RANT! (Part 1 of 3) Snoopy’s “OPEN LETTER” to Mr.IQD – “THE BLAME GAME”


Happy Wednesday Dinarians!

Well, Snoopy said him/herself that s/he was “long winded” and I guess Snoopy was right, because on the tail of last week’s 2-part RANT! Snoopy has MUCH more to say, making this the first installment of a 3-part RANT!  So, without wasting anymore time, here we go…

An open letter to Mr. IQD:

I recently read with much interest, your emails you send out to those who have registered with your Mr. IQD web site regarding how the TNT group (“Hack” gurus) are trying to sabotage and intimidate you by censoring your right to speak the TRUTH.

It appears you have HIT A MAJOR NERVE with the TNT group and they are retaliating by accusing or blaming you for certain things that are factually inaccurate as provided by your evidence to the contrary.

This tactic is an age-old trick used to divert attention away from them and cast doubt and blame on (you).


Psychologists state: “It is not uncommon for people who engage in blaming behavior, like these “Hack” gurus, to also engage in selfish behavior, and as long as they are getting benefit from it (Hmmm, how many of their followers pay $$ each month to hear their fabricated stories?
Has anything they have said translated into positive gains for those who subscribe to the “Hack” guru’s fabricated Half-Truths?

And then there’s the Dinar Dealers who pay the “Hack” gurus to advertise on their web sites and I’m pretty sure the Dinar dealer ads aren’t there merely to look good) —- Whether monetary, emotional, comfort, entertainment or psychological stability — they (the “Hack” gurus) will continue to engage in those actions”!

Here is where things become a little spongy or convoluted, although avoiding external repercussions would appear to be the motive (example: the blamer “Hack” guru will blame the other driver (Mr. IQD) … let’s say as an example, (Mr. IQD) was accused of speeding by the “Hack” guru, e.g. (Doesn’t matter if it’s only the “Hack” guru’s opinion that Mr. IQD was speeding, the point is; Mr. IQD is in the other vehicle).

So, if Mr. IQD hadn’t been speeding according to the “Hack” guru, he could have avoided hitting the “Hack” guru, e.g. trying to blame Mr. IQD for insurance purposes (Dinar community acceptance and credibility), when the FACT IS, the “Hack” guru ran the stop sign causing Mr. IQD to hit him). (Camouflaging the “Hack” gurus’ lies by blaming you for blaming them — you dizzy yet?).

Do you see how totally dysfunctional and warped their thinking is?

The main goal of blaming others is to protect not just one’s own emotions or ego, but their empire ($$ for premium services, connections and $$ with Dinar Dealers, etc.) and apparently one’s philosophy by diverting the attention away from the blamer “Hack” gurus to the one being blamed, which in this situation is Mr. IQD.

Look for Snoopy’s Part 2 tomorrow, Thursday, and Part 3 on Friday.

If Snoopy touched a nerve for you, sound off, and comment below!  Best yet, you don’t need to pay a fee to be heard!

~ Mr. IQD


9 thoughts on “RANT! (Part 1 of 3) Snoopy’s “OPEN LETTER” to Mr.IQD – “THE BLAME GAME”

    • Hi Manny,

      Thanks for your comments.

      Since Snoopy didn’t get paid to offer his comments, perhaps you would like to volunteer your RANT! for our readers that will be more compelling?

      It is easy to criticize, it is far more difficult to take action – do you take action?


  1. I agree with Manny. Who cares? Seems that instead of digging up useful intel/info, dinarians are spending their time slinging mud at each other. I had hoped that Mr. IQD wouldn’t participate in the crap or allow the site to be part of the slinging. Having the Hack “gurus” list is sufficient to cause any dinarian to think/look twice at those involved. Mr. IQD doesn’t need to keep the merry-go-round going by participating in the blame game. Rise above and provide intel only.


    • Thanks for your comments. I just wish it were that simple, post a list of the ‘bad’ guys.

      I do have plenty of useful information on how to avoid being scammed, not just for the “Dinar” but for your life in general.

      I don’t believe in providing “intel” because you cannot rely on its authenticity or credibility – this is how the Hack Gurus can perpetuate their lies – because there is no credible source to validate or discredit “intel”.

      I believe strongly in reading the Iraqi News, from a variety of news sources. They are all not credible, and bogus articles do come out frequently, however if that article is just a “one-off” or “sole-source” article, then I don’t give it credibility. The IQD Team, as well as Kaperoni at DinarAlert do a good job of filtering and sorting through the news.

      I hope that helps. 🙂


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  3. To: Manny and ksiegfried….Just like Mr. IQD said, thanks for your comments.

    Spending my time writing the post above, might seem to be unproductive to both of you, but it wasn’t a waste of time for me. After having been invested in the Dinar for almost 8 years, I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly. I believe people need to see the REAL agendas of these gurus (NOT ALL OF THEM, JUST SOME)! But, as we’ve all heard: “One rotten apple spoils the bunch”! Apparently you both cared enough to reply to my post, and again, your comments are most appreciated.

    Some people see the glass half empty while others see the glass half full. I know that no one will agree with each other all the time regarding the comments someone makes. I’ve seen friends personal lives radically hurt as a result of their addiction to the constant guru HYPE, to the point where some of my friends marriages, family and occupations were destroyed. You both may have the discipline to live objective lives and separate your life from the Dinar. Good for you! Unfortunately, because of their personal needs and personalities can not, like some of my friends and those are the ones I CARE ABOUT.

    If either of you have credible information about these same gurus that you’d like to share, please I’d like to hear it along with thousands of others. Anything we can do to clean up the Dinar news and bring credibility to this investment for the Dinar community, should be the objective we all strive for.

    You are FREE to choose whom to believe and what to agree or disagree with, it is your free will to choose. As for me, at the end of the day, I CARE!


    • Snoopy –
      Your “glass half full / half empty” comment reminded me of a really funny picture I recently saw….

      It also reminded me of another really funny Quote:

      Hey Optimist and Pessimist, while the both of you were debating about that glass of water – I DRANK IT!!!
      ~ The Opportunist


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