” math; expert economists, mathematicians and the three stooges would inform us that those rates multiplied by the amount of Dinar won’t compute, for reasons I’ll discuss below.   It’s time to bring the HOT AIR BALLOON back to EARTH, because if it goes much higher, it will leave the earth’s orbit and than has no chance of returning!

This is SO TYPICAL of how the psychological game is played.  Those who play the game well, keep introducing NEW AND MORE UNBELIEVABLE information, which can’t be proved or disproved, but is so tantalizing and addictive because in the foregoing illustration, it’s built around the astronomical perceived wealth of the Dinar that is thought to be only a second away from being a reality.

The hook has been set and now the “Hack” gurus only need to keep the bait fresh so the person hearing the “CON” is bound emotionally to them, coming back for more to satisfy his or her need for the financial carrot, which day after day eludes them.   Those hooked by the “Hack” gurus’ are convinced that tomorrow will be the day for their RV windfall, and their lives are consumed by tuning into every conference call they can and reading every post their idol writes, hoping and praying that they will become rich beyond their wildest dreams!

These same people tend to become irate and very defensive when someone as Mr. IQD calls the “Hack” guru to accountability. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to become rich, isn’t that part of the American dream?  But one’s enthusiasm needs to be brought back to earth in understanding that the cooperation of the UST and the CBI is needed in order to establish a reasonable RV that will bring value to the Dinar, but at the same time not destroy the Dollar!   These two currencies will have to find equilibrium with each other in the world market, so neither country loses economically, but gains from this event!

However, based on world events and specifically certain things in Iraq, I do believe ACTION NEEDS TO HAPPEN SOON to change the value, but NOT at the RATES the “Hack” gurus want us to believe.  Those rates are not in the same UNIVERSE with the CBI.  Those astronomical rates, if they were somehow even remotely feasible, which I do not believe are, would create massive inflation, the overnight demise of the Dollar, high interest rates and food, clothing and gasoline prices would skyrocket.

Keep in mind, that when the Dollar dies (and sooner or later it will), a “NEW” world currency will rise in its place, which many today perceive and I guess want to believe is the Dinar.  This event will also probably coincide with the idea of the ‘one world government’.  I don’t believe it’s the right timing yet for all this to occur.  If these events did occur, than all bets are off regarding the future of anyone having any wealth, regardless if it’s the Dollar, Dinar, Yuan or Ruble!

I believe Iraq and the Dinar has to EARN that right to be considered a viable option for the “NEW” world currency.  Iraq and therefore, the Dinar are not there yet economically, politically or socially.

I’m sure many have heard the old saying: “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, well, that is applicable for Iraq. 

Iraq is continuing to work on their development and economic infrastructure, but politically, they are anything but stable.  Civil war still looms large and until the GOI, CBI and the UST feel comfortable with the internal stability issues, (Maliki for one) we will not, in my opinion see the Dinar make people millionaires from a $1000 investment, especially overnight!

I understand that the oil play and gold reserves in Iraq have been used by the “Hack” gurus’ to promote the idea that the Dinar will be tied to both and therefore, create the “NEW” world based currency.  I disagree, however not in the originality of this concept, but initially with rate and the importance of any RV based upon what I shared earlier.  I know that over the last several years, the Dollar has slowly been replaced as the standard for the World Reserve and is NO LONGER the ONLY currency for trading oil and gold, etc.

China, Japan, Russia, Brazil, India and even South Africa are all promoting their currency for exchanging with each other and for these commodities, which replaces the Dollar that had always been used.   These countries will not just accept the Dinar as the recognized world currency.  Much will need to be accomplished before that would ever happen; regardless of how much Dinar each country is speculated as owning.  The Dinar would be used to strengthen each countries own currency first.

It’s pretty obvious that the country of Iraq and the citizens of Iraq (not withstanding the foreign Dinar community) need the CBI to adjust the Dinar rate by giving more world value to the currency.  Let’s just hope that politics can be arrested long enough to make it happen!


From what I can tell over the last two years while you’ve been operating under Mr. IQD, you seem to have acted in a fairly civil way toward these “Hack” gurus.  However, the reverse of how they have treated you have been anything but civil.  You post their immature rants, regardless of how rude and derogatory they are to you.  I think you are the only site owner, out of the many Dinar web sites to “NOT” censor those kind of vicious, negative, immature rants, and that Mr. IQD, takes courage AND trust in who you are and what you believe!

At the end of the day, you, Southern Shaker and others who want people educated on the “Hack” gurus’ lies probably won’t be able to change the minds of many of the people who blindly follow them, but if you are able to remove the blinders from just one, you’ve done a great job.

