RANT! (Part 2 of 3) Snoopy’s “OPEN LETTER” to Mr.IQD – “HACK” GURUS USE HALF-TRUTHS”


Happy Thursday Dinarians!

Well, Snoopy said a mouthful yesterday, but today it even gets BETTER….. So, without wasting anymore time, here we go…


A certain “Hack” guru from TNT has stated the following numerous times: “I JUST GOT NOTIFICATION THAT ALL CALL CENTER AND CASH CENTER PERSONNEL HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED TO REPORT TO WORK”!!!   REALLY? WOW, NOW THAT’S CERTAINLY ENLIGHTENING AND REVOLUTIONARY!    THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND, SO PLEASE, HERE THIS LOUD AND CLEAR, these bank personnel, that this “Hack” guru identifies, ARE actually, as part of their job responsibilities in the “BIG BANKS” called to report to work in their call centers each and every single day of the year, not just when this “Hack” guru reports it.  DOESN’T HE MAKE it sound like he knows something we don’t and implies that the RV is about to happen!  How many times have we heard him pass on his startling revelation?

This “Hack” guru has also stated numerous times that these bank personnel are on standby.  Doesn’t that imply that the bank personnel are in their flight suits just waiting for the call to jump into their F16’s and escort another certain “Hack” guru who has been flying around for years back to the earth?  Again, this is another half-truth, because there are actually bank personnel who are on call to report to work if and when the need arises, i.e., computer failure over the weekend as just one example.  How many in the Dinar community personally know maintenance workers and technicians, even Doctors at Hospitals that are on call, evenings and weekends?  Does that mean when they get called the RV is imminent?  Remember when people used to carry pagers?  Maybe we all need those “old” pagers again so these “Hack” gurus can page us when the RV happens! This is the type of nonsense that these “Hack” gurus keep us entertained with as part of their “RUSE”!  The purpose is to fool people and keep them co-dependent upon the “Hack” guru for the only viable way to know anything about the status of the Dinar and pending RV.   Unfortunately, their TRICK hypnotizes way too many!   SO YOU SEE, THERE IS TRUTH BUILT INTO THEIR IMPLIED ASSUMPTION!   I’ve said it before, but that’s why for instance, the “War of the World’s” radio script was so alarming, because people never bothered to check out the facts, but rather lazily and fearfully just heard one man’s narration and took it for TRUTH.

It seems that is what most people are doing here. They hear this type of NONSENSE regarding the call centers and unfortunately believe it’s ALL related to the Dinar RV, when it has absolutely NOTHING to do with the RV, it’s just part of EVERYDAY BANKING BUSINESS.  But, this is the method in which the “Hack” gurus use to justify their hoax!  They know most people won’t bother to check out the FACTS’, so it’s easy for the “Hack” gurus to FOOL the people.  Isn’t it time for PEOPLE TO DO THEIR OWN RESEARCH AND CHECK OUT THE FACTS FOR THEMSELVES (wow, now that’s a novel idea) AND STOP DEPENDING ON THE “HACK” GURUS FOR THEIR BOTTLE OF MILK?

Look for Snoopy’s Part 1 from Yesterday (LINK) and Part 3 is coming tomorrow.

If Snoopy touched a nerve for you, sound off, and comment below!  Best yet, you don’t need to pay a fee to be heard!

~ Mr. IQD


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