Hopefully, as time marches on and these “Hack” gurus have to invent more and more lies to continually make their points believable, many people will eventually start to see for themselves the TRUTH, which hopefully will set them FREE.  Unfortunately, many will probably continue to follow these Gurus’ to the bitter end just as the German civilians did during WWII until they found out the hard way just how they had been deceived and lied to for years!

The German citizens turned a deaf ear and a blind eye to the FACTS during the tyrannical reign of one of the all-time premier highly intelligent lunatics.  There has been and will continue to be allot of hurting people as long as these “Hack” gurus continue to operate without any accountability and responsibility to the people they seem to want to help.

Mr. IQD, I’m sure that’s why you’ve provided an outlet to expose the fallacies of these opportunists OR CON ARTISTS.  For many who idolize and follow these “Hack” gurus’, they have and will continue to call you negative, a naysayer, and immature things, which I won’t repeat here just because you “PICK ON” their beloved idols to tell the TRUTH and in doing so interfere with the people’s fantasy of overnight wealth!   But, Mr. IQD, I don’t think you’re concerned about winning any popularity contest, you, just want people to see the how irresponsible these “Hack” gurus are and the hurt and delusion they create by their lies!   So, thank you once again for being a voice of REVELATION in what otherwise would be a Dinar wilderness!

I Look forward to hearing more positive things from you, Mr. IQD. Keep it going forward (pay it forward)!


P.S.  DISCLAIMER FYI:  I do not know Mr. IQD personally and I’ve never met him, but do look forward to the day when we will have an opportunity to meet to discuss these topics and more.

Look for Snoopy’s Part 1 from Wednesday (LINK) and Part 2 from yesterday (LINK).

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I’m truly honored to have you spend your own personal time to write both of your series, and prior comments.  

I feel you are far more intellectual and “cool headed” than I am, and I sincerely do hope that your positive tone has helped at least one person find the light of truth through your series.  

I too look forward to one day getting a chance to meet you Snoopy!

If Snoopy touched a nerve for you, sound off, and comment below!  Best yet, you don’t need to pay a fee to be heard!

~ Mr. IQD


4 thoughts on “RANT! (Part 3 of 3) Snoopy’s “OPEN LETTER” to Mr.IQD – ““HACK” GURU VALUATION OF THEIR RATES”

  1. Have to love it. Just for fun. Tony is still at it. Now, he’s telling people who want to donate to him to make sure the payment they make is for family and friends and NOT for goods and services. Once a con always a con in this case.

    Meantime, elsewhere in fantasy-land, Dan and Gary at PTR continue to peddle the same old tired, there’s nothing left to be done we’re just waiting for this to be activated song, the same one they’ve been singing now since late September. You just have to wonder how long even stupid people can continue to buy into the fantasy and the cr*p. I understand Dan is now doing economics seminars or something like that for members, like he’s some kind of expert, ha, ha. I guess now that everyone went out and formed an LLC they have to come up with yet another way to keep the fish on the line paying that $15 a month membership fee for the same info three days a week!


    • Brad, not since just last September – I remember clearly hearing that “all done – nothing left to do” since this time 3+ years ago!!! Back then, I was a noob and I fell for it. But, when it sounds like a broken record you are right, even the falat-dumb people ought to have figured it out!!! LOL!!!

      Anyways friend, thanks for speaking up and speaking your mind! 🙂


  2. I love taking shots at these hustlers, MrIQD, especially Dan and Gary and PTR. Their hustle is almost shocking. They take shots at Tony while maintaining they are just trying to help members get through the RV. The mantra, money is moving (isn’t it always) around; things are progressing; there is no negative news; and this thing is oh so close has become as old and tired as a middle school kid’s excuse about where that missing homework went.
    I remember Dan saying, and I quote, “There is as much chance of Maliki finishing out his term as there is of the Viking winning the Super Bowl.” That was after the Vikings had been eliminated in the playoffs this year. Well, Dude Dan, he’s got about 30 days or so left in his term and as a few predicted, he doesn’t appear to be going anywhere!

    These guys try to pass themselves off as knowing something, but the facts just aren’t there. Anytime they refer to something it’s usually not in the credible media, but some article on some guys website that may as well be blogging about Bigfoot and the forthcoming UN takeover of the US. Nice, but nutty.

    Remember, this is the same team who claimed debt payments between some countries were agreed to be made in dinar about five months back…what do you think happened to those? Ahhhhh…no word on those claims of course. Face it, sheeple. These dudes have been saying for a long, long time the world HAS to have this. It hasn’t and the economy hasn’t cratered yet. In fact, last I looked the stock market was still bullish, the world growth outlook was at plus 3% and…well you get the point. Why let facts get in the way of a good illusion?


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